Dr. Hal and Tyler

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Click to see video

My nephew Tyler recently asked a question. A good one, I thought. So when Dav and I went to the Odeon bar last Wednesday to listen to a band he liked (1st video), and see Dr. Hal's show, I submitted the question on behalf of Tyler. It's hard to read, but I did write, "on behalf of my nephew Tyler. Very impt. to him."

And his question was chosen. I was so excited! I had Dav video cam it because I had to go up to the stage as the question submitter to receive a shot of strong-tasting whatever that was, and remind them that the explanation had to be for a kid, not the complicated and somewhat convoluted story Dr. Hal initially launched into.

It's hard to hear, but the 2nd video is his answer. Something about we having to live with the laws of light and perception, and how things getting smaller is the only way for us to measure distance. Hmm. I am not doing good with the summary. Dav, any input?

(I'm still mastering the video cam on my phone so I wasn't able to moblog that evening; thus the delay here.)


Dav said:

I think Dr. Hal got a bit stumped on that one! When Tyler gets old enough someone's gotta remember to give him his shot of Fernette (or whatever that bottle liqour was called).

The band, by the way, is Go Van Gough; they play at the Odeon pretty regularly, and "this is as famous as [they're] ever gonna get."

Brother Ian said:

Yes, it sounds like he struggled with that one - "olafactory senses" doesn't sound right, doesn't that have to do with smell? I like his riff on "dwindling." Sounds like a good title to a new law once we figure this out - it could be called "Tyler's Law of Dwindling Vision"

Anyone want to take a crack at it?

Jay Dedman said:

I got a question.

Do you use a vdieophone to put videos on your site?

How's that work?

what kind of phone?

My friend and I started a videoblogging discussion group:


Good site.

Im real excited by what video can do in blogs.



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