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A day at the beach

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Tesla's 1st time at Pacifica while daddy surfs. It is chilly!

Swing to bouncy seat

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We finally put away Tesla's beloved swing. Boy, did we use it ALL the time. At first, she was so tiny we had to add layers so the seat supported her. Lately, she would sit for a while, look at the twirling stuff above, but then attempt to roll-over which made her ride unsafe and uncomfortable. Before, if we put her in the swing with the accompanying lullaby music, she'd snooze immediately, making it a mighty nice help for us. Now, she isn't pacified with such easy attempts.

She prefers her gymini. So, Dav took it apart, and we will pass it along to another family member who just gave birth to a baby boy.

It makes me sad to let go of that stage. She was so tiny.

But then I brought out a nifty bouncy seat that Kimi gave me. I'm sure this is for older babies, but she seems to like it! She's so cute in it too!

p.s. note Kats and Dav in the background of the darker pictures : ) [click to make larger]

Marathon Mommy

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I also wanted to post this adorable picture of Kari and Tesla. Kari and I went to school together in Japan. She lives in L.A. now with her husband, 2 children, 2 cats, and a dog! That's a lot of beings to take care of; plus she works full-time. AND she just ran her 2nd marathon!!

Kari stayed with us for the event. I was surprised at how chill she was, hanging out with me so normally. I loved getting to catch up on girl time. If I were running 26 miles the next day, I'd be a nervous wreck! Anyhow, I was super excited to watch her, dragged Elida out of bed early so we could drive to 3 different places on the course to cheer Kari on.

It was so inspirational. Both Elida and I teared up when we saw Kari just before the finish line. We have decided to work out together as I've been needing to get in shape so I can keep up with Tesla. I'm feeling it every time I pick her up! It was also inspirational as the Nike Marathon raised $16 million for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It was awesome to see so many women running.

Katherine Coleman

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One reason I've not been posting is that Dav's sister Kathy and her handsome boyfriend John were in town, and I've been happy to run around with them and just hang out. I was having so much fun that I took surprisingly few pictures (Dav and Kathy have their own so I was happy to let them document).

I was really looking forward to showing Tesla to Kathy. I knew it would mean a lot to her (and me). Sure enough, she mentioned several times, as Dav was changing Tesla's diaper or playing with her, that she never imagined she would get to see Dav as a daddy. I only know Dav as a super sweet loving husband (and now daddy) so it doesn't strike me as odd, but I'm getting a sense of their childhood, and can see what she means. From what I hear, Dav was, well, let's say sorta wild, daring, and eh hem, a bit of a bully to his little sis.

They went to Napa, and I joined them in late afternoon (they left in the morning to go ballooning which doesn't allow babies). By the time I arrived, John was feeling like a tired parent having driven two playfully bickering children around, tempted to butt them out the car for misbehaving. I don't know what kind of wine they had, but it got them back to good 'ol sibling days :) It was pretty funny to watch. And I got a feeling of little Dav. But as Kathy got to see, Dav is a great dad!

On the last night, we played our favorite game Carcassonne. It's a great game since it's very social, and each time we play, it's different because of the group dynamic. In this game, John and I teamed up to build a massive city that would make any chance of the others to win nil. Dav tried to mess that up, but John picked the perfect card/tile to complete our plan. Kathy had ended up helping us too, despite Dav's protests that we should all be out to beat each other, not help. It became the theme where John, Kathy, and I were all fuzzy feeling helping each other out, while Dav tried in vain to point out that we weren't playing the game right. It was fun for us! John won, by the way. : )

I went to visit Tesla's Great Grandmother Maria (first 3 pics), along with her Grandmother Marie the other day. Two incredible women, and I'm very happy Tes gets to be around them. The last 2 pics are of a dinner I made for Grandma Marie and Anthony...a dinner we'd been promising like ever since I moved here! Finally.

Tempura, buckwheat noodles, daikon salad with seaweed, and tofu mixed with lotus root. We had wine, a tiny bit of sake, and bubbly rose wine. We learned more inside stories about the Callaghan family!

Belated b-day pics

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Sheesh...am I behind in updating! Here are some quick pics of a sushi roll potluck party I threw for Dav's b-day (er, that was weeks ago...). It was the first time to have a gang of campalicians over since Tesla. I miss having dinner parties at home so it was fun. Luckily, Tesla kept her usual snooze schedule and was sacked out by 8. Dav set up iSight so we could keep an electronic eye on her in the bedroom while we relaxed in the living room.

I am not a baker. I love cooking meal dishes, not cakes. But I decided to try when I found the cutest heart-shaped baking pan. It looked OK...but you know what? It just tasted like a giant brownie...and I had sifted flour, beat egg whites, and all sorts of fancy steps. I can do pies/tarts. But a tart for a special birthday just didn't seem right...sigh.

Mornings with Tesla.

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Kari at mile 20!

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Looking great.

Early a.m.

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Just dropped Kari off at the shuttle stop that will take her to the Nike Marathon start line. I will drive later to Sunset to see her running. Go girl!

We got a roll over!

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This is to mark the day when Tesla rolled over on her own. Actually today was the 2nd day, but yesterday when she did it, daddy was lying right next to her as she played in her gymini and had started snoozing. When he looked, there she was rolled over back to tummy : )

So we missed it then. But she's doing it again and again!

Tes at a restaurant

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She's such a good baby.

Baby friendly

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At the new Westfield downtown and I must say it has won me over for their sweet Family Lounge. Daddy got to come in and there were free binkys and rattles.

Mama's group

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Katia is awesome. She is organizing a mamas' group. There are many around, and I've signed up with several email groups, but I prefer intimate. And that's what Katia is organizing...where we can relax, really talk, or just hang out. Yesterday, she came over to our place as the other mothers were busy. Heh, I wouldn't mind just a Katia and me group, but that's unfair since her Lucia is older so I reap the benefits of hindsight and can't offer much.

It was great to see Katia with Lucia. Katia is clearly in love with Lucia as I am with Tesla. When I last saw Lucia, I gasped at how big she was. Now, Tesla is about Lucia's width...just a tad shorter (and she's 2.5 months younger!). Good to hear what is in store for us over the next few months. Lucia's eyes were so bright and blue. And she had her doubts when she first arrived, but I don't blame her. I opened the door while she was studying the pink wreath on our door and I totally surprised her. Sorry none of the pics show Lucia's adorable face...I was so focused on me baby...


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Click to see video

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Oyabaka is translated as "(over) fond parents." It literally means "parent stupid" implying that the parent is so into their kid, they've sorta lost balance. But it's OK to lose balance...we all should be totally into our kids, right?

Anyway, skip this post if you've had enough of Tes. These are videos of her cooing and kicking. Her increasing vocabulary is quite hilarious.

There is also an old one (last video) of her trying a binky. I gave up on trying it...she never really took to it, and now loves her thumb. But the video reminds me a lot of baby Maggie on the Simpsons. So cute!

way cute Tesla

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We just discovered we have super cool and friendly neighbors, Michelle, Jeremy, and their 2 year old daughter Sophia. Michelle (wearing purple wig) kindly made the most adorable bear hat for Tesla for Decompression that we all went to this past Sunday. I was thrilled to carry around Tes with her little hat :)

Interestingly, we didn't hang much at Decompression. Dav parked our RV close by so we could take Tesla for a break, and we ended up hanging out in the RV with friends for most of the time!

Quilts at DeYoung

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Last Friday, Elida invited Tesla and I to the DeYoung museum. I figured it would be stimulation for Tes to see colors and such. She didn't seem too impressed overall, but did have some thoughts on the Chicano exhibition (click on video).

I was very touched and impressed by the Quilts of Gee's Bend. Honest and inspiring work.

Japan trip follow-up

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It's a bit tardy, but allow me to get back to the Japan trip. Clearly, Dav documented much of our activities, but I have a few other pics that I want to post. My main reason is to have it on record for Tesla. I feel more and more that my blog is for her...so she can peek into our world and thoughts, although it's definitely for me too, since I spent some time a while ago going over my pregnancy posts, reminiscing that phase and missing my belly!

First batch here is from the plane ride. Everyone asked most about the plane ride, and how Tes behaved. In reality, the plane ride was the easiest! Once we got the bassinet thingy attached to the wall, she sat up looking at all the lights for a while. Once sacked out, she was OUT. The plane noise must have been comforting. My brother mentioned that the bassinet makes babies look like they are in a casket. True...it was a bit disconcerting, but she looked comfy. For the flight back from Tokyo, she slept the entire way, not waking even once! We took ANA which has good service, and they gave Tesla a cute wrist thingy. They had a baby meal prepared for her, but obviously that wasn't needed yet.

We bumped into our good friend Doug Yarrington on the plane. He had a biz trip to Tokyo and Seoul, and we heard his name called; otherwise we wouldn't have noticed. He kindly checked in with us during the flight to ensure all was well with Tesla. When we got to Tokyo, he waited to help us get in line for immigration, which was the longest I'd ever seen. But since we had a baby, the officials let us zoom through, leaving poor Doug in the hour+ line : ( Sorry about that!

Here is the first dinner upon arriving at home. What luxury to have so much sashimi, we couldn't finish it! I love my mom's cooking. Then there is a pic of Dav and Tes on the train. By far, traveling on the trains was the hardest, as I had to feed her in the trains sometimes. It was quite clear that no "proper" parent would bring their tiny 2 month old out like that. It appears that small babies stay close to home since I never saw anyone else breastfeed in public. Most people politely looked away (I was discreetly covered, but it's sorta obvious when you have 2 little feet peeking out of the hiding cloth), but I felt some cold stares too.

This batch of pics is from meeting up with Gen and his wife Mika, Joy, and Paul and his wife Akiko. It's hard to get around Tokyo to see everyone, so I was grateful that they met up with us. We went to a super delicious Italian restaurant (with amazingly reasonable lunch set menus) in Gen's neighborhood. I thoroughly enjoyed the Italian dishes...even simple lunches are so refined in Japan. Our cappuccinos came out individually cute!

Later, we went over to Gen and Mika's place to hang out. I just love seeing friends hold and cuddle with Tesla. : )
The cutest was when Tes was lying on Dav's lap, and Gen put on an anime video to show us. Before we knew it, Tes was straining her neck to view the moving colors. Check out her foot kicking out so she could push her body over a bit. By the way, Gen was cute with Tesla.

Lastly, here are the few meager pics I got when we were invited over to Tracey's (aka Keitai Goddess) where she and Ashley made the most incredible brunch EVER. Eggs Benedict with homemade sauce, fruits and fresh dip from the garden, mimosas, coffee...oh wow. MJ joined as well as Kristen and her hubby Todd. Dav hadn't met them in spite the blogging connection, so it was great fun...and just relaxing. Tracey's home is a sweet escape from the hustle of Tokyo.

I was so busy with Tesla (she had a slight crying fit), and eating, that neither Dav nor I got decent pics. I can't believe we didn't get a proper group shot!! I did get Tutu...the famous one and only Tutu who has the good life now. She was very curious about Tesla.

my birthday boy

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Happy Birthday, my awesome husband whom I adore, respect, and am grateful for. And you are super hot to boot! I could go on and on about how I love the memories we create together, but you know what I mean. I love you.


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OK, before I get to a wrap up about Japan, let me first share this.

I've been looking for something like it, and will sure try out buying all my cleaning products via them. I found this in a parenting magazine I get, and it totally speaks to me in terms of wanting to buy smartly for the environment, and learn about the bigger picture that I'm affecting. Having Tesla definitely made this desire in me stronger.

Nice site too, by the way. And of course, I would like to point out that their blog is on TypePad.


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We came back on Thursday, but I've been quite jet-lagged. Forgot how hard it is east->west. I've been happy taking a break from blogging, knowing that Dav took over documenting our activities via flickr. I have other pics to add, which I will do here when I am awake and it's not 3am.

Tonight, I knew we were home when preparing dinner, I overheard Dav reading to Tesla and heard words such as, "Republican Party" and "Justice Department." He was reading her the Wall Street Journal. Don't worry, we're not trying to train her early; that happened to be around. But here we are in the USA again.

I usually have much more back and forth inside me about Japan vs. SF as home, but this time, I was quite relieved to be here. I missed my cats deeply. And the home we have now is for Tes too, so to get her back in a rhythm here feels right. I can focus on her needs here better (vs. running around meeting people and seeing as much of Japan as we could with Tes in the baby bjorn as the picture shows (on the Yamanote, by the way)), and want to settle down, take her to baby groups, take her on walks, and rest up myself.

More later...