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From Nevada

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I'm bored as our slow Castle putts up the mountain. But nice views...And it's fun to see fellow Burners drive by. I'm getting excited for the playa.


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After a delayed start, almost forgetting our tickets, then deciding to have a solid meal before leaving, we are on our way! Tesla has been napping so it's been calm so far in the Yaginuma Moving Castle. Ciao!


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We are leaving for the playa tomorrow early morning (like 6am or so since we wake up at that time anyway for Tesla). All looks good...the RV is mostly packed, and I'm pretty comfortable about our trip. Don't worry...we will be very careful for Tesla, and won't be doing anything silly.

Anyway, before we take off, I wanted to blog about Lorene who was visiting us this past week. I've known her since college, and have always admired her advice and insight about many issues. Her work is super cool; she's involved in development projects in various countries. Now she's in Afghanistan (on leave at the moment). It was great catching up with her, discussing all sorts of issues from politics to our personal pasts. Lorene has a twin sister, and I learned for the first time that they didn't speak before the age of 3.5 years because they had created their own twin language. Neat!

It was also super nice to have her around to hold Tesla as I ran errands for BM prep. Thanks, Lorene!

The Man burns in 9 days!!

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At Burning Man, that is.

Yep, we're going! My c-section has healed in the nick of time (seriously, it more or less looked closed just this morning so by Saturday when we leave, it should be fine), and Tesla is healthy and well (she even seems totally fine after those horrid shots.). Dav has been working hard until yesterday, and I've only been able to minor preparations thus far. So compared to previous years where we'd be sewing costumes months in advance, this year is quite different.

Dav has worked on the RV to ensure it's in working order, and we test drove it overnight to Santa Rosa, so we're pretty comfortable about the RV's ability to keep Tesla protected.

Ever since the Santa Rosa trip last weekend, however, I've been super exhausted. The small trip out of our ordinary routine somehow took all my energy. Now my leg and arm muscles are tired from hauling Tesla in and out of our 2 door jeep all the time...and I keep pushing myself to get errands done, shop for food, etc. Preparing for BM is a feat in itself, and in the past, I could always keep the thought of once getting to the playa, it's RELAX time. However, this time when I get to the playa, I'll be in an even more vigilant mode of Tesla-caring, so I'm a bit worried about my strength. I will take it easy and not even go out of the RV for a few days if necessary...

I plan to keep a diary of sorts to document how it is taking a 2 month old baby to the playa. I couldn't find any firsthand experience on the internet which would have been quite helpful. Hopefully our experience will inspire others to bring very young babies in the future.

many beautiful gifts for Tesla

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I've been meaning to post about some of the loveliest gifts Tesla has received to document to her how people have been welcoming her. I love the thought of telling her where these items came from.

First is a giant soft white towel with "Tes" on it from Linnea, my high school friend. Linnea gave birth to Oliver about half a year before me. I've called Linnea many times asking her advice about pregnancy, birth, and all that baby stuff. Next are a bunch of books that the mother of my soul mate friend from nursery school (yes, we've kept in touch this whole time) sent. She works in a library and gathered some great books.

Then Ian gave the ultimate classic "Pat the Bunny" book. Doesn't everyone recall that soft fuzzy tactile bunny? The cute kitty shoes are from Cathi, another high school friend now living in San Diego. It's hard to imagine Tesla walking, but apparently these are great shoes to start in. Cathi also sent THE MOST USEFUL gift called the Hooter Hider. I had been struggling with using Tesla's blankets, wrapping them around me when breastfeeding in public, always concerned about Tesla suffocating. With the stylish Hooter Hider (I got a super cute polka dot one), I just flip it over my head and I'm ready to feed. Plus, I can watch Tesla through the rigid neckline. I absolutely love it and highly recommend it!

Next is a handmade quilt from one of Dav's friends in Okinawa. The material has the Japanese 招き猫 (maneki neko) and kanji character prints. It's quite gorgeous and has a dedication to Tesla. I'm incredibly touched that Sharon took the time to make a whole quilt. This is something Tesla could hand down to her child someday (eeek! to think of Tesla growing up!!).

Lastly, Ele and Will sent a silver spoon from Tiffany! When I first saw the trademark blue box, I couldn't figure out who it might be from. Dav and I aren't exactly the Tiffany type. But when I saw Ele and Will's name, it was like, "of course!" With a cute silver piglet and Tesla's initials T.R.Y. engraved, I'm totally in love with it. So, Dav and I will be feeding Tesla with a silver spoon!

a deeper feeling in my heart

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Today, Tesla got vaccinated. After much thinking about all the issues involving vaccination, we decided it would be better to go through with it since we are traveling internationally very soon. It was not an easy decision nonetheless.

But what was most difficult by far was being there when little Tesla was poked three times by a needle. I have never felt the utter despair in my heart, deeply wanting to protect her and take any experience of pain away, yet not able to. The nurse asked me, "is mommy ready?" as I held Tes on my lap facing outward to the nurse. "Uh, no...." I felt like dashing out of the room holding Tes tight in my arms. I'm sure the nurse was used to all first time moms being uneasy, so she just went about her business in a calm and efficient manner.

I couldn't help it.
I cried when Tesla began to cry.
I came out of the office and called Dav.
I realized how much I love my little girl.

day 2 with Kimi & Yuka and kids

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Went over to hang with Kimi and Yuka again in Concord. And again, Tesla was so stimulated with a different surrounding, sounds, and the kids. I think it's really good for her. Kimi's living room has a ceiling fan, and that's been a big attraction for Tesla.

In the afternoon, we went to a local farmer's market, all piling into Kimi's mini-van. That's 4 kids and 3 adults. Her mini-van has an automatic door so when we were all buckled in, Kimi just pushed a button and voila! Door closed. Now that I have to carry so much stuff with Tesla, I sure want an automatic door too!

They have a creperie at the farmer's market, Brittany style. I spent my junior year abroad in Brittany, France and miss their famous galettes and crepes. Even though it was close to dinner time, we couldn't help but all getting crepes. Then Kimi's youngest son fell asleep, so I held Tesla in my arms, Yuka lugged the car seat (that attaches to a stroller), and Kimi put him in Tesla's stroller. I rather liked heading to the three women with a gaggle of kids and a baby. It makes such a different to be with kids and several adults, not one adult handling all. Team work is fun!

However, on the way home, Tesla had a crying fit. If I were alone, I'd stop the car and feed her, but with 3 other kids, it just wasn't possible. Oh, how it broke my heart to sit there helplessly watching her cry her lungs out. We weren't too far from home, but still. She could see my face, and must have been wondering why I wasn't helping her...I'm going to make it up today with extra cuddles : )

With Kimi and Yuka

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Yuka came up from L.A. to see Tesla, but since she's allergic to cats, she's staying at Kimi's. So I drove over to Concord to hang out. The ride was almost smooth except any time traffic slowed, Tes cried. Luckily, traffic was more or less OK, but I definitely shouldn't attempt to head over any time even close to commuting time.

Was so much fun to see Kimi's 3 kids totally into Tesla. Her oldest daughter Kayli, who is starting 2nd grade soon (and I've known her since a baby...oh my! to think she'll be in 2nd grade), has baby experience and was great holding Tesla very gently. The boys kept peeking at her, bringing all sorts of toys they hoped she might want to play with. Unfortunately, Tesla still just stares at things.

Interestingly, although obviously tired, Tesla would not sleep. I think the new environment and the totally different noise of kids around her made her curious to keep alert. I was amazed at how much staring she did. For dinner, there was no way we could simply put her down, so Yuka and Kimi kindly took turns holding her while I chowed down.

I had a great time just hanging like good 'ol times.

Tesla's 2nd Six Apart visit

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Today I went to the office to talk with Ginger, under whom I work, about the fast-approaching return to work for me in October. I know being apart from Tesla will be hard...much harder than any sleepless night with a fussy baby. I'm so glued to her that any time away will feel very strange, I'm sure.

However, I was gladly surprised to also feel a tinge of excitement to hear of all the new developments going on (always so much), and that I can ease back into work with reduced hours. So I'm pretty confident all will go well (only current challenge is Tes does not take breastmilk via a bottle...she's a picky one!).

It was super nice to have Tesla fawned over once again by a barrage of cell phones. Both Mena and Ginger couldn't resist holding Tesla : )

In Daddy's arms...

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Yes, she is getting that chubby...I have to lift folds to properly bathe her!

Magical touch

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Will and Ele left last Saturday, and boy do I miss them. It was so much fun to have them around, and to hang out with Ele during the day while both our men were at work. Got our hair cut, our nails done, and even did some shopping. I was grateful to have Ele around to hold Tes when taking a shower or cooking. Ele blogged their stay so well that I got a bit lazy on my side...

I was very impressed by how Will handled Tesla. He had some special magical touch with her, and got her smiling and cooing pretty much anytime he had her. She clearly loved being in his arms. Oftentimes, she would get finicky, and all I could think of would be to feed her for the 100th time, but he'd scoop her up and successfully distract her. The best moment was when we were at the Supperclub, and Tesla got very fussy, and neither Dav nor I could console her for quite a while. Tes was so tired, but not letting go to sleep. When Will gently held her, she finally chilled. As he held her, Ele fed him and gave him water. It was truly a team effort!

Thanks Will and Ele. You are always welcome to our place. It was great hanging with you!!

Treating myself

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After breakfast in the neighborhood with Ele.

Will and Ele are visiting, so we've been busy. But I've been wanting to connect with Katia, so invited myself and Ele over for a visit. It was the way where we talked totally about girl stuff. Well, girl and women, and mother stuff. I really appreciate having Katia around to bounce off issues. This is slight, but sharing how gigantic my belly button is with Katia, and hearing that hers was like that too until recently, greatly relived me. I can wear bikinis! (when the belly button looks more normal). But then sharing stories of life, relationships, how perfectly wonderful each of our husbands are, children, and so much more made our day. We stayed a lot longer than intended as Katia graciously hosted us with cheese and wine.

Looking forward to more moments like that!

It's rather cool that all three of us are bloggers, so you get 3 blog posts for this one afternoon. Now we just need Tesla and Lucia to start blogging...

Wakame's magical tail

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Here is Wakame sitting on the sofa edge acting as if she is preoccupied with something else, but making very sure that our guest Ele knows she is there. It's like Wakame has an extra eye on her tail so she knows just where to swish it. She's very adept at this.

p.s. I love this picture.

Rachel and Cesar visit

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Rachel and Cesar hadn't seen Tesla for quite some time, so I was delighted they came over to see Tesla. We hung out, ordered Japanese food for dinner, and caught up on our busy lives. It's so nice to have friends come to us. Although going out is fine, it does take planning and lots of energy. Having people over in the comfort of our home helps a lot.

We have Ele and Will coming for a week beginning today, then Yuka (from high school) from L.A. will be up here and we'll hang with Kimi, then Lorene from DC is planning to visit for a week thereafter, and then Burning Man! A week after BM, we head for Tokyo. So although Tesla is a handful, she isn't really slowing us down...yet : )

New Behavior

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New behavior for the rest of us, not Tesla, that is...

Now that Tesla has a louder, angrier cry that is more than the cute newborn "I'm hungry" cries, she can make a real fuss. We've noticed that recently Wakame gets quite concerned when Tesla cries loudly. She comes around and meows at whomever is holding her. At first, I couldn't tell if Wakame was just complaining or if she was worried. But by the way she will actually come to wherever I am and hang out meowing distinctly at me until Tesla stops crying, I think she's definitely interested in Tesla getting the attention she needs. I guess some cross-species maternal instinct may have kicked in.

Kats, on the other hand, doesn't care for the crying. He cuddles up to me every night in bed, leaves every time she cries at night, returns when all is quiet, and purrs very loudly if I'm awake and cuddle him back (I do miss hugging and smelling him, so I totally enjoy that he's back in bed with me).


  • I've vacuumed the whole house with Tes sleeping soundly in the BabyBjourn on me

  • I've breastfed in a discount store dressing room

  • I zoomed through Macy's to the 3rd floor ladies room only to hear that there are chairs for sitting on the 6th floor ladies room, so I raced up there holding Tesla with one arm, guiding the stroller with the other since she was about to cry for food. Got to the 6th floor to find - gasp - stairs to the bathroom! Put Tes in the stroller, lifted the whole dang thing up the stairs, ran to the bathroom and fed Tes in the nick of time. Sat there for over 30 minutes. But, I DID go show shopping even after that!

  • I can grab things, such as the TV remote, with my foot when I'm stuck with Tes feeding on me and nothing to do but watch silly TV (strangest TV show I've discovered so far: "Sweet 16" that showcases Sweet 16 birthday parties of super bratty kids, costing $200K+)

  • I've lost my ability to understand dates and times. This past week, I misunderstood 4 engagements. I didn't miss anything, but thought things were at different times only to luckily be corrected before the matter, but it all left me utterly confused. Where is my brain??

  • I eat MORE than when I was pregnant. I'll finish dinner, then crave a PBJ at 10:30

  • I don't need to sleep that much! I thought I'd die when I imagined this phase since I've always been a solid 8+ hour sleeper. We head to bed between 10 and 11 or so. Tesla gave up her 5 hour stretches, and now does 2 hours average. So I wake up to feed her at 1am or so, 3 am, then 5 or 6 am. But you know what? I'm ready to get up in the morning, and even though I wait for the need to nap in the day, I keep going...

  • Went shopping in the morning and was swaying to and fro to prevent Tesla from crying when I was at the cashier. I looked up and saw several other mothers all swaying too.

Quick upload of pics

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Boy, it is hard to blog! I take pictures, but don't get around to uploading...especially when I want to describe each photo since they mean so much. I'm gonna have to adjust to quick updates...

First, Ms. Jen came to visit. I feel so honored as she squeezed in time to see me and Tesla after speaking at BlogHer and in between her various other engagements. I love her spirit, and got to hear some cool stories about her grad work in Ireland. She's planning on moving to the Bay Area in October when she graduates. Yay! She's an avid moblogger, and showed off her new Nokia phone. Darn, it's sweet. Would cost almost as much as it costs to fly to Tokyo...I'm so jealous. Me want!

Other pics are of course, Tesla. Her on-tummy-time with daddy under her new play gimini, her cute cute butt, various expressions, and yesterday's dinner (green-tea soba with tempura and seaweed salad).

At Yerba Buena Park

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To meet daddy for lunch on the grass.