Shelby: our newest office member

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We sure have a lot of dogs hang out at our office. I love it! So far, only one dog has been here at a time; the fun will start when we get 'em all together and they'll be chasing each other around our desks :)

I really wish my cats were more chill and I could bring them in once in a while. I know I'd be super productive if I could have one cat on my lap and another on my desk. I'd never leave my desk. But I know that in reality, they'd find a dark corner behind boxes and hide there all day. Sigh.


Creative Guy said:

Hey! That looks just like my pug named Shelby!!

mikie said:


This is the type of the dog Rick wants.

Please let us know more about this dog reactions.

mie said:

Hi Mom!

Are you sure you're ready for another dog? Shelby is very cute...kinda like Jenny. I'm sure you'd enjoy one...but still, a dog needs attention!


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