Gargle is a girl!

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A small but significant update to my dear readers: we got back amnio test results, and all is fine! I didn't want to share that I took the test and was actually nervous about it until now (talk about a scary test to take!). But I do want to share that Dav and I are super duper happy and relieved.

Also, we found out that our Little Bug, Gargle, is a girl. Let the name-choosing game begin!

This is one of many steps of slowly identifying and connecting with this person-to-be. She's 18 weeks now. The surreal quality of all this is gently shifting ...

Ele said:

Oh my gosh!!!! How exciting!! I was secretly hoping for a girl!!! ;) Congratulations!!!!

Ian Kennedy said:

Julia's reaction? "Yeah!"

Helen said:

Wow, I did NOT expect that but what wonderful news to pop up unexpectedly. I wish you could see my face - I gasped and got this HUGE big smile. I'm so excited to meet her. It's so fun to call her a her! ;-)

Kimi said:

I'm so excited for you! I wish I still had some of Kayli's old clothes but I was saving up tons of Ryan and Brenden's. I may be able to get some of Kayli's old clothes back from my sister in law and Richard's cousin if you want them. I know you'll probably get a ton of new and cute things though. I have a lot of baby things for you to pick up for her anytime you want them...

Anne said:

A girl! Congratulations!

littlelottie said:

Awesome, baby girls are the best! Now I'm tempted to get you Hello Kitty baby stuff! ;)

dav said:

I'll just make her seven identical sets of zippy-the-pinhead mu-mus so she doesn't have to waste any brain cycles thinking about clothes. It'll be an easy pattern to sew and should last until she goes to college.

Mie said:

Thanks everyone! I honestly didn't care about the sex, and am just happy Gargle is healthy.

But I foresee me having to rescue Gargle from humiliation through Dav's practicality. Mu-mus? I'll have to point out the shelf full of T-shirts he has. If he doesn't wear the same t-shirt everyday, like Sion wears Coral Life t-shirts, then he ain't got no ammunition.

mjd-s said:

Bloody hell how did I manage to miss this post????


Big hugs and kisses!


mlinsf said:

Hey guys, congratulations.

There's a huge support group for families in Potrero Hill, and I'll hook you up with the info for the Potrero Hill Parents Assoc. when you're ready.


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