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Just stopped for gas...

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And look what we found. Fellow burners in a very fishy car!

And we're off!

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After filling a 24 ft. truck with our camp stuff, we are ready for a week plus in the desert!

The ultimate vacation!

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As most people know, I love Burning Man. I met Dav at Burning Man and the whole world made sense. Today, we leave for Black Rock City. Although I was nervous trying to get work done and barely had time to feel excited, now I'm giddy with anticipation as we pack the huge truck to return to the magical playa. I will be unplugged so I will be totally immersed in Black Rock City life (wish I could moblog, but part of the attraction is being so detached from everyday society).

As promised when I posted about my giraffe outfit, here are pics of my other 2 outfits that I created with a friend. The secret fabulous designer is Maria de Fatima Callou , or as I know her, Eme.

The first rather bizarre gaudy costume is Fussy Mussy. Dav called me Fussy Mussy one day when I was fussing about how a plant was getting too much light. I'm sure he called that to poke at me, but something in my brain perked up and thought, "geez. I am fussy mussy! I shall own that name and prance around making a fuss out of everything! How fun!" And thus she was born. I can't explain accurately, but imagine a colorful but cranky 80 year old who does whatever she pleases because she can: wear weird colors, pretend she's a queen, be pushy, whatever. Now imagine here 50 years earlier. And there you go. I am sure to have fun playing my fussy mussy role : )

The next one is an outer space, fun, disco queen outfit. I do feel like I'm from the future when wearing that.

Anyhow, gotta go and help pack the truck.

I'll try and moblog, but won't give much text as we'll be busy!!

See you in 10 days!

2 more reasons why I love Dav

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  • Not only does he feed my kitties their snack everyday at dusk, but he tore off the label of the particular kind they seem to like and put it on the fridge so I could buy accordingly. I've been forgetting and sometimes get the brands they don't like by mistake. And the cats are very clear about their tastes. But it tickles me to see how thoughtful Dav is.

  • He did a batch of laundry and was afraid he'd ruin my undies and delicate wear if he put them in the dryer. So he picked them out and hung them on a futon frame we have temporarily up against the wall. Now that is thoughtful!

Thank you sweetie! I love you.


This was posted entirely by my pet Tara-chan. He's more of a copy-cat (bunny) at the moment, and I'm wondering if it's because I'm not writing in Japanese. He obviously doesn't get the concept of spacing! It'll be a bit more of a pain, but I think when I come back from Burning Man, I will post bi-lingually and see if little Tara-chan can then do a bit better.

- Leaving this so you can see Tara-chan's mischief.










"In" Boxes at Six Apart

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We have diversity and personality here at Six Apart. We all have varying styles of talking, walking, joking, eating, thinking, and yes, even working. That's why it's so fun!

These are from Six Apart's CEO and President's desk. Can you tell which is which?

Adobe Bookstore

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Looking for a book? Try this place on 16th in the Mission. Cozy chairs, shelves of books and stacks of yet to be placed books, an old juke box that I think is way out of commission, and a friendly but sleepy cat to boot!

Can you tell where we are?

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In SF...And how quickly the clouds roll in!

Waiting for lunch

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Dav's friend, Bert, is visiting from NY. We're at China Basin, by the bay and some big boats, basking in the sun until our food arrives.

Click to see video

Click to see video

Click to see video

A theme camp for Burning Man is throwing this public dance party. I can't skate very well, let alone dance!

The art of sofa lounging

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I figured Kokochi is due for a big Kitty update, so I took the liberty of doing a careful study over the past few weeks of Wakame and Katsuo's mastery of enjoying our sofa. I must say, they certainly know how to lounge.

Allow me to interpret their various positions beginning at top, going left to right:

  • Wakame enjoying the "jungle" corner I created for her. Kats doesn't care much for such ambient niceties, but still opens an eye to be sure he's not missing any action.

  • Katsuo grabbing my sock while in deep sleep.

  • Early evening, just after dinner. Still alert, but preparing for some serious lounging.

  • Wakame during the day, staring intently at an imaginary bird outside the window (good lounging requires a bit of entertainment).

  • Kats and his superman pose.

  • Kats very much ready for bed, where he snuggles instead of lounges.

  • Wakame showing off her whiskers.

  • Kats watching TV from the arm rest perch.

  • Wakame copying Kats' paw-stretch technique (she just started this recently).

  • A rare snapshot of Wakame looking directly at the phone (wondering if I'll ever finish taking pics of them).

These last 2 consecutive shots capture perfectly their personalities. First, Kats is spread out, acting all proud and majestic. Wakame is minding her own business in the back corner. Then Dav, sitting at the dining table, leans back to pet her. You can see how appreciative she is by her expressive tail. Kats turns back wondering what she did to get a nice pat and is a bit jealous. He always has to be center of attention!

At SBC - my first time!

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Actually, only my 2nd time at baseball...And that was minor league. This place is buzzing with energy and excitement. Like a stadium full of kids. Someone just slid into 3rd base and the place exploded in an uproar...Now someone else got outed and I've never heard so many boo's...but they changed ruling and the place rocked in victory! Obviously the Giants are the favorite here! I am fascinated by the scene: the rules, the play that is "such" a show, the crowd, the eating (when did I last see cotton candy? and see how much Dav loves his peanuts!)...This is fun!


Now we're home, so I'm uploading the videos. It's hard to caputure the crowd, but there's one video of everyone singing the Giant song (2nd video), one where I'm doubting they are even playing cuz I can't ever see the ball (3rd video), and then there's the last video where Dav told me the Giants had lost (I don't know much about baseball) but he was totally pulling my leg.

Click to see video

Click to see video

Click to see video

Click to see video

Um, apparently the above written post brought many laughs to many people. I typed it on my tiny phone, while trying to keep track of what was going on so I wouldn't miss my chance to jump up and cheer, and I really didn't know what I was talking about, did I? Writing eloquently wasn't my priority.

I had no idea about how 'off' my comments were until I read this snippet of conversation between Dav and his friends on the IRC:

<paul> haha..Kokochi "Now someone else got outed.."

<paul>: BJ Upton was recently called up from the Bulls, first 19 year old to hit a major league HR in awhile.

<dav>: paul, i thought the "singing the Giants song" was pretty funny (it was "take me out to the ballgame")

<dav>: and watching the bullpen warm up, apparently she thought that was actually part of the game

<Jesse>: none of that was intentionally humorous?

<dav>: i don't think so

<paul>: ah..heh, it wasn't a specific Giants song? like "Meet the Mets" ?

<dav>: nope

<Jesse>: and I'll suppose a game has never been watched in a bar, at home, anyway

<dav>: if we ever go to another teams game, at 7th inning she's gonna say "Hey, they're singing the Giants song! They must look up to the Giants!"

<paul>: alot of that extra stuff in ballgames is kinda funny..

And there's the part about being surprised the Giants were the stadium's favorite...

I started laughing at myself at how, um, "entertaining" I can be without even knowing. (How do you describe such a person anyway?) Now everyone at work is enjoying the post, so I can't really edit it, can I? People who know me know that this is me...

Lost Bunny

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Purple and fluffy. Sittin' on CalTrain's Hayward Park ticket machine. Waiting to be taken home.

A little pre-Burning Man partying

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After the Tonga Room, Dav and I made our way to Anon-Salon's party where we could meet up with fellow burners ansty to get to the playa. Dav wore his cowboy cheetah outfit and I was in my giraffe costume. We figured we should do a test run with our costumes - which was a good idea since I need to make some adjustments to Dav's furry chaps. I got a lot of compliments on the giraffe outfit but realized there's one incongruency; I'm short! People seemed to think it curious when I announced I was a giraffe, and one person even suggested I get stilts (just so I can really get the giraffe imagery perfect). And actually, both Dav and I have been thinking about stilts...

Of course, since I was already in party-mode from the Tonga Room, I forgot to get pictures of Dav, and after a few initial pics in the party, I forgot to keep documenting. Alas, such is the case with fantastic parties.

But you can see some of the neato decor they had with lights, a room full of bunnys and famous bunny pictures, a room for creating your own wacky barbie doll, seperate rooms for dancing, and much much more. There were like 20 rooms in a maze (Dav kept saying they were all in a square, but I sure got lost!). So fun. Can't wait until BM!!

Tonga Room

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Met up with a bunch of people, some from work, at the Fairmont Hotel's Tonga Room. At first it was so cheesy it was entertainment just looking at the place. We all ordered colorful fruity drinks with little tacky umbrellas. But they were so good that we all kept ordering and soon we were having a blast, swaying to the romantic love ballads played by the band floating on a boat in the middle of the place. I realized that this Tonga Room isn't innocently cheesy. They knew exactly what they were doing and we all fell right into it. No wonder the place was jammed packed by the time we left!

As you can see...

***** ***** *****

And this is uploaded specially for my Dav.

bwawk bwawk bwawk

Of course, since this is also Six Apart's first company party, I took lots of photos of us! Caught Mena running around with a camera too. You can tell how much fun we were having at the welcoming sign-in table (see the 3 wine glasses?). I almost made a new Six Apart employee sign-in since I hadn't met him and actually didn't know we had even hired ... Six Apart is getting big enough that this is happening now! Met Jen whom I first met at SXSW...she noticed I was wearing my Pink Cat Shoes and told me about similar Panda Shoes. She's going to send me an online purchase link so I can walk around wearing Pandas. Now wouldn't that be cool? And finally, don't you like the little monster faces peeking out amongst us as we chatted with each other?

Here are some more photos from Lilia.

At our Sneak Peek Party

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Transcription by Anonymous:
[a bunch of multicolor signatures]
Deborah, Ginevra, Anil, Lilia, Mark, Walt, Maile [heart!], Paul, Barak, Brenna, Ezra Cooper, Ben, Mena Trott, Jamison, Mie [smiley face]

MT3.1...More party pics later, since I want to enjoy the party. But at least I got all 6A members to sign at this historical moment. Pardon me for saying 'Yay Six Apart!'

Anil and his mountain of work

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Not to be outdone by hard-working Judy, Anil promptly got himself involved in a big project.

Judy does exist!

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I got the following email this morning:


I'm a new fan of your blog (and a big fan of Six Apart). I've seen

plenty of pictures of Anil, but none of Judy. Does she really exist?



lens culture

photography and shared territories

Well Jim, here's proof. She's such a hard worker too.

The best part was...

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By far, the most special of all was having both Dav's sister and beau AND my brother and his family, here all together. 2 seconds after the kids arrived, the living room floor was covered in fun toys and all of us got into playing. I loved watching Dav interacting with the kids. He was as cute as they were. For a while, Tyler had both Dav and Ian hunched over trying to figure out how to assemble a robot.

Then we did ISight with my parents in Tokyo so they could digitally join the occasion. It was rather funny for Dav to carry around my laptop parents to talk up close with each of us. What was neat was that neither Tyler nor Julia seemed to think that it was strange that grandpa and grandma were in a laptop. In fact, once Tyler got my mom's attention, he was more than happy to get to yap about all the new things he saw in SF.

It was plain wonderful. And I'm so happy Dav got to meet these cute ones who totally have my heart!

[from Sunday...posted late cuz we've been so busy!]

The fun continues

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Today was Katherine and Craig's last day visiting here. They leave SFO at 6am tomorrow (ugh, I don't envy them).

So today we drove up Hwy 1 and showed them Muir Woods. On Hwy 1, we stopped to admire the amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Such beautiful azure water. Dav spotted a cute little art installation on one of the cliffs: an empty TV showcasing the views. I was too queasy to walk much after all those turns and twists we drove through, so I had Dav climb down and take pictures of the TV (thanks, Dav!).

Back in the city we, of course, did the trolley thing.

Thanks for visiting, Katherine and Craig! It was super fun meeting and hanging out with you two. 'Til next time...

Life Size Mousetrap

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Really! At the Barn in Bay View. Using bowling balls, 2 story low-tech contraptions, gravity, human-size mice, and crowd cheering.

More pics on the way home

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Bonus pics taken by Dav's sister.

Taking the ferry back (yay!)

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To foggy SF. A boat full of bikes! A fun trip for sure. Especially with my new frog sunglasses!

Riding our bikes to Sausalito

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Seeing views of SF I've never seen, hung from a giant man's arm, rode through clouds (the bridge was super foggy and windy), and finally got to a sunny lunch spot. We are exhausted!

Circus Contraption

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Click to see video

Circus Contraption at Cellspace...Absolutely amazing and a circus from the turn of the century.

Sean watched it in Seattle and posted about it.

Dav's sister is here!

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Dav's sister, Katherine, and her beau, Craig, are visiting from Ohio. Dav and his sister haven't seen each other for quite a few years. I got to document Dav eagerly waiting for her arrival at SFO and their sibling hug. [this was actually last night, but I had trouble moblogging]

It's a wonderful coincidence that their visit overlaps my brother's. So Sunday, we're going to have a big sibling dinner bash at our house. Gotta roll up my sleeves and get cooking! I'm so excited!

Riding the train...

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Transcription by Anonymous:
Caught the train home from
work with Anil and David
Jacobs (who's visiting from NY) ...
It was the best ride! :)
David eyed our 7610 phones and
he promptly began a video
"interview" when I told him my
phone takes 10 min. videos.
I'll post it later cuz the file is
huge ... But it's funny + 'historical'

Friday Starts [Music and Flowers]

It's all about the toys

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Click to see video

Mena unpacked the company's new Mars Attacks Martian Brain Disintegrator today. It has a "light-up throbbing brain." Just what we needed to make sure we all meet our project deadlines. Anil was the first to get zapped (willingly). All in a day at Six Apart...

Bunny pleasures

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Dav's car asked for a vacation from me, so it's at a car pampering place far from where I can touch it. I've thus been taking the train to work. On the way to work (such as now), I stop to get my favorite morning fix - delicious bunny juice. As the train takes us commuters through industrial south SF, I sip.

The first time I had this stuff was in Berkeley, when I was 8, while we moved from CT to Tokyo and were stuck there waiting for our visas. We had breakfast across from our motel at a healthy cafe that made fresh juice. We became such regulars that we were allowed to cook for ourselves.

Just typed that all on the phone...Must be the juice. Also just realized my sweater is covered in cat hair since I hugged them on my way out...

My brother joins Six Apart!

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Transcription by Gen:
Did I tell you yet that Ian, my brother has been hired by the fabulous Six Apart, where I work? He starts in less than 2 weeks and today visited the office with his family (he's here looking for a new home.) I couldn't help myself; most pics are of Tyler (5) and Julia (2). They are _SO_ cute! I did get one pic (last one)[actually, it's the 4th one...] of Ian talking to anil. Welcome to Ian, Izumi, Tyler and Julia!

A quiet morning at work

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Just Anil, Ginevra and Monkey at the office today.

Actually, this was a test posting since Anil and I use T-Mobile, and Anil found that his moblog picture postings now come along with a whole html file full of T-Mobile advertising garbage. Shame on them for interrupting our fun. Luckily, my pics don't allow T-Mobile's gimmick to work, thanks to the superior uploading system Dav set up for me. Once again, Yay to my sweet Dav!!

An 84th Birthday

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Transcription by Angelina:
Dav's grandmother turned 84!
and we're celebrating at his
uncle's house in Petaluma. Many
people and lots of babies. We even
did a baby crawl race which
rapidly turned into mayhem.
Big families are special - lots
of laughter, sharing, and
love :)