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And the chair race occurred!

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Pic of my shadow with my bear ears as we waited for the start. 3 guys showed up and I had the honor to give the start signal. What a hoot! Although a police woman stopped to see what was up. Dav of course won!

Never know what is next...

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Woke up this morning and Dav said we had to be in Berkeley. OK. I noticed his office chair was in the car as we were leaving but he didn't tell me why. So we ate breakfast in Berkeley and then Dav gets up and says he'll meet me outside since I wasn't done. Strange but OK. When I get out, I find Dav sitting in his chair on Telegraph and Bancroft. What the...? Turns out he was going to meet a bunch of office chair drivers...only it turns out the meeting time is 11:27 pm, not am as Dav thought. So we're leaving the chair at Sean's 'til tonight. All I can say is Dav is funny. Look forward to pics from tonight! Here is the link to the event.

Crab & Naughty kid books

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Went to Kimi's for an amazing garlicky crab dinner. Fresh crab just can't be beat. And while we were hanging out, Ryan (age 3) showed off his dump truck knowledge and his Percy train book. But Ryan has the cutest baby way of saying things...and "dump truck" and "percy" sound, well downright dirty, and Ryan had Dav and I laughing in tears! I tried capturing Ryan's words by video. He says the Percy word just as the video starts, so be attentive...but you'll hear dump truck no problem : )

San Pedro Valley

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Dav and I took a beautiful long hike - about 7 miles of hilly ups and downs. Good to do some walking after yesterday. Really great views and had a bento lunch on a cliff overlooking the ocean.


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Oh my. A lot of food but really yummy! I especially liked a cornbread stuffing that Dav's bio-mom made. Delicious. Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood to digest. After clean-up, while the guys napped with the puppy, we are having dessert. I can't believe we still have tummy space!

Puppy time!

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With Dav's bio-family for Thanksgiving. They have a 10 week old puppy named Chai. So cute. Dav and I couldn't keep our hands off her. She's super playful...But just now curled up for a nap. Yes, I'd love a puppy!

At Milk

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I am dancing and moblogging so allow me to keep this short...

The Duluxe bar

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One drink at The Deluxe before heading to Milk. Very chill and cool. The way I like a bar.

Window beings

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After a Thai dinner, before going to Milk, strolling on upper Haight, we passed a very fetching store window. Showcasing shoes...

Impromtu gathering around food

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Came home and started preparing a crab cake salad and toasties with guyere cheese for a quick dinner. Our housemates, Emerick and Kunal, were around, so we had dinner all together. I love such unexpected warm household gatherings. It's such a pleasure living with cool people.

Dav is the sweetest

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I came home today and didn't notice until bedtime (now) that Dav spent his day putting this together: a gigantic rasterized (neat new word) reproduction of a picture Dav took of me happily swinging on a moon at Burning Man. It's a picture that sure brings back fun memories, and I certainly love having the moon at the head of our bed. Thank you, sweetie!!

Dav sent the original photo here to get it. Fantastic!

The battle with spam

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You may have noticed that my comments are shut down. I got no less than 109,039 hits one day - and they weren't kokochi readers, that's for sure. So until my hot hunky Dav can assist me in the battle against these evil-doers, no comments.

All I can say is shame on spammers, and who clicks on these annoying links anyway??

Fire, beach, celebration

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At Ocean Beach for danah's bonfire birthday party. So nice to just hang on the beach, listening to music, sipping wine, enjoying the huge fire, talking to friends. John Poisson, from Tokyo, is here too. My favorite pic is of Moose, my good-natured and faithfully patient backpack. And my gosh, the fire is so hot that we're all taking layers off and saying "my ass is hot!"

TANTRA Surround at Blue Cube

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Went to a party last night at Blue Cube. Our friends saw Dimitri D.K.N. (Spun Records, Ibiza) from the U.K. before, and highly recommended him. I liked the music but it was too much of a club scene. Saw lots of the Goa Gil folks but I'm used to seeing them outside at the Goa Gil camp parties so it was kinda weird. Too many club hipsters also made the atmosphere a little off for me. But I really liked the psychedelic art put up by Dreamtime Designs. I used Dav's phone to snap them since I - gasp - didn't have my phone on me (note to self: must by a small waist purse to carry my phone at such parties. I hate having to keep track of a bag so I try to go very very light at such events).

Colorful hair

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Dav and I went back to his sister's salon to get our hair colored. Last time we tried to get color, it didn't come out.This time it worked!


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After the bugs, the same guy showed his butterfly collection. I simply didn't know about the beauty and utmost variety. Check out the last sequence of photos that show the top and bottom of some of them. Some are moths! All I can say is that nature is cool. Like artistically originally cool. It kinda blew my mind.

Came here with Dav and Sean for several bands tonight, and found the most amazing bug collection exibition. At first my reaction was "ew...can you imagine meeting that?" And my initial pics show the ew-ness. But then the collection owner brought out the most gorgeous bug to show me in detail. And my reaction changed to"wow." THE most beatifully decked out bugs EVER. Colorful and "out there" as if they were going to a hip bug rave! WOW.

Dav is home!

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At SFO picking Dav up from his last biz trip to NC. Although I miss him when he's away, I also treasure all the extra notes and calls we exchange. A lot more special nicknames are used : )

Video Riot(こうさぎ)

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Snippets of domesticity

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Unbeknownst to me, when Ele was visiting from NC, she took some pictures of our place. She snapped portraits of our everyday stuff and little knick knacks we have around. I don't really notice them since they're just a part of life, but it was rather nice to see our place through Ele's eyes.

From top, left to right:

kitchen sink ledge, fire mantle, my things in the bathroom, my hair deco pieces, and Dav's razors.

Just for Dav

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Cuz I know he's missing these guys.

And we miss him too!

Batman Birthday Cake

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Met up with Eric the Bird and Eme to celebrate Eric's birthday. Eme brought along a gigantic cake with a nifty little personal touch. We sang Happy Birthday and made him blow out a candle.

Eme, by the way, is a fantastic designer. The last time I wore one her concoctions, at the Love Parade, I couldn't keep count how many people wanted to take a picture of me. Well, not me but of the wonderful outfit I had on. Once Eme settles in to her new boutique on 101 Pierce Street opening on lower Haight Street, I want to begin working on an even more outrageous outfit. Can't wait!!

Good food, good friends

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When I was in Tokyo, I had bought very special salty umeboshi plums for Manisha and hadn't got around to giving them to her. So although Dav would miss out, I decided to cook a full-blown Japanese meal for Manisha, Sion, and Elaine to create an occasion for the plum transfer. I absolutely love such intimate dinners. I love spending my afternoon planning and cooking, and I love welcoming friends over to sit at the table. As much as I enjoy large parties, I actually prefer being able to focus on a few friends and have deeper conversations. We started a little past 8pm and finished past 2am! I wish I had recorded our conversations to share with you, but I was too engrossed (we even got the laptop out at one point). Needless to say, I'm energized. But so sorry we all missed Dav!

This morning I cleaned up, and had my version of a bacon n' eggs breakfast using leftovers: rice (cooked with carrots, aburaage, dashi soup base, and soysauce) mixed in with nikujyaga (potato/beef/snap pea stew), fermented soybeans prepared with dashi/soysauce, and an egg swirled in. It looks too gross to take a picture of, but mmmmmm. I'm ready for a very active Sunday!

Cool bandaid

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My brother Ian came to the office with the cutest bandaid - Pikachu! My phone cam can't focus very closely but I just had to show this. I'm *so* going to get such bandaids and make Dav wear them!

Cool car repair place

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The car is fixed. I went to pick it up since Dav is in NC and found the shop to be very friendly and so colorful!

Dinner at Ezra's

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Transcription by Ms. Jen:
Ezra, from work, invited me over for dinner with his friends. The evening started with a chuckle because the 'wine' glasses were uniquely varied. We love it - I'm drinking from the beer jug. Amazing salad and Ezra's homemade calzone.

Coversations: languages we want to learn, how the draft works, May Day holiday in the Basque country, no eating lunch at our desks, blogging labels (which I don't like), gender diffs. in kids

Second Life

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Dav recently found out about Second Life and we both signed up. At first it just seemed too interesting not to try out, but the more we do this, we're discovering this can be an excellent tool to "hang out" together when Dav and I have to be apart.

It's basically an alternative world, but it's not a game. You just go in and do what you want: build stuff, meet people, learn things, dress up ... experience another world that members continue to create everyday.

Dav helped set me up and then had to leave for biz to NC. Last night, I poked around by myself a bit and worked on my character to look more like me. Interestingly, although I could look like anyone I want, I prefer to try and resemble myself. Otherwise I'd somehow feel fake. I just want to be me and not some character.

Then, in anticipation of meeting online with Dav, I decided to go shopping at the mall for some cool clothes. When you join, you get some spending money and of course the first thing I want to do is go shopping! I'll spare you the difficulties I had in learning how to move and find stuff, but I finally got a pair of jeans. However, I didn't know how to take off my shorts so I ended up wearing the jeans AND my shorts on top. What a dork!

Next I found the cutest bunny slippers and couldn't resist so I purchased them too. But before I knew what button I pressed, I found the bunny slippers in a box on my head like a helmet. Dork x 2!! I left for the night in frustration.

Tonight, I met up with Dav. He's the guy wearing black in the first pic. We're hanging out on some land he just bought where we wanna build a nice little house. He already learned how to make a table (that huge black table in the pic) Anyway, I don't know how, but I got my shorts to disappear, yet still had my bunny slipper problem (you can see what I looked like in the first pic). Luckily a kind neighbor walked by and explained how to get them on my feet. How lovely.

In celebration, Dav and I went dancing in a pretty hip club, a sorta online date. I wore a t-shirt Dav made and although it's hard to see against the black floor, I'm wearing my bunny slippers. The club was so hip that it gave us dance moves and boy, we were good!

Looking forward to more adventures. I hope to eventually moblog from this world directly to kokochi. Now *that* would be really cool.

Video Riot

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This is too hard to capture by my phone. Basically we're in a parking lot in downtown SF and a bunch of really cool VJs are showing their stuff on the sides of two buildings with great music flowing from a specified radio station. There was a nominal fee per person to cover the permit. I can't explain how empowering it feels that us citizens can gather in this parking lot and celebrate art, music and communinty. Right smack in this business district.


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Small world - I happened to sit next to Jeff Ervin whom I met in Tokyo at the First International Moblog Conference. I love bumping into people like this. Afternoon session on mobloging. Kokochi was showcased...although it's hard to tell from the pic. Mena joined with her colorful laptop.

Coffee and the Overload session

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Glad I'm not the only one overwhelmed...

Newbie session

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Still, much to do to make blogging accessible. I forget how lucky I am to have Dav by my side to help me with the technicalities. When it's truly intuitive, blogging will really be cool.

Sharing on Flickr

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This is actually the first time I uploaded pics to Flickr. Since all my pics go on Kokochi, I didn't really feel the need. But today, I upload and can see my pics combined with others' as we all sit here. Now that's cool :)

Blogger Con

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At Blogger Con today at Stanford. Dav is here too, but two buildings down at the Accelerating Change Conference. He'll run between the two. Just bumped into Rebecca MacKinnon (next to Dan Gillmor) who interviewed me for CNN when I was in Tokyo. Back then I was only getting started and so much has happened since! I just can't believe how much blogging has grown ... For the opening session, we all voted on a "national anthem" to kick-off the conference. Getting all these bloggers singing This Land Is Your Land on video certainly started my day well! (btw, my digital pen isn't working..Typing on the phone sucks)

Rebecca MacKinnon

The Election Day

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Dog waiting outside while owner votes. A long line for voting unlike any other voting day. My housemate is in line too. I am proud to have voted.

Halloween 2004

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Halloween itself was bit tame. We weren't into the crowds and basically hung out at a bar where a friend spinned and walked about just a bit. Dav and I wore badger/raccoon outfits that I had bought in Tokyo on my recent trip. Ele was a sexy cop. We kinda had fun pretending she was arresting me as a badger-on-escape.

This year's Halloween was magnificently fun!

Now go vote tomorrow, OK?