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The reopened De Young museum

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I really enjoyed the variety. From modern to ancient, photos to textiles. Lots of cool amazing masks and ceremonial outfits that would knock away any Halloween costume. The architecture was inspiring too. Beatuful space to refresh the mind. I took so many pics!

In Tenessee, where we all met up before partying in San Francisco.

I have the cutest dad ever!

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I totally forgot I took these last Saturday when we were preparing to go to our party to celebrate our marriage. We decided to bring a bunch of wigs for people to have fun with (since between Dav and me, we have about 15 wigs). My dad graciously modeled a few, and we all couldn't stop laughing!

We're slowly getting pictures from the party up here (not all are up yet). This one is of my dad making a lovely speech. This is of my parents, dad with an elvis wig.

Veno Venue

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Tech wine tasting in downtown SF.

Waiting with a glass of wine

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At dusk. Nice.

This is the platter that Ian, Izumi, Tyler, and Julia made for Dav and me. See the cats in there? The two faces in the yellow sunshine circle are Dav and me, rendered by the little ones.

Chez Panisse

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The printed menu (specially for just each day). One standard course, one vegetarian.

My parents' ritual when visiting the USA is to have dinner at Chez Panisse. With Ian and Izumi too, who presented to Dav the coolest hat for his b-day that the kids helped decorate (and I got a special effects lighting pic, didn't I?). Then they gave us a beautiful serving plater that Ian, Izumi,Tyler, and Julia painted. So special!

Dinner was awesome as expected. But sharing a gorgeous meal with family can't be beat. The server knew Dav and I just got married, and we got a nice message with our dessert. Lovely evening ... Especially since Dav just proposed to me!

A real beautiful story

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Dav describes it best. I had known there was something in the works, but I had no idea it was this personal and this beautiful, and involved so many! I am one lucky woman with a beautiful husband.

He presented it to me today, got on his knees when I got to the last page, and proposed to me. I can't say yes enough.

Supperclub with my parents

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Since Dav and I love Supperclub, we decided to take my parents there. I was a little hesitant because it's such a different experience, but they quickly relaxed into the big fluffy pillows as we chatted and waited for each course. I even caught them snuggling like teenagers!

As the DJ got the music beats going, and people couldn't resist dancing, mom and dad got up too to shake their bootie. Dav got some pics of mom and me dancing with flowing toilet paper (why there was toilet paper all around was part of the theme...you just had to be there). We stayed almost 'til midnight, came home tired but happy. I loved dancing with my mom and dad. We all rocked!

Family conversations

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(still catching up from the TN trip)

Lively conversations during dinner and then digestifs. Tons of fun just talking about whatever.

Still catching up with pictures I have...flying the red eye over to TN, being pampered and eating gigantic meals all weekend, then flying back late Monday has exhausted me!

But here are various neato pics I took. The first is the funniest bird feeder I've ever seen. The pic below the round mirror is of my glamorous grandmother. The pic below that is my grandmother and her 3 sons. My dad is on the far left; isn't he so cute?? The last pic on the left is an old family reunion...all of us are there. I'm smack in the middle on Uncle David's lap. Mom is at the very left with Ian. Dad is in the back right, Uncle Peter in the left back, and grandfather is in the middle. Grandmother is front right.

Boat ride

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TN ketchup

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Dunno. But found here. Seriously.

My grandmother's art

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Yep. Ever since I've known her, my grandmother has been a great, powerful abstract artist. She then wrote a few plays, and now is finishing up a novel. I am lucky to have such a grandmother and role model.

Louden, TN

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We're here. Beautiful weather (yay! I get a summer) and so relaxing. My parents haven't arrived yet. Checking out Uncle David's big toys.

Travel scenes

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Flying with Dav and Ian to Knoxsville, TN to visit my aunt & uncle and grandmother while my parents visit too. This is a rare occasion for all of us to be together! My parents were in NY and later will be in SF too.

I don't quite get it

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At the bus stop on the way to work. Two shoes (the kind nurses wear), left perfectly just as if the person was walking, and POOF! Gone. I get one shoe being forgotten, as in if the person was carrying them and lost one. But two, positioned the way they were....I don't get it. What happened?

B-day dinner

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Click to see video

At Todai...so-so quality buffet but with lots off Japanese food so it's OK. Dav and our friend Ari have the same b-day (today) so they eat for free. Dav got a remote control tiny car. Dav is quite pleased with his new toy. Boys will be boys!

My baby's B-day

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Today is Dav Yaginuma's Birthday. Hugs and Kisses forever to my baby.


(pic via Todd)

p.s. Happy Birthday to Oscar too!

Decompression 2005

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It was such a beautiful day (but no cell coverage so I couldn't moblog even though my email is working now) and tons of fun. Dav and I thought we'd stay only for a few hours, but kept meeting friends and friends, and ended up staying til dark.

I think Ian and family had a good time except poor Julia decided at one point that it all was a bit too much. No one looked like gentle nice princesses, and there was a bit too much freakiness for her, I think. Tyler seemed to get into it, and even found a headband with bouncy Burning May symbols attached. For a first time, I think it was a good dipping into the scene. Glad they came!

I think what makes Decompression special is meeting up with friends...close ones and ones we missed even seeing at Burning Man. Got more blessings for our marriage, introduced different circles of friends to each other, and just enjoyed.

My favorite photo is the 4th down on the left. Our friend Alex from Campalicious had a baby. Found him standing with his friend who has a baby too. Two fabulously hip chill looking men, hanging out with their babies. It was the most beautiful scene.

Ian and family joining too.

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Julia brought over her pink pink pricess outfit, with a matching pink pointy cap lined with pink fur. Tyler was a ghost buster, an incredible costume made by Ian and Izumi. Specialized goggles, a egg-carton-soda-bottle-made-ghost sucking machine complete with a hose, and a veritable badge to make Tyler official. Lugging around the ghost sucker proved to be a bit cumbersome for Tyler in the end, but he looked cool!

I had Ian and Izumi step into the matching racoon outfits Dav and I have. They looked adorable!

Bunny in the kitchen

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On our way to Decompression.

I've been dying to post these pictures for a long time, but this whole "Girls of Campalicious" project was secret from the guys, so I obviously couldn't post before Burning Man.

So finally, here is a sneak view of what happens when a bunch of us secretly get together, dress up in provocative and playful ways, have some wine, and work with an awesome photographer. All of us knew we'd have fun, but we had an absolute awesome time. With the spotlight on us, one at a time, surrounded by girlfriends egging you on to pose in ways we never had...whew! We were amazed at ourselves.

But we had a serious goal, and we achieved it. It was to make Girls of Campalicious trading cards (thanks to Jessafire's creativity, Elida's photographic touch, and Christine's printing skills). Whoever got three cards, handed out at Burning Man, got to receive a full-body massage by us. We had 2 men (actually friends) who actually showed up (bright and early on Sunday), to claim their prize. They were so eager, and quite pleased (last pic is us giving the massage).

I have to say this whole project was a complete success!

ps. I'd post all of the collector's trading cards, but I didn't get them all myself :(