Is it genetic?

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I'm back in SF now. Dav stayed one more day and I'm picking him up tonight (which I'm looking forward to cuz I already miss him).

But I *almost* missed my plane yesterday. I had looked at my itinerary and thought I had to be at the airport at 8:30pm. Cool, I thought... I get to attend all the panels and then hop over to the airport. Then as I sat down for the last panel at 5:00pm, Dav came up and asked to confirm what time I had to leave. I double checked my flight and found in horror that 8:30 was when my transfer flight in Phoenix leaves and that I had to leave Austin at 5:50! I didn't even have time to pick my suitcase up (which sweet Dav will have to lug now) or say thanks and bye to Dav's friend and our host Frank (thanks Frank and Lori!!); I rushed out of there so fast that I literally ran through the middle of a group discussing stuff (how rude of me!).

On the plane I laughed at myself. This is *so* typical of me. Then I thought of the time my brother left a town he was visiting with a huge good-bye party from his friends, only to discover he was leaving a day early. He was so embarrassed that he stayed at an airport hotel instead of coming back. And my parents were in Italy and arrived at their hotel a day early, then completely missed their flight out on that same trip by a whole day. I've gone to the airport to pick up a friend to discover I was a day off too.

Being early is certainly better than being late. And I haven't missed a flight yet. But it seems my whole family is constantly mistaking travel dates! Dav's a math guy. Maybe our kids won't have this tendency...


gen said:

"Maybe _our_kids_ won't have this tendency..."

uh, Mie, you have some news for us?

mie said:


Gen, nope. Just a theoretical supposition (and marvel at a good match when I see one).

But your comment brings up 2 interesting points:

Not that I read a ton of blogs, but I've found that people use symbolism or coded postings for very personal things. I've read a few 'announcements' of personal events that are embedded within a general if trying to casually include some news without bringing too much attention to it. I see this trick as an interesting solution to putting very personal info. that one wants to share in a somewhat safe way since it's on the world wide web. I guess I stumbled on such a 'code' without thinking too much. For me, I'm getting more and more comfortable on the web that if I *had* an announcement to make, I'd place a picture, digital pen-it, GPS locate it, and have a video blasting the news!

The other point, which I just noticed, is that the post before is of *the* cutest baby. I swear these 2 continuous postings were unconscious, but now that they're up there together on kokochi, I'm wondering if there's some subconscious stuff going on that *I* am not aware of, but my blog is figuring out! hmmm. shhhh. don't tell Dav :)

gen said:


james said:

Two words to consider. "stretch marks".

Okay, wait, more words to consider, "diapers", "end of happy carefree life", "parent-teacher conference" and finally- "auto insurance".

mie said:

James, or er, Ed, I hear you! But look at your fabulous kids. I saw the underlying 'real' message!! I'm practically a fan of them :)

james said:

okay, i'm obviously not getting my point across here.

Put the prospective father on the line, hopefully he'll understand.

Keywords are 'diapers', 'more diapers', 'endless diapers', 'middle of the night feeding and changing diapers', 'diapers day and night', 'jaundice', and 'diapers'.

You might want to consider the keywords 'cesarean', 'thrombophlebitis' and 'profuse hair loss'.

Not that i'm trying to discourage you from reproducing or anything. The world would certainly be a better place by virtue of your offspring. Just, please, fortheloveofgod, consider the diapers.

mie said:

gotcha! I'll dream about diapers tonight.


Andy said:

Thats got me laughing, I hate missing planes/trains. Iam always mistaking the check in time for the flight time and getting in trouble.

But my friend takes was ultimate, on a 2week trip to New York, while we were walking down the street on his last day he suddenly stopped dead and shouted "Is it the 22nd or 24th ?", yep he missed his plane by an entire 2 days !! LOL

Take care and I love your site.



ian kennedy said:

I'm that brother that left for the airport a day early. . . I have gotten better and I have to say that as an early adopter of the Palm (I'm now on my 5th one) that device has saved my life.

Hard to tell if such traits are passed on genetically - Tyler, our 5 year old, is eagerly awaiting his birthday party and his horizon of comprehension is out to the "day after tomorrow" so he pretty much lives for the moment at this time which seems to suit him just fine.

Looking forward to seeing you next week - just hope I don't miss my flight!

Frank Hayes said:

Hey Mie,

I thought SXSW Interactive was a blast this year and we really enjoyed hanging out with you and Dav. Next time you guys come down for SXSW you should bring the cats and stay a few extra days so you can check out some of the music. Take care, Frank and Lori.


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