posting over at TypePad
Moving to TypePad
Another reason why I love Dav
T's first performance - Mochitsuki
Just like Wakame
sick and better
thumb sucking
Happy Thanksgiving!
Nihonmachi Little Friends fundraiser
I miss kotasu
Tesla's play
Dogs with personality
Jack and me
Wakame, my furry baby
From the Haunted House
Tesla's first Halloween Parade
Halloween preparation
2 videos
Tokyo this and that
heading back to SF
pre-school cold
l'accent grave
Pictures from Symbiosis
And she said...
A new baby boy!
Music, art, and outdoors for 5 days!
The Marshmellow Test
iSight Baby Shower
Elida + Mie = photo booth fun
I did miss Burning Man
The Longest Way
pre-school update
Cousin Ava's b-day
Last day Gran Marie came to nanny
Heart Thrive "cookies"
I am not going to Burning Man
now we have tea parties all the time
tomato picking
Videos from Camp Tipsy
Figured it out
Camp Tipsy III
My Dav
Great, that's great mama
Tesla's play
change of camera
collage art
First dentist visit
My mom's calligraphy
Total Solar Eclipse from Iwo Jima, Japan
Tesla swimming
Gran Marie's dinner party
ASIJ '89 reunion - best weekend
July 5th, 2009
A book by Sofia
Tesla's birthday tea party
Tea Party
Michael Jackson tribute, San Francisco street-style
The Cats of Mirikitani
Our budding scientist
Happy Daddy-o Day!
Thinking of Finland
Alameda to Finland
Waka is a girl
FB Fun
Dancing Tesla
Tesla's words
getting there...
Russian River Blog
Be a Marrow Donor
Google Wave - Wow
can we share?
Tokyo Green Space
Strawberry 09
Santa Cruz mountains picnic
our secret language
Babysitting Sofia and Tesla
Ice cream!
door hide
Seminar and cuteness
2 new developments
Ferry ride to overcome jet-lag
Tokyo - C'est La Vie
Tokyo - my cousin has amazing reptiles
Whoopemup Cafe - Waitsburg, WA
Palouse Falls
Children's Museum of Walla Walla
Walla Walla, WA
another turn of the year
L.A.~ Freeway~
from the Regenbogen collection
Tesla's awesome girl night
Time lapse (sorta) of the Tahoe living room & kitchen
Snow scenes
Off to Tahoe!
San Francisco Children's Art Center
Tofurky - weirdest vegan version of turkey
Wonderfully lazy cozy weekend
Academy of Science
Niki and Caleb visit
The joys of potty training...
Punk Uncle Marcus
Our new president, Barak Obama
My nephew, Tyler, in the NYT!
our dancer
New Year's Day Osechi
her expression
New Year's Eve - moving castle fun
Happy New 2009
Dr. Yap
Red Cap Cards
Katia's Jujus
The Skunk Train in Willits - Tesla's first Santa
breakfast with Fia and Tesla and RACHEL
camping in Oakland
Happy and active!
a bit from Thanksgiving...
The end of the tunnel [antibiotics, amoxicillin, and change in behavior]
she smiled!
Yay to Modern Medicine
sickness update
The wonder of Tutu
poor sick Tesla
Old, new, and newborn friends
Harajuku La Foret fashion
Tokyo - various
A snippet from home
Obama - I am hopeful
Off to Tokyo again
Halloween 2008
I voted
yep, Dav did have a b-day
FishPhone service
Pumpkin picking
From January 2007...
Tesla has an imaginary friend!
Visiting Ukiah and Willits, CA
Update about those fits
Shoes in the bath
Russian River weekend with Rachel and Cesar
Animal theme Sofia birthday
even when sick...
dance party
Tesla and Sofia entertain us during brunch
Treasure Island Music Festival
Monterey Bay Aquarium
(cooking class) dinner with friends
Tesla has some potty power!
Sarcasm doesn't fit me...
Where's my Waka?
Burning Man 2008 - three views
Burning Man Fashion 08
Burning Man 2008 - 3 (of 5)
Burning Man 2008 - 2 (of 5)
Burning Man 2008 - 1 (of 5)
3 little oysters
tesla via phone
on the road
in 1 day...
in 7 days exactly...
Bunny clips
family dinner
The Yaginuma Moving Castle gets paint love
Beautiful Tikva
Symbolic pictures
Tesla on Gizmodo Japan!
development in scribbling
Goodies from Mlle. A.
Patrick Roddie (aka Uncle Patrick)
Kurara chose me!
home dinner
For Elida
Reunion lunch
Very meaningful wedding
The Beach House decor
great great news!
Home update
almost full
Nags Head
sneakers and boots
やっぱり girls' weekend はいいよね。
Tesla is two years old!
Rachel and Tesla waiting for the train
Bath time at home
Joy and her apartment
Quackie gift from Eddie
ballet and Hello Kitty
choo choo train play with auntie
a glimpse
off we go!
eager early parading
my kitties!
camera action
new skill!
fighting a bug
special hat
new license plates
ohashi girl
Happy Birthday to Ian!
one way to use spam
sharing a table
diaper play
Boot girl
capturing a millisecond
Got me an Advanced Archive Widget!
in our DVD player
Strawberry...was COLD!
Snug on my back
Kokochiino videos
My artist
Purple Dyson
breakfast by family
My first mother's day gift from Tesla!
Tesla's ba
Wonderfully wacky camping by a lake
off camping this weekend
glorious beach day!
Catch-up: Scenes from the Amargosa Opera House, Spaceport, Hot Springs trip
visiting cousin Maria-Rose
Catch-up: first dinner with friends after our South America trip
Amargosa Opera House...and more
buying dirt and a pot
Backtracking - Sunset from our Lima apartment
Home sweet SF/Potrero Hill home
Carlos Calvo apartment in San Telmo
random from BA
dinner party at home
Yes, we did some Tango
bike ride
Peruvian-Japanese restaurant, Osaka
apartment greenery
sink bath
Tesla's boo boo
subway deco
Sunday Antique Market
Molecular gastronomy dinner!
snippets from the first apartment in San Telmo
patio lunch at Limbo
Some cuteness provided by T
We find it funny now...
Scenes so far from Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires - first impressions
Finally, a few pics from Lima
I spoke too soon...
all is well other than technical problems
To Lima and Buenos Aires!
Fun project
She is testing us!
white wet stuff
at Kirkwood
Tesla's version of pool
say cheese!
Wonderful date night
Revolution - Good Crew & Hope
The good stuff
gargle/looming EP
Joy, Mieko and Kojo
Sharing meals with Gen & Mika, and Mika
お雛様 - Ohinasama
This was a business trip afterall...
Catching up with old friends
Amazing customer service
Yay! It's all good...
a week apart
Being attached to things
Videos on Kokochiino
voting day!
Potrero Hill fun
A Hello from the past
BabyCenter updates
Snow in Tokyo
Firemen - my weakness
Drinking from a real glass
Photo booth fun
Sweet email
Scott Kennedy
big kid swinging
first day at Day Care!
Garbage day is fun day!
What Tesla is up to these days...
My team : )
Japanese words!
SF Moma
Tesla ( I ) am flattered
Tesla reading up on the news and economy
The joys of a bubble bath
Boxed Tesla
Snippets from New Years
Happy New Year!
More Teslas
Thoughts about gifts...
Opening gifts
A sentence!
new neighborhood park
new hair
忘年会 - bonenkai
Visiting SF Zoo
Tesla's new kitchen
Watch and pass it on.
Dinner chez Kevin & Esther's
Callaghan Giant Family Christmas Party
Dressed up for a Holiday Party
A moment to note
going out!
An indoor fortress
Extra Action Marching Band
Videos on Kokochiino
Friends who feed me.
Scenes from our version of Thanksgiving
from Kiss
Welcome to the world, William Finn!!
Dav made a table for Tesla
Tesla loving the beach
enjoying our last sunset at Kona
Jay and Jenn
dinner at Kenichi Pacific
after swimming
at the pool
discovering with daddy
Hawai'i, here we come!
Showing it as it is
Breakfast today
Tesla's second Halloween
Cute bathtime!
T's 1st pumpkin
Dav's lunches
best house party
First time at Chuck E Cheese
I like newborns
Lost Boys of Sudan
Barak Berkowitz
left brain vs. right brain
Dav is our hero
My Blog Action Day post
okonomiyaki dinner
off to L.A.
Blog Action Day - October 15th
Happy Birthday Dav!
Good essay
Tokyo - family and favorites
Tokyo - Misc shots
Tokyo - food
Decompression 2007
a captured moment
Tesla driving
Still jet-lagged
Home with Dav and the kitties
Matcha, sake and milk
keeping Tesla at the seat
reading about safety
in the plane
Bags are packed...
Patrick Roddie, Burning Man 2007
Napping and dancing
Maria-Rose turns 2!!!
Gearhead Mom
Thelonious and Tesla
To my parents
Burning Man 2007
No title
Race for the Cure - support for boobies!
on the road
after dinner
stopping for dinner
off to Burning Man
Our home for next week
Tesla and Noi playing
At the park with Daddy
An online offline encounter
Schools for Humanity
Digital Wake - My brother's proposed panel at SXSW
pjs and a fairy skirt
growing into
Hit again!
A meeting on Saturday at 8:00 am
real eggs
Rumi and Burning Man
Tesla on Gizmodo Japan
Growing like a weed...
Tesla coil
what counts
T stands for Trouble
Nice coincidence
oh yeah, Burning Man is coming up soon!
Tesla has big friends
Uncle Ian visits
This is Japan for me...
I must get this phone strap
tough night
best "welcome home" ever
she is a walker
Moblog moment getting passed around
Pulling out Barbara Bush's hair
Tesla is part of the 7 most exciting moments in science
Providing Comfort...
Tokyo Plastic
p.s. more party pics
The party of the year for Tesla
Happy First Birthday Tesla!
Elida and I were sailing students...
Off to Santa Cruz
Exciting news!!
It's been chaotic...
Daddy and Tes time
Happy Friday
HUGE stinker bomb!
Tokyo Daddy came to visit
hard night for all of us...
Breast milk
Harmony made me busy!
Post bath snuggle
videos of Tes on Kokochiino
Las Vegas, the Ace Junkyard version
At Chilln Anniversary
Ranger Training
Barely noticed the giant dog
5 days in the woods is good
Then Genki's 1rst birthday
Nico's 3rd birthday
Serious eating
Singing lullabies
An experience
Finger food - a mess
The brunch...then at J & M's for Bloddy Marys
Appropriately dressed
Flora Grubb Gardens
Baby Loves Disco
Sunday with the Regenbogens
Naked Baby!
About that date night...
Waiting for Kinky
Date night!
Safety from daddy
There she goes!
Baby outfit my mom made for me
Cousin time
The Long Now Foundation
Cuteness galore!
Hand me down PJs
Seasonal Fruit Dessert Class
Tesla's tooth is coming!
With cousin Ava
Happy in daddy's arms
double duty
Tesla goes to a birthday party
Trying some art
Clown fun
Tesla's loving grandmother Marie
Tesla enjoying cousin time!
Tesla loving the attention
Mieko does it again...
since the 2004 days...
our favorite Doctor Yap
A good bad day
Tesla's first boo boo
A day to yawn about...
Mommy stuff: milk supply
Dumb mistake - lesson learned
Toni and Ari
Tesla in action
Cafe Gratitude
The weekend
Thursday mamas
Lumos Labs
Tokyo trip - self-portrait
Tokyo trip - baby pictures
Tokyo trip - Tesla
Tokyo trip - various scenes
Tokyo trip - Tesla flying
no pics...
Tes and I are in Tokyo
Teeth - entirely new territory
Not the entry I imagined for my kitties, but...
Daddy and Tesla
Tesla helps pick out stare at veges
Heart Day
watching her back
I'm out!
Let's talk poop
At the Burning Man HQ
Dav saves my frustrating Sunday
Hidden Villa Farm
Lucky Tesla
Fluffiness & work
I also have Kokochiino, my Vox Kokochi
Capture that baby
Tesla cooking
Edible Hats at MadHat Eight
Testing the playground
Telsa joins the table
we are parents???
Suckiest Sunday ever
Bottomless Pit
My five
Vege delight - not
Messy mouth
Soooooo sweet
Mommy goes to work
NYE taxi
Videos of Tesla
SF -> NY -> SF
Last stroll before flying home
Kathy from ASIJ
Du pain, de l'eau et du vin
A stroll
Chez David's
Museum of Natural History
Booth Theatre
Chez great grandmother Laura
Lullaby for Tesla
Out and about
Off to NY
Christmas dinner
The haircut of the decade!
Miss Santa
Simple dinner
Our nanny Ruth
At Chaya
my cupie doll
a few Tesla tidbits
First skirt
Spofford or Ross?
Calling for Tokyo Santas
early evening cuteness
OK, back to babies
Laughing Squid Decade 2 party
One of the shows
We're out.
why I have zero memory
5 babies!!
Green Festival
THE massage I needed
dinner chez Manisha
Thursday morning at the Potrero Hill Library
Girl time
Day of the Dead exhibition in Oakland
only in dreams...
teaching civic responsibility
like daddy, like daughter
Bouncy Tesla
Tired Mommy
A day at the beach
Swing to bouncy seat
Marathon Mommy
Katherine Coleman
Grandma Marie and Great Grandma Maria
Belated b-day pics
Mornings with Tesla.
Kari at mile 20!
Early a.m.
We got a roll over!
Tes at a restaurant
Baby friendly
Mama's group
way cute Tesla
Quilts at DeYoung
Japan trip follow-up
my birthday boy
a week already!
Heading to Tokyo
Our first baby group activity
the Yaginuma Moving Castle
a few scenes from our early mornings
Center Camp babies
Burning Man and our 2 month old
Some playa pics
Heading back from Burning Man
From Nevada
The Man burns in 9 days!!
many beautiful gifts for Tesla
a deeper feeling in my heart
day 2 with Kimi & Yuka and kids
With Kimi and Yuka
Tesla's 2nd Six Apart visit
In Daddy's arms...
Magical touch
Treating myself
conversations with women friends
Wakame's magical tail
Rachel and Cesar visit
New Behavior
Quick upload of pics
At Yerba Buena Park
Jazz and Blues
new activities
Happy Birthday Elida!
another mlle a. beautiful creation
Lots of cuteness
Daddy's big hand
And now it's just us five
Tesla is a Campalicious baby
Tesla visits Six Apart
Our video attempts
Kats, the big brother
Tes makes me laugh
sleeping Tesla
First celebratory dinner
One week
Memories of leaving the hospital
To my dear husband Dav, the father of my daughter
Hello again!
Our daughter
ok, we're heading out...
1 minute-ish
Still here...
The contractions are beginning...
SF's micro-climates
patrick roddie photography
Due Date
showing off the Yaginuma Moving Castle
sign-up for a baby announcement
Mom cooks a feast
And now the waiting begins
She's here!
I'm going to miss Six Apart
Props to my bro
Joie de Vivre
Beautiful objects
A non-baby-shower shower
Slanted Door with Kimi
My awesome handyman husband
My awesome handyman husband
Mikhail Baryshnikov
My wacky world that I love
Marin Street Art
oh my...a real baby shower!
Countries I've visited
It's getting tight!
A new deck, a pink rocking chair, and the number 40
Scenes from the drive up
Goa Gil camping
What it's been like
A tasty blogger evening
Rick and Mikie
Bay to Breakers - salmon run
Baby crib
THE baby seat
Playing on our balcony
sad deflated birthing ball
Computer History Museum
My mom
Six Apart goes on a field trip.
vivid dreams are poking at me
Capoeira at the de Young Museum
at the Shooting Gallery
Painting with light
A morning exchange
My sack artist
17 days old
Fwd: RV Pictures
The coolest car ever
Paul and Jenn
My cousin Sherry
At my uncle Peter and aunt Karen's
Dav's friend in DC
Dav's lunch
My first ice hockey game
Ele and Will get their marriage license
Reunion galore
Happy Easter Parade!
Joie & Billy get married
First day in the French Qtarter
First night in New Orleans
Quiet and busy
Ice Skating at Zeum
Toni's tea party
OK, my night is made
Nicest compliment
St. Stupid's Day
Lunch with Rachel
My husband the ultimate romantic
Sasha and Ilya
Early gift
Popcorn at the movies
Belle & Sebastian
Name book
testing, ignore
test 3
test 2

Fluffy and pink wreath
A warm welcome to XT
Don't mess with a kitten
Friends and coffee
Running around in the sun!
Bouncy Bee
Norikonoko in Berkeley
Blog Business Summit in L.A.
Reality Check
Double B-day Dinner Bash
Fluffy Happiness
Gourmet Trout
Wakame has a crush
Medicine Eat Station Restaurant
Ian, Izumi, Tyler, and Julia
A Salon
Nice eggs!
My dear Mieko  行ってらしゃい!
Acme Chophouse
Copper Mountain
The snow and mountains are beautiful
First time in Colorado Ski Country
Amazing Sun!!
Katia and Pete
Annie's Social Club
Friday surprise
I felt little Gargle move!!
Faces from the SF Asian Museum
Our family name is Yaginuma - 柳沼
Dav and Waka are a pair
Four Things
Wakame geeks out
Gargle is a girl!
Sci-Fi Party
A big fashion choice
Six Aparty
giving forward
Cheese fresh from Paris
Ely Guerra
growing belly
Body Bouncer
my first baptism
Quad Rugby
Sake Tasting Party
serious craziness
Chocolat Poulain
A little practicing
I'm just loving it all
True Sake
Simply pretty
Andy's face
Breakfast at La Note
Art Project Notes
a new year
scenes from our road trip
early Christmas!
Check out Mr. Dav Impossible Yaginuma
how did we end up so traditional?
Dav and Mie's art project
Santarchy 2005
I love Cute!
Legally, we will soon be...
A ride in Golden Gate Park
Saturday dinner
A better dinner...
My walk to work
Dav is the chosen one
Uncle Dav and Auntie Mie baby sit
Ferry Building Farmer's Market
Non-turkey getaway
My mom, the calligraphy artist
I am so blessed
Chocolate benefits
Laughing Squid is 10 years old
A book "reading"
Cirque du Soleil
Nice new meeting
Home dinner with the housemate family
Pigman Gallery
Back to roots: organic, traditional food
Day of the Dead
The reopened De Young museum
Ian's and my favorite picture of our parents
I have the cutest dad ever!
Veno Venue
Waiting with a glass of wine
A very unique and special serving platter
Chez Panisse
A real beautiful story
Supperclub with my parents
Family conversations
From Grandmother's and Uncle David's homes
Boat ride
TN ketchup
My grandmother's art
Louden, TN
Travel scenes
I don't quite get it
B-day dinner
My baby's B-day
Decompression 2005
Ian and family joining too.
Bunny in the kitchen
Girls of Campalicious ... just wanna have fun.
A bit of belated Burning Man fashion
why I blog:
Folsom Street Fair
Love Parade 2005
city hall pics
Sailing - my version
after a short hiatus
ただいま tadaima ... we're married!
and we're off to the playa! Burning Man 2005
ze zebra
Three poses
Random photo
A delicious evening at Aqua
Blog Business Summit 2005
In Mission, after dinner...
folding benches for Burning Man
House party
This is cool
Putz the cat
We [love] blog
Our new car!
It's all about context
Absolute Silliness
Another way to get the scope of Burning Man...
Double take
Lost pet posters
The reunion weekend
I already know...
Oyster Bar in Raleigh, NC
The Greascar
Back then
A message to Nicole Carina!
4 a.m.
T'is a proud day to be ...
I'm proud to be a nut
I wish ...
My balcony flowers...
The Crucible fire art festival
Tucker's icecream
As good as new
You know you are well-dressed when...
Ian, the super model!
Bastille Day
Yes, I'm quoting myself
Wall of clouds
This morning
My housemate Sara, the hero
I got the cheese!
Mobile Monday fun
Ian's rear view mirror
Various scenes from the weekend
Too many choices!
An evening of theater
You don't think San Francisco summers are cold?
Serious shopping
a little pre-burning man clothes experimentation
Where 2.0
Emmy's Spaghetti Shack
At 4th St in Berkeley
Someone loves Java Fu
Dove irks me
2 drinks minimum
Dog play
Potential dinner
Sunday night at Cafe du Nord
Biking and yacht clubbing
Ian talking to his family
Perfect convertible day.
A note
The food
Bomb Squad
Bay Area Photobloggers
delayed ...
Neko-baka desu 猫ばかです。
A mighty official paper
Your local Alameda Punk Fest
And then there was dinner
Walked to the beach.
A bit of Brasil in Santa Cruz before meeting my friend from Tokyo.
Fort Mason
My Neighborhood(s)
Mobile Monday
Pinball Machines
Scenes from Alameda's Antique Flea Market
Then we took Ian out for dinner
Scrap House
Get your hair cut at KoKoChi
A little morning venting...
Long-ass day!
Goa Gil
Off to see Goa Gil
Maneki neko
Murder of Crows
Uncle Dav is fun!
Tokyo in our office
Another working cat
Happy Bunny sign book
The Universe Within
Hunt a blog.
Never seen before...
The Farewell
The Last Night at the Beloved Odeon Bar
New outfits
Being the sack artist that I am...
SupperClub SF
Pink elephants
Cruising the Bay
Big load
Gigantic helmets
2nd to last Sat. at the Odeon
Thee Parkside
Annual check-up
Poetry Slam
Bacar difficult to do
Anyone happen to know?
Less than 24 hours to go
Puppy Love x 2
Muscle arm
Mongoloid (Hard Core DEVO)
Art show in the Mission
At Zeitgeist
Foo Bar!
Brasila - Alto Paraiso
Stella loves Major
What happens when a bunch of fashionable females get together?
For Izumi
I draw badly ... and it's so much fun!
international jet-setting goofy statue
How Weird Street Faire
To 6A's Paris office
A multiple venue night
Another proud moment in Kokochi history
Kane and Elida
To give a little context...
I miss Tokyo
Hang-gliding over Rio
Cats - not mine, but still definitely from the cat world!
Six Apart's newest member
Hotel Gloria
Food, beaches, and views
Hang gliding over Rio
Favela - Rocinha & Vila Canoas
Santa Theresa
Ilha Primeira
Albion Castle
Blue people
Got it!
White Cards at Farley's
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
Cesar Chavez parade
Yum yum yum!
Full of Happiness...need i say more?
Stuffed buddies
An AMAZING Evening!!
the wait
a tiny dare
Bunny Time!
Family time!
Neat Adaptive Path party
The strangest coincidence
Obachan too!
to share a bit more...
やすらかに眠ってます。He's sleeping peacefully.
おじいちゃん My grandfather
an interpretation of my brother Ian
Second Life continues
Dinner at the Walcott's
Good 'ol Portland
Jetlag catching up
My work buddy
Dinner in the rain.Waterfront RestaurantSan
My feet.Walking to lunch.San Francisco,
Sunday music show
Still buggy.,tried 10 times or
Laptops! Another testPosted via MMM@Garage
Monthly dinner
EFF party
Dav's travel blog
Emerick in an apron
A view from the top
Make-over time
Hat Day
SF Asian Art Museum
Inner thoughts
Birthday Girl
Lucky Duck
At home
Soppy lunch
Bad aftertaste
Dog Day
Lazy Investment
an expression
The finale that must be added...
My bus stop
Oh Brazil, here comes Dav!
Wakame is ready to go!
Sunday dinner
Breakfast on the Bay
Orange crane-dozer
The dinner
A bar
Pit bull
Feels like spring today!
I love cheese
Enchiladas from scratch!
Still here...
Cafe Trieste in Berkeley
Extra Action Marching Band
A real Fight Club
Callou Designs
What's in 6A's kitchen?
Funny friends!
JY is cool! or a bit wacky
Stamp it!
Yo, thanks for the wine!
Live from Tahoe!
1000 Blank White Cards Game
Jay Allen with fuzzy ears
American Izakaya
Hotel Utah
Dav's pictures of the trip are up!
Chilly day, eh?
Comments are open!!
Last night in Chiang Mai
Various scenes from lovely Pai
Various scenes from Ko Samui
The perfect facial
Omatase! お待たせ!
Airport emotions
Tadaima! ただいま!
Pai - a little slice of heaven
Live from Phuket
Will leave at the crack of dawn
A nice but uneasy stay in Ko Samui
Petite Update
My backpack is packed...
Six Apart moves to SF
Richard Scarry
See what Dav sees
Another bonus pic
Mean people suck
Hanging out with family
TV House
A few more
Six Apart holiday party!
Bonus pic
Yay for KC and Hideto!
I love living close to my brother and his family!
Electrical Christmas
Comments on hold
SE Asia
Lusty Ladies' company holiday party
Badger wanna-be Raccoons
Another lovely dinner
Have you thought about bone marrow?
And guess what Dav did?
It's a new day
And the chair race occurred!
Never know what is next...
Crab & Naughty kid books
San Pedro Valley
Puppy time!
At Milk
The Duluxe bar
Window beings
Impromtu gathering around food
Dav is the sweetest
The battle with spam
Fire, beach, celebration
TANTRA Surround at Blue Cube
Colorful hair
You never know what's up at the Odeon Bar
Dav is home!
Video Riot(こうさぎ)
Snippets of domesticity
Just for Dav
Batman Birthday Cake
Good food, good friends
Cool bandaid
Cool car repair place
Dinner at Ezra's
Second Life
Video Riot
Coffee and the Overload session
Newbie session
Sharing on Flickr
Blogger Con
The Election Day
Halloween 2004
Sunday afternoon
Halloween Eve
Pre-Halloween Party!
Dinner at Baraka
Technorati Party
Home sweet home
おばあちゃん My grandmother
Need costumes? 仮装
Conversations at Seco Bar
Mr. Honda
Boutique opening in Omotesando
A desk
I love Freaky Randomness
Post Meeting Feel-Good Dinner
It sure is raining!
If you're gonna create a mascot, may as well have fun!
Curry udon & after dinner strolling (in the rain) カレーうどんと夕食後の雨の中の散歩
Press Conference 記者会見
The inside of Six Apart's Tokyo office シックス アパート東京オフィスの中
Sushi dinner お寿司
Landed! 到着
Gettin on a plane now
Goldfish in my shoes 靴の中の金魚
What a ride! 気持ち良かった!
Big balloon! 大きい風船!
Instant height ... or not 背伸び
Suspicious theater 不審な映画館
Going home from work 会社帰り
Spiritual retreat for stressed out crops
At Jupiters in Berkeley(����)
Dearest Raven,
Ginevra deals with it all
And more again
Even more!
Some more!
Love Parade!
At Jupiters in Berkeley
Dinner with family
This is a historical moment
The wait was worthwhile, for sure!
Portraits while waiting for the bus
and the score was...
Celebrating Emerick's b-day
The world's best valentine
Blowfish - oishii
More from Urban Golf
Urban Golf
Pee Wee!
Why I always have my phone
a little lower please...
Secret signature
Gadget show & tell
Mena found the best seat!
Um...a game these foo folk seem to enjoy...
Re: corporate blogging
Re: book market by Tim O'Reilly
After a few bagels...
More FOO
Scenes from Burning Man
Just stopped for gas...
And we're off!
The ultimate vacation!
2 more reasons why I love Dav
"In" Boxes at Six Apart(����)
"In" Boxes at Six Apart
Adobe Bookstore
Can you tell where we are?
Waiting for lunch
Roller skating in front of the Ferry Bldg!
The art of sofa lounging
At SBC - my first time!
Lost Bunny
A little pre-Burning Man partying
Tonga Room
And the art gallery where this all took place was full of cool work!
All these fun people into blogging!
At our Sneak Peek Party
Anil and his mountain of work
Judy does exist!
The best part was...
The fun continues
Life Size Mousetrap
More pics on the way home
Taking the ferry back (yay!)
Riding our bikes to Sausalito
Circus Contraption
Dav's sister is here!
Riding the train...
It's all about the toys
Bunny pleasures
My brother joins Six Apart!
A quiet morning at work
An 84th Birthday
And now dinner...
Dav and Mie get their hair done
Introducing Tara-chan
But the best part was...
Jam packed days
Grand Finale!!!
Post from Tokyo via Paul
Yay for Bagdad Cafe!
Post from Tokyo via Paul
Empty tummy
Made it to 3am!
Here are the snowflakes from Snowdrift
Scenes from Snowdrift
Walking to another place
Werepad lights & conversations
Oh my! A 5 car mess
Driving to Werepad
Going out!
Thank you
No title
Our living room ceiling
Carrot cake
Posters from Parkside
Dinner drive
More of my kitties
Back home
Behind Dav on the motorcycle now
Car chase in Moscow!
It is getting intense
It is good!
In the theater
Last minute decision...
Pillows with eyes
Back at home
A little reminder...
Got bagels and are sitting outside at Klien's in Potrero Hill
View from living room
You caught me in the shower...
Kats on Dav
Did I tell you Dav and I have lots of wigs?
Dav is awake and already online
Japanese kites on the wall...
How do I make sleep into blog material?
Kats and I are still sleepy...
Here we go
I am living proof that there is a "driving direction indicator" gene; and I'm missing it!
And walking to the car...
An after dinner drink at a Bernal Heights bar
ah, now this is interesting...
Blogging for Charity - Update
Sunday, back in SF
And before I hopped on the plane...
And of course I visited Enoki
Yummy dinner with friends
Belated Tokyo Pics
Back from Tokyo
Blogging for Charity
Why I love blogging
A proud moment in Kokochi history
Muir Woods
Wakame's New Strategy
Berlin Wall
Not to make you jealous, but
Sushi for dinner
I am a giraffe!
Good Body
And here we are at Bruno's
Ah, how to choose?
Tired of cheesy motivational posters?
Sunday evening @ our Potrero Household
My feel-tall-shoes
Yay for Oddpost!!
Dr. Hal and Tyler
SF Eagle Tavern
It's not about size
ドラえもん Update
Blog City
Gals n' wine
late afternoon shadow
Forgotten Opera
Beach Bomb-fire!
And ze party...
Opening of the party
Lion Expressionism
The one and only Raffles Hotel
Singapore noodles and sling
a snippet from the conference
View from my room
Robot Sapiens
we're going to the SF Opera!
Japanese Toy Store!!
beautiful calligraphy
1 mushroom
Anil is Ultramarine
Marcus and his home
I just discovered psychedelic rock
modan dansu
Kats is in love with a bumblebee!
Leaving town
Shelby: our newest office member
my fashion
concrete love
ha! Cats!
assa con
Art, I ask. I want some art
I need air!
See? Famous folks too!
Have you guessed where we are yet?
Guess where Dav and I are for the weekend!
My secret
office space needed
my sweety is home!
Why don't cha...
Pretty funny
Enzyme Bath
Working cat
My morning ritual with Wakame
Schuyler and Jo get married!
High tech
Phone fun
Scenes from Tokyo
This is me
Since I don't have
I love being here!
Yep - your typical airport pics...
Coda is waiting
dogs at work
the little joys of life
Everyone should have a store named after them
Chatting with Japan
In time for spring
At the palace of fine arts
I guess I'll moblog...
panda love
check out my new fancy shoes!
What I passed on the way to work
Is it genetic?
cutest baby @ sxsw
i bought a new hat
Temporary Posting Change
Heading to Texas
cool research
Going to work by train
Happy Girls' Day
I have the right to vote
Sunday evening music
the joy of living with cats
Marcus the Artist
To top it off
Dav's Family
A little news
fur on a car
My morning commute
at Tunnel Top
the biggest mystery
Simple pleasures
choo choo!
Party in the street
Reclaiming the streets
At Somarts
now at Jade
Midori Mushi
Natural Beauty
in golden gate park
a little insight
doughnut birthday cake
modern community
lots to learn
at Van Kleef in Oakland
house dinner
at Baobob
This makes sense
thoughts to share
after dinner
my morning
My 2nd dorkbot
a new kind of dinner
Battle of the Bands
A moment that I observed
Hackers and dim sum
And another dot connects
scenes from work
I'm up early today.
Happy Monkey Year!
a celebration
tis a chilly night
sidewalk art from the Mission
hat weather!
at ikea
Hanging out @ Uptown
A holiday walk
My cats - Katsuo & Wakame
I write to you
Check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No phone weekend
yerba buena gardens
i am back
uh oh
still poking around
still walking along
going for a walk
nokia here...
update 2
pics from the Odeon bar
at the Odeon
back in SF
at Louden, TN
late posting
Museum of Natural Sciences
more 2
some more
Double date
Duke's Primate Research Center
peek a boo
Duke University
Durham frogs
post dinner activities
Dinner for the kids
At my brother's
How to pass time
Amtrak tidbits
Taking the train
Chapel Hill
a few more
Halloween prep
I tried...
First time in TX
And even a bear came
Being extra
My neighborhood Potrero Hill
Remember Tutu?
More from Thoralf
simul moblogging
Pics from Goa Gil
almost there
off to Goa Gil
just me
hotdogs and mochigashi
Housemate dinner
found him!
lost at home depo
curly tree
Tokyo connects
visited a fish shop
Going to the dump
does this catch your attention?
Crab anyone?
More fire
at a baby shower
Earlier today...
at 26 mix
Confessions of a burning man
tu lan
A tree
Going downtown
And on the way home
A great Sunday...
One big task outta the way!
Where do I start?