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The final list of theme camps this year. And these are just the organized camps that register and host events. Our camp is not a theme camp, and even though we're smaller than usual this year, we'll be around 30 people. So imagine, in addition to theme camps that can be 100s of people per camp, there are a ton of unregistered camps. A true city indeed. Wohooooo!

I keep thinking I'll get to a point when I'm not profoundly excited to go to Burning Man. So far, and this will be my 5th year, I'm just as excited as the first year. I honestly can't imagine not going.

Double take

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I took the picture on the right on my way home tonight and sent it to flickr. I got home and checked flickr to see how it came out, and showed Ezra since I rather liked it. Ezra then said, "did you take that today? I took it today too!" I asked him to send it via infrared to my laptop, copied my own photo from flickr, and voila! The same little one-eyed ogre photographed twice in one day. What a star.

Note: I didn't crop either picture at all. we both took it in a similar manner, no?

Lost pet posters

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Posted inside the women's bathroom in Koh Samui & the Monkey, a Thai restaurant at 4th and Brannan. Tragically funny.

The reunion weekend

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First thing I learned is that a red eye flight ain't easy [my humble respects to Mr. Dash who did like 100 red eye flights for Six Apart]. I think I was pretty much sleepy the whole time I was there, except for maybe a few hours in the afternoon.

Despite that, I had a wonderful trip. I have to say, I was sorta amused when first thinking of going to Jacksonville, NC for Dav's 20th high school reunion. I was thinking it would be fascinating to see such a different culture for me. I really don't know what middle America is like. To me, San Francisco is very "American" but I'm learning that in fact it's not. I happened to find this city, fall in love with it, and end up choosing to live in America because of it, but it really doesn't represent BIG America. It's a small island with a culture of its own.

So NC is "a trip" for me. I observe and think a lot when I'm there. [Um, actually, I've only been to NC once before so when I say "there" I'm referring to being outside of SF]. This visit was my second time to NC, but I still expected to feel like a real outsider.

[speaking of the last trip to NC, I loved my solo NC-->NJ ride back then]

For sure, I did feel like an outsider. What I saw only made me want to stay on the outside. Big cars, big roads, never-ending strip malls, bad heavy food, big boring houses...OK, I'm not proud of saying that, but I have to admit it's what I saw. It's so different from SF. The town's love and dedication to the military - manifested with bumper stickers, lawn signs, people's shirts, and gigantic church signs - is strong in Jacksonville. It also made me feel like an outsider.

However, everyone I met was super friendly and genuine. Even strangers just seemed friendlier. Everyone I met at the reunion was immediately open to me, and some poured out their life updates to me like I was an old friend. I wanted to get to know them more. I really truthfully enjoyed meeting everyone I did.

I also got to hear some amazing stories about Dav. It's one thing to visit one of his old friends and hear them talk, but quite another to get 3 or more together to start walking down memory lane in the way they used to banter together. I absolutely loved it. Dav, by the way, along with his friends, was quite the crazy rascal! Compared to me, who always followed rules, how did we end up together?

By the way, check out the picture showing two arms. If you look closely, there are line scars on both. Dav had told me about his: a cut made to bond with his friend. And voila! There was THE Bobby Holland Dav told me about, with matching scars (and story) to prove. That's really really cool...that they did that, and 20 years later can bond over that.

So it wasn't just a wonderful trip. It was educational in so many senses of the word. Plus, I got to discover hushpuppies! I also saw something like line dancing for the first time in my life (2nd pic). Still not sure. But at the reunion dinner/dance, they had music and a dance floor which I was eager to hit at the time. But when the music started and I got up, they were ALL dancing in the same way. I obviously had no idea what they were doing so I couldn't dance! Later, much later, it opened up. By then I had too much wine...

I do want to send a special wave to Ele and Will who hosted us in Raleigh. It was awesome hanging out with y'all!

Finally, I really missed my cats this time. Just 4 days! I love re-bonding with them when I get back...although Kats insisted on giving the cold shoulder the first night I was back. Only in the next morning did he nudge me for a hug. I love that I have to earn his love.

I already know...

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... that when I go to work tomorrow, the front entrance will be changed to a swanky Six Apart decor. How? Flickr. And Six Apart hu mor.

Oyster Bar in Raleigh, NC

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Had raw oysters for dinner tonight. Hadn't had some for quite some time, and they were delicious. Then I had a belly full of spicy steamed shrimp. What was a pleasant surprise was the Oyster Bar served hushpuppies as soon as we sat down, like bread is normally served. Hushpuppies are my newly discovered food item on this trip. I never knew these yummy thingies existed. Can't eat too many, but I'm glad I got I got to try some!

The Greascar

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Finally got to ride in Ele's boyfriend Will's vege oil run car. Tis the coolest!

Back then

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I have more to post but for now, allow me to post this precious pic that I grabbed from a table. My baby in HS. I love meeting his old friends and hearing all the CRAZY stories!

A message to Nicole Carina!

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This is specifically for Nicole, who is in Wilmington:

We're heading over there to visit a friend of Dav's and I thought it'd be super cool to meet you, but can't find your email. Please email me at mie at kokochi dot com. Let's exchange cell numbers. : )

4 a.m.

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At Dallas, on my way to Raleigh. My first red eye flight. How come everyone is so perky? I wanna sleep. Never knew so many people travelled at this hour! My body wasn't pleased about boarding a plane at midnight; I had to use the barf bag and lost my dinner. Oi. At least I get to see Dav soon. It should be fun - we're meeting in Raleigh for his 20th high school reunion.

T'is a proud day to be ...

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... a letter M. My first initial. I should give it more props. Thanks, Heiko!

I'm proud to be a nut

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After being called a nut by an observant colleague of mine, I had the following conversation.

[11:23] jy: we should have a Nut Level at 6A

[11:23] Kokochi: and a Nut award

[11:23] jy: yup

[11:23] Kokochi: and a Nut vacation day

[11:23] jy: yeah, every day

[11:23] jy: (for nuts)

[11:23] Kokochi: Nuts unite!

[11:23] jy: yeah!!

[11:24] jy: and secretly post nutties on the official blogs

[11:24] Kokochi: exactly

[11:24] Kokochi: I see you are a Nut too!

[11:24] jy: "We sell only to Nuts"

[11:24] Kokochi: Nutaparty

[11:24] jy: Nut's Apart

[11:25] jy: Six Anuts

[11:25] Kokochi: Movable Nuts

[11:25] Kokochi: NutPad

[11:25] jy: :-)

[11:25] jy: yeah!

[11:26] Kokochi: I'm so gonna blog our Nuttiness

I wish ...

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these were normal everyday scenes. They are, actually. It's just a matter of superficial appearances, no?

My balcony flowers...

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Originally uploaded by margarita azucar.

are now taken care of by a very special person.

The Crucible fire art festival

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Sorry for the crazy amount of pics, but there was all this great stuff that you usually only see at Burning Man (where I don't walk around with my camera-phone), so I couldn't help myself. I was really happy Ian was at this festival too, to see the sort of stuff that is so inspiring and beautiful to me.

Some of it is hard to see, but hopefully you'll get a taste of it.

The funniest was Dance Dance Immolation, a play on Dance Dance Revolution, only with this game, if the dancer messes up, a big cloud of fire gets shot at them (they wear heavy fire protection with a breathing tube). If you can get over the danger factor, it's quite hilarious to watch. [Ian got a better pic]

The most inspiring was a water fountain that was a large glass vase container with flowing water and something else that fire burns. We watched the water and fire swirl around in harmony; kind of mind-boggling.

Kookiest was a gigantic pendulum with the dangling weight part comprised of 4 fire shooting rockets that would shoot the thing in one direction or another. Looked like someone's big fantasy toy.

Most traditionalist was a group who created molten steel, right there at the event, and poured it into molds. Very quiet and almost meditative; seemed like an ancient skill being practiced. It wasn't showy at all like the other installations, yet quite awesome...to see this group work together silently in the dark with this molten steel. I mean, when have you last seen molten anything?

I'm proud that I got a video of tesla coils in action, like Dr. Megavolt's. His performances are hard to catch on the playa, let alone video them.

Click to see video

Click to see video

Click to see video

Click to see video

Tucker's icecream

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I was stuffed from the bbq, but Rachel had a craving for excellent ice cream, which Tucker's is known for. I'm not a big ice cream fan, but from the long line at Tucker's, this must be the place for ice cream.

Ian was wearing his painter's clothes, so to add a little color for the festival, Rachel lent him her blue scarf. Nice touch!


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Ian then proposed to do a bbq, but since we wanted to later go to the Crucible festival, I drove back to the city (full hour to get over the freaking bridge) so I could shower up and dress up! Zoomed back, and welcomed Rachel and CC, who are part of Campalicious and were going to the Crucible too. I absolutely loved having my Campalicious friends hang out at Ian's, making a closer link with my family.

And sitting outside in a beautiful yard - with a classy swing set - for the bbq was just perfect.

As good as new

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Saturday was yet again one of those days where I was running around from one activity to the next, so although I took pics, I was too busy to moblog them. I'm catching up now.

Anyway, continuing from last week, Ian and I stained all his wooden outdoor furniture. Unlike paint, wood staining is much easier to apply, so it was rather fun to paint away like a kid.

Our most proud accomplishment was the swing set that was looking grey when we started. Now it looks classy!

Got a bit sun-burned on my shoulders and we both were covered in speckles of wood stain.

Someone asks, "are you from outer space?"

Ian, the super model!

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A bit of excitement today in the Kennedy corner of the office (our neighboring colleagues were out today, so it's been just Ian and me). Ian was interviewed about business blogs for the Oakland Tribune, and was photographed. I got to meta-photograph it.

Funny thing is, back in the Six Apart San Mateo days, I was interviewed by the same woman and photographed, along with Mena, by the same man! Back then, it was about moblogging. Disappointing thing was I was misquoted. Not out of context, but actual made up words that were just plain dumb. So I warned Ian that maybe this reporter will come up with some story like, "the Kennedys are taking over blogging!" or something silly like that. We'll see.

Bastille Day

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At L'Amour on Lombard St. with Sean and Manisha and Todd. Such a cute cozy place. Good food, Bossa Nova, cool folk. Gotta eat at the outside patio.

Yes, I'm quoting myself

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"After several glitches and adjustments (which included me going through Dav's toolbox to fish out tools), we got it on. I doubt my housemates will even notice all that commotion even happened!"

- 2005 Jul 12 10:20 PM

Wall of clouds

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Here are a few pics of what I see from the balcony where I live. Proof of San Francisco's micro-climates. I see this all the time; sunny where I am, but a thick wall of fog blanketing the neighborhoods beyond. Why, I ask, don't they move where it's warmer?

This morning

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Wakame indicating I shouldn't go to work (that's my laptop she is on). Sorry, sweetie. I don't like sleeping 23 hours everyday.

My housemate Sara, the hero

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I was emptying the dishwasher tonight. And when I opened the cupboard, the entire door came off except for the bottom last screw. Allow me to say that the cupboard door is more than half as tall as I. It's not a tiny board that you can catch with one hand. So, I gently tilted the door so that it rested safely (sorta). I let it be, and left because I knew I shouldn't mess with it. From experience, I preferred one of our guys to fix that gigantic slab of wood. (Note: I live with 7 people. Only 2 are women. So there is a good chance a guy would be coming home soon.) I didn't know, but Sara was upstairs. Later, I heard her rummage around in the kitchen, then go back upstairs. Then I heard her trying to fix the thing!

I went to the kitchen, got out the kitchen ladder, climbed up on the kitchen counter, and held the damn thing so she could screw it back in. After several glitches and adjustments (which included me going through Dav's toolbox to fish out tools), we got it on. I doubt my housemates will even notice all that commotion even happened!

So in my world, where it's often necessary to defer to dudes to move/adjust/fix gigantic things, in a less-than-frequent incident, me and Sara fixed such a thing. That's awesome, isn't it?

So, my housemate Sara is a hero.

I got the cheese!

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Last Sunday, we had a Campalicious meeting. It's our Burning Man camp. Besides the fact that the meeting got me jazzed up for my yearly pilgrimage to home, it was a potluck. Cesar brought bread and cheese; Manchego, no less, which is one of my favorites.

There was a big bunch left over. Tonight, I'm delighted to say that my entire dinner was some bread and Manchego. And a bit of red wine. I am quite happy.

Mobile Monday fun

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Tonight's Mobile Monday line up was pretty cool. Demo after demo of some nifty mobile applications. I think I'll sign up with a few to play around. SNS stuff, fast reading applications (where only one word appears at a time and you can read up to 600 words per minute on the phone this way), nice map location stuff that I'd love, and cool 3D games. Wish I had better pics to show you...

Ian's rear view mirror

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With a touch of Julia's pinkness.

I actually had no plans for the weekend and thought I'd start sewing some of my costumes. But somehow, the weekend got packed, and I had little time to even blog! Had dinner with Rachel at Coco's on Friday, then when I got home, my cool housemates convinced me to join them at Mighty, which turned out to be a fantastic night with the best music. Hanging out with my housemates was so much fun! Saturday, Elida and I visited the new digs of False Profit, and enjoyed a photo show they had going there. It inspired Elida and I for a new fun art project that you'll just have to wait and see. Got to catch up with danah who looks refreshed and energized anew. Then Elida cooked an awesome vegetarian stew at her new home, we ate on the new chairs she just got at Ikea, then we went out to the Make-out room. There you have it.

Too many choices!

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Getting wood stain with Ian for his outdoor furniture. Amazed at the number of shades just for stains. I get overwhelmed at these gigantic stores...

An evening of theater

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Rachel had the opportunity to get 4 tickets for The Goat or, Who is Sylvia by Edward Albee. I had seen the intriguing goat lips on posters around town, but never thought I'd actually see it. We were very high up! Christie and Susanah came too. Very nice of Rachel - thank you!

[post play]

I think it might take a few days and several conversations to wade through all the themes. Yes, it's a tragedy, but there's so much more. I laughed a lot, and at the same time wanted to cry about the situation. My heart went out to the characters who wailed with pain. I won't give out too many details; it's easy enough to find that it's about a family tragedy when the husband/father has a love affair with a goat. There's way more to it though so I'm not spoiling much.

It's late so I won't try to explain my feelings/perspective now...maybe later. Or leave a comment and I'll try to respond.

Went over to Ben and Mena's for a BBQ. They live on a hill, so we gathered to watch fireworks. After dinner, while waiting for the works to start, we played a kooky game where you have mini bongos and have to tap to the game's beat. The most accurate wins...which isn't half as much fun than laughing at each other tapping these bongos in all seriousness. I tried, and I rather got into it for a sec.

Then we went out to see the fireworks. First off, it was f***ing freezing. Yes, I'm huddling with Alaina in my winter jacket. Yes, that's Alaina and I with the BBQ turned on for some sort of heat. Outragous. Can you see the ominous, cold, block of clouds rolling over the hills as if a deliberate spoiler of fun?

I long for the hot humid torchuos and insane Tokyo summers...

ps. the first 2 pics are in front of a picture Mena bought that I find strangely very attractive.

Serious shopping

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At Ikea with Elida since she just moved to her new place (which is closer to me now...Yay!) and needs several household items. I wanted stuff to decorate Dav's Burning Man dome. I went crazy with colorful deco stuff and a few fuzzy things with eyes. I can't wait to set up our dome. Ikea must have Burners on their design team...I also found something to wear (furry green blanket, green seat covers, and a stuffed green snake...who would have thought of buying clothes at Ikea)!

Helen and Katia came over with their Burning Man costume boxes, and we shared what we have and ideas about how to spruce up our costumes. Got us all giddy about what we can wear; looking forward to waltzing around together in our fun clothes!

I'm a little embarrassed, but as you can see, the bedroom is a mighty big mess. We were focused on getting everything out for close inspection. Felt like a teenager!