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Leaving town

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For the weekend, that is. Going camping with a bunch of friends and dance to Goa Gil. Car filled with gas - we're ready to go!

We sure have a lot of dogs hang out at our office. I love it! So far, only one dog has been here at a time; the fun will start when we get 'em all together and they'll be chasing each other around our desks :)

I really wish my cats were more chill and I could bring them in once in a while. I know I'd be super productive if I could have one cat on my lap and another on my desk. I'd never leave my desk. But I know that in reality, they'd find a dark corner behind boxes and hide there all day. Sigh.

my fashion

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I've been waiting eagerly for some hats I ordered online. Now I have bunny ears to prance around in when I'm not in the mood to be a bear. I got Dav a domo-kun hat (I'm sure I'll post a pic of him at some point) and another for a friend (but it's a surprise so nothing on that).

Mike sent me the link. Very worth the wait. Thanks, Mike!

And then yesterday, I finally went to the mall to look for a black cardigan. The one I had actually had holes in it. I don't like having to go to a mall to find a particular item. It isn't a fun activity for me. Anyhow, I had little luck until the last chain store I walked in. I wanted to check out a shirt I saw in the window and asked off-hand if they had cardigans. It's not a cardigan sort of store. They did not have cardigans but they did have a very soft black zipper thingy with a hood and I figured it'd be just as useful.

But one thing I really dislike is wearing things with brand names on them. Not infrequently, I'll love something but refuse to buy it cuz the company's name is on it. Growing up in brand name conscious Tokyo, I became the opposite and think advertising for a company is just plain silly (and doesn't even look nice most times).

This black thingy had the company's name on little shiny rhinestones to boot. The extra money and effort they put into it. What a waste. After checking that I could pick off the rhinestones, I bought it. This time though, I decided to be a bit playful and left some of the rhinestones on.


concrete love

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Transcription by gen.:
Dav and I walked from our home towards Mission for dinner. On our way we passed by some kids making their mark on freshly made sidewalk concrete. I said how I'd never had the opportunity to leave 'permanent' markings... but I was too chicken to do so even with this golden opportunity. And you know what? Dav kneeled down and promptly wrote "D+M"!

ha! Cats!

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Transcription by Gen Kanai:
We were at Tunnel Top (sp?) in downtown SF and I noticed some fabulous "CAT" photos... ah no! paintings... I just thought they expressed cat feelings like photos. Some, I had to hold up to candle for light (you can see the candle, and my hand!) Anyway, enjoy, like I did ^_^

assa con

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Transcription by mademoiselle a.:
All day today and tomorrow, Dav & I are at a pretty interesting conference called Altered States & the Spiritual Awakening. See So far what I think is the most significant is the wide age-range of attendees. The theme seems to be on exploring potentials and activity on it on a social & political level. That affects all of us. It's at the cool False Profit castle.

Art, I ask. I want some art

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And so Jean-Yves, who is part of the Six Apart Europe team and is visiting our office now, provided. Actually, he wanted to try out my pen...and I said sure, only if I got art! And I did :)

I need air!

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Last night Dav and I went to see Kinky again. And again, I danced like a crazy groupie, screaming and jumping up and down. By the end of the main set, I had to leave the front crowd to get some air. Those fans were way to tall though!

Last time, I jumped up and down on Dav's toe. I was dancing in front of him and he didn't tell me I was hurting him in my crazed Kinky stupor. You can still see some of the black toenail that hasn't recovered yet. I was super careful not to damage his toe this time...but was still in front of him and noticed my head bumped into his chin several times. I think he bit his lip ... sorry! He got some good photos though.

See? Famous folks too!

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That's a friendly Whoopie and Michael Jordon who just makes me seem shorter than usual.

My secret

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Transcription by Chuck Swenson:
We have a big company meeting now, but since Walt is getting married soon, we're celebrating first with yummy cake.

To snazz up the conference room for this special occasion, Mena brought balloons...problem is I am quite uncomfortable around those full of air about-to-explode at-any-time things. I found myself sitting in a chair with 2 balloons tied to it.

I had to request to switch chairs...but now everyone at work knows my 'phobia.'

office space needed

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Transcription by Joe:
In SF looking at new office space... We are packed in our current space so this is much needed!

my sweety is home!

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And you know how happy that makes me...He was away on business and I missed him much!

Why don't cha...

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Need I say more?


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Transcription by Ian:
Just had lunch with Shu Yagi, an intern from Carnegie Mellon (originally from Japan) with us for a month. Very happy to have his help. Came back to the car and saw a cute, big dog waiting for his owner in a big, blue truck. Reminded me of that bear I saw one morning in a van. :-)