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Chatting with Japan

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I was excited to use ISight to chat with my parents and literally carry the laptop around the house so they could see how I live. And now we got ISight at work (Six Apart) to chat with our wonderful group in Japan. This was our first time and we celebrated a very big launch that they worked very hard on. You see them here, and us in the tiny corner on the right. It was great to open champagne together and toast a drink. We took pictures of each other from both sides. It was the end of the work day for us (ah, nice champagne) but for the Japan team, it was just morning. One team member hadn't slept the night before and drinking champagne in the morning might not have been the best. Nevertheless, it was fun to have this connection!

In time for spring

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Hope you like Kokochi's new look. I wanted to update the colors a bit and add some details : )

Props go to Dav for helping me!

At the palace of fine arts

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Beautiful walk today...

I guess I'll moblog...

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Transcription by Jughead:
My brother Ian is visiting (yeah!) and so Dav, Ian, and I are walking along Embarcadero towards the Farmer's market.
Ian is on the phone with a friend and Dav is talking to his sister via phone too.
Mmm. What should I do? Take pictures and moblog!

panda love

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We're at lunch for work and I got Jean-Yves to photo my phone to show you my new phone plate...Panda love! Thanks to David & Anil for showing me : )

check out my new fancy shoes!

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I love feeling free to fall in love with whatever type of shoes or wacky clothes I want to. My taste used to be more in line with what society expected of me, mainly cuz I worked in places that wouldn't approve of me wearing pigtails or walking around with kitten shoes. But as I get older and actively carve out the lifestyle that fits me, I'm enjoying the cute, weird, and wonderful things I find. Like that bear hat from Austin. I had also bought a cool vinyl & velvet skirt there and Dav kindly bought a matching corset for me. Already went out in that outfit.

I love my new shoes! The only thing is they don't have platforms like most of my other shoes so I'm having to re-adjust to my 'real' height. Even Dav noticed how short I was compared to before...


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I'll be squinting today...

Transcription by Gen:
Yes, only in SF do you pass a van with a friendly-looking bear sitting there. He was actually parked across from where I was walking; I took a double look, slowly approached, thinking he might talk to me, then whipped out my phone. Too bad I wasn't wearing my bear ears. Yeah for bears! (I like pigs + elephants too [heart])

Is it genetic?

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I'm back in SF now. Dav stayed one more day and I'm picking him up tonight (which I'm looking forward to cuz I already miss him).

But I *almost* missed my plane yesterday. I had looked at my itinerary and thought I had to be at the airport at 8:30pm. Cool, I thought... I get to attend all the panels and then hop over to the airport. Then as I sat down for the last panel at 5:00pm, Dav came up and asked to confirm what time I had to leave. I double checked my flight and found in horror that 8:30 was when my transfer flight in Phoenix leaves and that I had to leave Austin at 5:50! I didn't even have time to pick my suitcase up (which sweet Dav will have to lug now) or say thanks and bye to Dav's friend and our host Frank (thanks Frank and Lori!!); I rushed out of there so fast that I literally ran through the middle of a group discussing stuff (how rude of me!).

On the plane I laughed at myself. This is *so* typical of me. Then I thought of the time my brother left a town he was visiting with a huge good-bye party from his friends, only to discover he was leaving a day early. He was so embarrassed that he stayed at an airport hotel instead of coming back. And my parents were in Italy and arrived at their hotel a day early, then completely missed their flight out on that same trip by a whole day. I've gone to the airport to pick up a friend to discover I was a day off too.

Being early is certainly better than being late. And I haven't missed a flight yet. But it seems my whole family is constantly mistaking travel dates! Dav's a math guy. Maybe our kids won't have this tendency...

cutest baby @ sxsw

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Just couldn't resist taking a pic

i bought a new hat

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Made by an Austin designer. I have bear ears now. Yeah!

Temporary Posting Change

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From today until Monday (3/15), I'll be at the SXSW conference. I'm on a panel called Moblog Nation and we have group moblog that I will posting at along with Adam Greenfield, Mike Popovic, and Molly Steenson.

There is also a public moblog for SXSW participants.

Check it out!

Heading to Texas

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On my way to the train to go to work from where Dav will scoop me up and we'll fly to Texas and participate in the South by Southwest conference. But see that I've already passed Texas? Can't wait to see Austin!

cool research

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Transcription by Dav
Last night Dav and I were interviewed by a professor and his PhD student from Berkeley about our blogs, how we use phone cams or digital cameras, what we want as features in a perfect world, and how we integrate all this blog/cam stuff in our lives. Dav and I showed them our public and private blogs (ahh, the wonderful memories!!) and yapped for two hours. I'll link their research site later as I'm about to get on the train for work.

The professor's name is Professor Marc Davis at UC Berkeley's School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS). His Ph.D. student is Yuri Takhteyev. Check out their research site. Fascinating stuff!

Going to work by train

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Transcription by Anonymous:
I've been meaning to try and take CalTrain to work. I love public transportation - to see all sorts of people I normally wouldn't, and to have time to sit and read or think. Dav is taking the car in for a check-up so I'm on the train now :-). Got my new Ready Made magazine to read. And my car is double-deck so I'm up here with great views!!

*update* I got off at San Mateo station and it took me a brisk 30 minute walk to get to the office. I figured I'd finally get in shape with all this walking, but with walking from the SF station to home, I'd have like 2 hours daily of walking!

And you know what? I just found out our office is closer to the station one after San Mateo...and it's like 3 blocks away! As we were walking to lunch just now, someone pointed out a passing train that I could clearly see just down the street! Much better!


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Barak brought his dog, Mocha, to work. Everyone is smiling and playing with her now.


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Dav's old housemate, Cheu, is originally from Singapore, and now lives in Brazil. She moved there like me - to live with a love. She flew into SF for 2 days from Singapore on her way back to Brazil after a visit home. We went out for Brazilian butt-shaking music. There were some great dancers, but I swear, their feet moved a mile a minute. I felt like I should oil my hip joints to get more movement. How do they do that?

I love this picture of Cheu and Dav.

Happy Girls' Day

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I almost forgot! I had a set like this (well, not that elaborate) and remember playing with the decorations. So much detail, it was better than any doll set you could dream of. Yeah, the Japanese aristocrats had crazy notions about beauty back then. Wanna hang around wearing this? They spent all their time writing poetry with just the right symbolism, on just the right paper that matched the season and was scented by perfect perfume, and with their hyper practiced calligraphy skills. Back then, your writing reflected who you were. They focused so much on beauty that the starving common people finally revolted. Read about the Heian period and The Tale of Genji to get a sense of how self-focused the aristocrats were!

I have the right to vote

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I will never forget the fact that being able to vote is a relatively recent privilege, and considering what's going on in the world, I deeply appreciate this right. I will walk barefoot through snow to vote. But that's why I live in sunny CA.

My voting place is in the neighborhood elementary school. In the hallway, kids were learning the letter P and painted various People figures. One was a cute purple dog though.

Sunday evening music

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Quicktime 6.5 Movie (.3gp)
Download free player.

Quicktime 6.5 Movie (.3gp)
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Quicktime 6.5 Movie (.3gp)
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Quicktime 6.5 Movie (.3gp)
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Last night Dav and I went out to see some bands play. My friend Mieko (with whom I used to work, was in Tokyo while I was living there, and is back in SF now) is really into music and I love her taste. If she recommends a show, I go.

Dav posted about this so I'll let that describe the music and just add my phone videos here. I wish they were better quality ... that theremin instrument was wild, beautiful, and eerie all rolled together ... the "sex kitten" Dav mentions was amazingly seductive in her puffy white opera wig of curls, exaggerated long pearl necklace, and tight dress with peeking cuts and random words stuck on the back. She convinced me that she was serious when she moaned, "L.A......freeeeeeeewaaaaaay." The pictures of her here show her during the 2nd half of the show when she came out fully covered in gold, with her hair sticking up in 5 directions, twirling pink glittery nun-chuks.

And yes, when we got to finally hear Tussle live, that was cool. I don't know how to describe them, but they are totally worth it. They really play well together.

Very fun night!