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early Christmas!

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We're taking a road trip down to L.A., San Diego, and Mexico for Christmas...leaving like right now (we were supposed to leave an hour ago). Since we'll be away on the 25th, I made the sneaky decision to open all our presents last night!

We didn't decorate much holiday stuff, but placed received gifts around a succulent plant, and stuck an ornament on it (a tiny Christmas photo frame in which Dav stuck this picture). With the cards we've been receiving, it got holiday-ish enough :)

Received funky Santa hats (perfect for next year's Santacon), Japanese sox with individual toes (or the "tabi" kind with the big toe on its own), neato postcards that I fell in love with, a head-bobbing handmade cat, many yummy Japanese snacks, and...what I smiled much over...a gift for "our newcomer." It was a fluffy hippo. I called my parents, and my mom sheepishly confessed she couldn't help it. Made me very happy!

I loved the Christmas card we got from my parents...addressed to: Dav & Mie & Gargle. Yes, our Little Bug has a nickname from my dad already. So Gargle it is!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Enjoy the rest of 2005, and see ya in 2006!

Interviewed on Biznik. Now, if I weren't married to Dav, and I read this interview and saw his picture, well, I'd start stalking him. Or showing up magically at PlaceSite meetings. I'd do my best to meet him, even though I'd be disappointed he was married.

Thank my lucky stars that I am married to him!

Here's a little back story to how this all happened. Small world all connected :)

how did we end up so traditional?

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As you may know, Dav and I sorta enjoy and even relish being a bit different. We like to think that together, we can build a life thoroughly original, living to our standards and not too influenced by social rules or pressures. Our Burning Man wedding encapsulated perfectly what we feel for each other and our relationship.

But when Ele posted the warmest and most sweet blog post about our bun in the oven (I love her 1+1=3 title), I couldn't help but realize Dav and I actually fall into a traditional life sequence so well that we fit a well-known children's rhyme! Geez... No matter. Ele balances that realization out with our devil-horned Folsom Street Fair picture, and predicts we'll have "the world's grooviest baby."

Thank you, Ele!!

Dav and Mie's art project

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I am horrible at keeping secrets, so I'm happy to finally get to spill the beans. It's about that art project I referred to a while ago, and it's why I haven't been going out much since I've been so freaking tired. In addition to being called our art project, we have called it Little Bug. Yep, I'm due July 2nd!

This picture here is when we got my parents on iSight and told them the good news. My mom teared up, and my dad said, "great work!"

I got to hear the heartbeat last week. That was wild. My tummy is definitely sticking out, but it's really hard to believe there is a life growing inside me. When I last went to the doctor's, I half expected her to say, "hmmm, seems to be gone," so hearing the heartbeat was reassuring, but also made me admire my body. The process is actually working! When Dav, Katsuo, Wakame and I are all snuggled up in bed, I now think we have 5 beating hearts on one bed.

When Dav and I babysat Tyler and Julia, Nicole left the kindest comment. Little did she know that we already had thought about it, and already had a bun in the oven!

Dav has started taking weekly photos which I hope we can turn into a sorta animated show of a belly growing. I must say, it's a pleasure sharing this with Dav, and I love having him hold and rub my belly. We've got a lot of adjustments to go through, but it's quite an exciting project, no?

Santarchy 2005

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This year is my third, and Dav's umpteenth time. Santarchy is Dav's FAVORITE event (well, 2nd to Burning Man). I think the utter chaos, silliness, and all out obnoxious celebration of Santa-ness, both naughty and nice, is what gets Dav.

Unfortunately, this year was a raining storm. So instead of a parade of hundreds of drunk Santas bar hopping, we got broken up into smaller groups, wandering from bar to bar looking for fellow Santas. Too much walking, in my opinion. I froze!

Extra cool was that Marcus, Dav's bro, joined for the first time as a punk Santa. Estrella came as Elvis Santa (she made the outfit from scratch, and was in my opinion, the best Santa this year), and we later met up with Sean, Lani, Ellen (as seen holding a dildo when a bunch of us Santas passed Good Vibrations and couldn't resist visiting), Manisha, and Supratim.

Of course, it wasn't until the evening that we finally met up with everyone (Santarchy started at noon-ish). We were sitting in Pilsner with about 20~30 Santas, when a Muni bus full of Santas stopped. As they flowed into the bar, we all cheered. Don't know our number then...but I'm sure it wasn't all the SF Santas...

Although freezing cold, it was another fun year! Dav has a flickr set with more pics.


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Last Friday we went to see Z-Trip & Radar play for Future Primitive's 10th Anniversary at Mighty. Man, was it crowded. Dav and I stood by a wooden pole, and because there was a garbage can right in front of us, we had a little breathing room between where we stood and the crowd. I don't know how anyone got was definitely over capacity. They had large screens that showed the scratching action along with pretty cool video-cuts of weird and bizarre old clips. Met up with Todd and Heidi.

It's been a while since I've gone out, and I was delighted to have fun and stay out 'til 3am!

I love Cute!

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Just have to share this site Dav sent me. Cute Overload. Get your daily cuteness!

Picure from

Legally, we will soon be...

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So this name changing business is a lot more complicated than I thought. If I were changing my name to Dav's because of marrige, that's rather simple. But since we're both changing our names to something new, we have to post a notice for 4 weeks in the papers, and then appear in court before a judge. That will be exciting! I suppose if someone is vehemently against our changes, they can appear too and make a case.

If you don't know already, Dav and I are legally changing our last names to Yaginuma, my mother's maiden name. I have 1 uncle only on my Japanese side who does not have children. So technically, the family name would end after my uncle. So Dav and I decided to take it on. We wanted the same last name, but he's not super attached to "Coleman," and taking Yaginuma is very meaningful to me and us. Plus, when we have kids, in case they don't get to live in Japan, at least they'll have this real connection to their Japanese side. And, it'll be fun to explain how their last names came about.

Legally, our Yaginuma name won't go in the Japanese 戸籍 Koseki (Family Registry System) since my mom married out of the family and was removed from the koseki. But no matter. We'll be living the name and it will continue for our family. I'm thankful my bewildered uncle accepted that we take the name.

So by February, we should officially be the Yaginumas. I'm already going by that, introducing myself as Mie Yaginuma. Still strange...And dad, I've always loved Kennedy, but this is a new chapter in my life, and Yaginuma fits perfectly.

Dav took advantage of this process to also change his middle name. So soon he can truthfully say, "My middle name is Impossible. Don't mess with me."

A ride in Golden Gate Park

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Beautiful day.

Spur of the moment, we loaded the bikes and went to GG park.

Passed a guy who had swing dancing music blaring to which people stopped and danced.

Posed with a sphinx in the De Young Museum garden.

Stopped for lunch at an Indonesian restaurant.

Good Sunday, it was.

Saturday dinner

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Random shots from a dinner at home. I made quiche, and documented the pie crust making stage, but entirely forgot to take a picture of the final result!

After dinner, Dav showed a hilarious video that I found on Gen's site. I loved seeing everyone's reactions as they watched it.

Later, Wakame joined us at the table. Both cats were quite sociable, actually. She kept meowing at Sean any time he stopped petting her.

A better dinner...

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After being so disappointed with the eel the other night, and since we had a head of cabbage to eat, I decided to make croquettes.

So tonight we had croquettes filled with potatoes, peas, spinach, and mahi mahi. Raw cabbage with tonkatsu sauce. Brown rice with natto.


My walk to work

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I've been walking to work lately. When it rains, or if I'm running late, Dav drives me or I take the bus. But I try to take advantage of the fact that it's a nice 30 minute walk. From the house, the views are gorgeous. Later, I cross the train tracks and pass by more funky buildings. Sometimes I listen to my iPod. Many times I just walk in silence. It's a great way to start the day!

Dav is the chosen one

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The usual pattern of human/cat contact in our house has been the cats follow me around, and whenever I'm seated or in bed, they pile on. For sleeping, Waka generally situates herself on my legs, and Kats curls up perfectly between my side/armpit and arm (around him for extra close snuggling). If I'm asleep, he'll tap me on the shoulder so I can open my arm, let him in, then close the hug.

But lately, he's been getting a little heavy. So much that when he leans against me, it bothers me. And my arms falls asleep. So I've been less tolerant and a few times even nudged him off the bed.

A few nights ago, Dav was in bed and I went to brush my teeth. When I came back, I found Kats had switched sides. He was proudly snuggled up on Dav's side! He'd not done that before!

Waka is her usual finicky self. She moves about a lot. But while both Dav and I are sitting on the sofa reading, she's come up to Dav, walked right between him and his book, and settled in on his lap whether he objects or not. She's doing this more and more.

Perhaps it's the colder weather, but it's nice to see both of them warm up to Dav (literally).


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Tonight's dinner: eel on brown rice, and sauteed spinach and collard greens with a gomae sauce. Veges were good, but the eel was fatty and of bad quality. What a bummer! :(

Uncle Dav and Auntie Mie baby sit

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Click to see video

Saturday night Dav and I had the privilege to baby-sit for Julia and Tyler. Overnight! I'm so proud to be trusted with such a task. It was a for Yahoo's big Christmas party, and since it was down south, Ian and Izumi wanted to be able to stay late and not worry about driving back.

Ian and Izumi seemed worried that the kids would give us a hard time, but they were so easy! Dav played with them as I got dinner ready, and cleaned afterwards. He's so good with them - showing cool videos he had on his Mac, engaging them in whatever conversation they were excited to yap about, playing a bit of rough and tumble (Julia made Dav help her "slide" down her mattress like 30 times!).

I was very impressed with big brother Tyler. When I served the wrong fork and spoon (Julia has Hello Kitty and Tyler has some robot set), Tyler washed them and fished out the correct ones. When I couldn't locate his special cereal bowl, Tyler said, "Itís OK. I can use this one." When asking what video to watch, Tyler cleverly convinced Julia to watch Harry Potter since I hadn't seen it yet. But when Julia got bored with Harry Potter and wanted to change it, Tyler didn't resist (he silently sighed as if understanding he shouldn't battle Julia, but was disappointed she wasn't into Harry Potter). In the morning, when Julia called to me at 6:30am (!!), I went to their room to find a smiling Tyler who said, "Yeah, I've been awake, but waiting." He then proposed that he would read Cat in the Hat out loud, so I could sneak back to bed for another half hour. What a thoughtful nephew!!

And Julia was a big girl too. Several times I could tell she wanted to cry about something...but she held back, knowing she wasn't supposed to. And she went to bed all by herself, and didn't show any insecurities about mommy and daddy being gone (I remember myself tearing up when I spent the night at my aunt's at age 10 or so, missing my mom!!). As usual, she was a cute princess ... with funky Yahoo socks to boot.

Anyhow, it was very fun. Most of all though, Thank You to Dav for being a trooper too! It would have been much harder since he was the true entertainer to them. Kiss to Dav!

After Ian and Izumi came back on Sunday, we all went for a walk. Ian's street is famous for Christmas decorations, and although it was during the day, it was still fun to see. Julia got tired at the end of the walk, so Ian heaved her over his shoulder like a sac of rice. She didn't complain. : )

Ferry Building Farmer's Market

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I've been a bit busy lately with an art project that Dav and I are working on, so yet again, I'm catching up here (my phone and moblogging aren't working yet...). I'll share the art project soon...

These are a few pictures from the amazing Ferry Building Farmer's Market I went to with Rachel this past Saturday. I went to find locally made organic jam to send to family in Japan. But of course, I ended up buying for Dav and I, Acme bread, jam for ourselves, smoked salmon sticks, and Asian pears. I was going to buy flowers too, but missed the opportunity when Rachel and I took a break to have tea (at the Imperial Tea Court, which I do not recommend).

The quality, the care, and variety of thd stuff there blows me away. Value is given to organic and local farmers. What a luxury to have that...but it's super expensive, so the real goal should be for the market to be available to all. I'd love to go more often and get to know the people from whom I buy food. When I go, I get so inspired (so much that after 3 pictures, I forgot to keep taking them, and rather started sampling food!)

We bumped into Anil and Alaina, who toted bag of goodies for making dumplings.