panda love

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We're at lunch for work and I got Jean-Yves to photo my phone to show you my new phone plate...Panda love! Thanks to David & Anil for showing me : )


Anil said:

Nobody can resist the panda love.

kitten said:

Make sure to remind to tell you my own panda love story....

dj said:

Welcome to the family!

Kitten, I want to hear that Panda Love story too...

cc said:

Hi Mie and Dav and all reading,

Peachy pandas!

I have a phone-n-compu question that I thought you guys might know about...

Here's the situation ---> my boyfriend and I have just roadtripped it across the land from SF to New Orleans and now have landed in a non-online home oh so weird -- so we went and bought the cable that hooks the cell phone to the laptop so we have wireless web yipee! The USB connector attaches to the phone right next to the recharger plug-in on the phone, so with this system you can be online until your phone battery dies down and then ya have to stop and recharge. Looking at the close proximity of the connection points makes me want to bore out a little bit of the plastic on the USB cable so I could shove in the recharger plug and have a constant source of energy for the phone ..... but..... is there a reason that it's set up like this?? Might'n the phone just up and overheat and fry its brains with all the activity?


PS: Have you ever seen yet ? It's my former home for a short time. Check it out! There's nothing not to like for everyone out there....

Mie I think you would really like all the artistic creativity and Dav, Julian of Supersnail does some neat computer programming stuff and has ideas you might be interested in!!

Crawfish boils for everyone!



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