Wakame's New Strategy

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Remember Wakame's morning ritual? Eventually, she stopped bringing the sock into our room and reverted back to the doorstep method. We have the same dance though: she brings it around midnight, meows outside the door, pokes her way through the cat door, snuggles in with Dav and I, then in the morning I put the sock back in the cat toy pile. Then we repeat.

Well, today we discovered a surprise. In addition to the sock, she dragged a poi swing thing all the way from the living room, down the long hallway, to the door. The Poi Swing has a small, but weighted sand bag that creates momentum when one is swirling it. I crack up just imagining small Wakame dragging this heavy sack with a long tail all by herself in the middle of the night.

I'm now thinking she's identifying objects that match our bedroom door colors. Could this be her ode to the door I painted? (Which, by the way, I started painting during Dav's last business trip and haven't quite finished. He has another trip this week, so I'll finish it and show you the final product in all its flying colors.)


jean said:

with your eye for style & color, it's not surprising you have a decorator cat. i would have loved to have seen her dragging the poi swing along the hallway - it complements the door beautifully! cats are so focused, when they're not distracted!!


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