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Tokyo trip - self-portrait

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Originally for Dav. This is what I'd usually send to Dav throughout our separation...but since my lame phone doesn't make this easy, what the hell, I'll blog it! Seriously, I can't wait until I can have a wonderfully cute phone that allows me to travel about the globe and use its services with ease and fair prices . Anyway, here are what I'd usually send me-Dav...

Tokyo trip - baby pictures

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Yeah, yeah. Don't we all go through baby pictures when we're home? I did. Mainly, I wanted to re-check what I looked like as a baby. Telsa's faux-hawk, that we so laughed at, .... um, comes from ME apparently. Check out my messed up baby-hair. Oh, my.

Otherwise, I like seeing my brother with me (eh hem, yes...having a sibling kicks ASS), and my young HIP mom.

Tokyo trip - Tesla

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With Grandma Mikie. Tesla trying to kiss her...on her chin, apparently.

Me carrying her in the morning when she was FUSSY as could be. Tesla was never so needy before, but with jet-lag and teething, I fulfilled her every whim. Last picture from Narita Express (makes travel MUCH easier...it's worth the cost).

Tokyo trip - various scenes

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Totally various

Subway map. Girls' Day Hinamatsuri decorations at Narita with Tesla in front to commemorate.
Random building (lots of cool architecture in Tokyo). Joy and Boris when we met quickly for lunch.

Paul came out too, but the pictures were blurry - gomen! I had saba-no-shio-yaki. 美味しかった!
Thanks to all of you...I really appreciated you coming out on such sort notice! Genさん、next timeね。

Boris and moi [Boris is the coolest, cutest guy ever!]. Tesla happy as I shopped for some nice food to bring back to the U.S.
Good food. Great good food.
More yummy food. Then...[I had to do this], a picture from the public toilets at the train station that let women know which stalls were "western" and "Japanese"...and which were occupied. Brilliant. Dont' have to knock on any doors! (I feel like such a gaijin for even taking that picture...)

Tokyo trip - Tesla flying

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Tesla is still jet-lagged. I don't have the luxury to be tired like her...and somehow I'm feeling more or less OK. But I'm gonna upload a few pics as efficiently as I can now.

These pics are of cute Tesla in her "bassinet" on the United flight to Tokyo which was on the floor by my feet (yes, that meant I couldn't put my feet down for 11 hours). Sounds worse than it is, but wasn't exaclty what I envisioned when I reserved the ticket. I stand by my opinion that United sucks! They almost f--ed up by NOT having a bassinet, and all I can say is don't mess with mommys with babies facing an 11 hour flight. Coming back from Tokyo was much better. The staff got me the best seat and the service was much more attentive. Still...I'm weary.

no pics...

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I forgot my cellphone-PC connector so can't upload pics. But Barak has one with me in it. See? I work sometimes...

Tes and I are in Tokyo

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The flight overall wasn't bad. Tesla was the BEST. Didn't cry, and took 3 long naps. She flirted with the people around us. Seriously, she's such a good baby. But even though she slept on the plane, she was incredibly tired when we arrived. And for those who know Tokyo, it's a whole other journey to get into town from Narita airport. So on the train into the city, Tesla's eyes were droopy with fatigue but she was too stimulated to sleep. Poor thing. And I'm very tired too since I couldn't sleep at all as I was constantly checking her to make sure she was OK throughout the flight.

I won't complain though; when we were deplaning, I spotted a mom with a toddler and a newborn...all by herself! I'm in awe of that mommy's strength.

I usually take ANA, but took United this time - the food sucked . I was surprised at how bad it was. No individual movie monitors. And worst of all - which almost made me balk at taking the flight - was that my reservation was screwed up so I almost didn't have a bassinet. It all turned out well - a very nice flight attendant got me a fold up one, and I was able to put Tesla in it on the floor by my feet. And because it was on the floor, it was darker for Tesla so I think she slept better that way.

It was so cute when she would waken, staring up at me from the floor. Most times I'd let her stay down there for a bit, and she would talk to herself, play with the seat belt I let hang over.

Today - Monday - I stayed at my parents' to recover from the trip, and give Tesla time to adjust. Tomorrow I go to work. Luckily, it's unusually warm so it's very pleasant so far. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to fight a cold. I'm also bummed that I won't have time to hang with friends because after work, instead of going out like I always used to, I want to come straight home to be with Tesla. However, it's sure nice to be here!


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In case you haven't seen Kokochiino, here is Tesla's first crawl. Teething and crawling?? Busy girl!

Teeth - entirely new territory

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Any time Tesla got fussy, drooled a lot, or pretty much anything, people would say, "oh, she's teething." I didn't really buy it though, somehow sensing that she was just being her baby self.

Now I know for sure, because last night she began teething. I can't quite feel a tooth yet, but she woke up at 3am and would not go back to sleep, wailing in utter unhappiness. No matter what I did, she could not be consoled. By 6am, I got worried and brought her to Dav who was sleeping on the sofa for a decent night's rest. Dav suggested I look up teething on the internet and the description was spot on. The force of her struggle is so new that I'm convinced this is it.

By 6am both she and I were exhausted. But I could understand the context; she couldn't. Her tired face, so desperately wanting to sleep was so hard to see. She collapsed in fatigue several times only to wake up shortly after. The first picture here is when she finally slept a little.

At 7am, I went to the pharmacy and bought baby ibuprofen and some teething gel. The ibuprofen made a world of difference, and she was back to her happy self. Miracle!! Now I can work.

Man, people aren't joking when they make a big deal about teething!

I've been meaning and meaning to give some Kokochi love to my kitties. They used to be central. I don't have pictures yet...but Dav pointed this out to me. Ok, Ok, my cats aren't Nora. But I never supplied them with a piano, did I?

Cats rock, that's all I want say.

And in my world, Kats and Waka rock.

Daddy and Tesla

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I love watching Dav and Tesla together.

Tesla helps pick out stare at veges

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I just started putting her in the cart seat, and she loves looking at everything! It's a whole new world to discover for her. I half shop, half look at her. Grocery shopping is fun now! Of course, I'm the crazy mom trying to moblog in the supermarket...

Heart Day

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Tesla wearing her red <3 outfit from Uncle and Auntie Kennedy (good timing since she's about to outgrow it), and Tesla's very first Valentine'd card from her friend Sofia.

I put my Valentine squeeze on Kokochiino.


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Remember when Patrick came by the other day? Here are the pictures!

p.s. I give up. I cannot blog about much else than Tesla. I do plan to post something about my kitties someday, as I love them dearly even though they've been relegated to such a different position now. And Dav and I do other stuff for sure, but I find myself not documenting it as before.

I do want to note that yesterday, Dav and I went to an intimacy workshop that a friend organized. Lots of discussion about little and big things we can do for our relationship, and specific instructions about pleasing each other. Well, actually, it was heavily focused on pleasing the woman (in the relationship at large; not just bedroom) because apparently if the woman is completely happy, all else will fall into place. I won't argue with that! But I was very happy Dav proposed we attend this. Tesla was with her nanny, so we had the entire day to focus just on each other. One exercise was listing all the things we were grateful for. I was very touched at what Dav said. In addition to big things, he mentioned little things too like the cheese snacks I bring him when he's working. I do that cuz I think of him and it makes me happy to do something for him. But to know he enjoys that and appreciates it makes all the difference.

We're not into Valentine mumbo jumbo, and upcoming Valentine's Day is as good as any other day, but I highly recommend taking a moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

Sheesh. That workshop made me all touchy feely, didn't it?

watching her back

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There is just something entirely cute about watching Tesla with her back to me. I can see her in her very own world, occupied by whatever is in front of her, in her own thoughts.

With diaper, you see her sides busting over. Naked, I just love her no-waist-back, and butt crack peeking out. Here is her in the bath [from Kokochiino]


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I love this year's theme. Never got into themes in the past but we all should this year.

I'm out!

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Girls' night out.

Let's talk poop

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At some point, it is bound to happen when you have a baby. You know, talk about poop. I don't make it a regular topic, but bodily functions take on a different meaning with a babe ; )

And now, I'm really proud of our girl because she poops every morning dutifully in the toilet. Let me explain.

When Tes was born, friends of ours introduced us to Elimination Communication. At first we thought it impossible. But low and behold, after just a few attempts, tiny Tesla peed/pooed when held over a bucket - if we caught it at the right time.

Mind you, Dav and I never went hard-core. Tesla always wears diapers. I rapidly realized that there was just no way I was going to get Tesla over a bucket every 20 minutes to consistently catch her pee. I always had a ton of errands and I wasn't keen on the idea of bringing a bucket around with me to do EC in public either. Over time, I settled into a routine of putting her over the toilet every morning. And when I'm not working, I'll do it several times a day, say after feeding her or when she wakes from a nap. I don't stress if she goes or not - and we certainly use enough diapers like any other baby. But for a few months now, she has been going poo every morning in the toilet.

This is huge for me. It takes a lot of effort to get up even if I don't want to, take her diaper off, carry and hold her over the toilet, etc. But now I realize she gets it. She holds it until that moment, and it's of course super nice not to have to clean a poopee diaper. This is much cleaner. She might still poop during the day, but the mornings are the big ones. And what's cool [start gross mommy talk] is that I can see her poop. It's not one gigantic mess in her diaper. I can see it coming out and notice the consistency, color, etc. which, eh hem, is important in knowing how Tesla is doing [/end gross mommy talk].

And although we're not doing EC to the point where I intuitively know she needs to go, or to the point where she's diaper free, I do think that this morning ritual is building a habit in her head...hopefully she's learning it's way better to go in the potty than the diaper. And maybe this will guide her to be potty-trained earlier than otherwise. We'll see.

Bottom line is that it's just cool. I had never known babies can do this.

Also to note is this parenting blog I enjoy: The Poop.

At the Burning Man HQ

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For a story telling event. Topic is "Brushes with the law." So nice to see images from the playa. It never fails to move me. I do love the playa! The first picture is of a pet turtle in the office. So vibrant and eager to nip my camera phone that it was quite difficult to get a pic of it. I tried to show Tesla, but she didn't seem to notice and preferred to grab at a stone that was in front of the turtle's pond.

Dav saves my frustrating Sunday

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I had one of those Sundays where things just didn't go smoothly. To begin with, both Dav and I have been tired lately. We have been overbooking ourselves with lots of fun social events, yet not quite balancing the fact that we have to wake up at 6am every morning now for Tesla. And although I'm an extrovert, every once in a while I need major down time to hole up and relax. So I've been feeling the need to slow down.

Dav went off to see the Queen Mary squeeze under the GG bridge, but I passed on that. I did want to spend a little time helping Elida since she is moving soon, and with my upcoming trip to Japan, Sunday was the only day I had. With the nice weather, we couldn't resist planning a small picnic with Tesla before packing boxes. All that sounded nice.

I had a couple house chores I left undone. And I usually don't like to go out and play until all is finished. So there was that little bit of unsettledness. But then the small frustrations began to build up. When I drove to our local sandwich place to pick up lunch, got Tes out of the car seat, and stood in line, I realized I didn't have enough cash. Put her back in the car seat while she protested loudly, drove to the supermarket where I can use a card, got her out again and while doing so knocked my head on the car breaking my sunglasses, and finally got sandwiches. Those of you with babies know that all this is in addition to finding keys in a packed diaper bag, fixing socks that are about to fall off small feet, finding entertaining toys to distract baby wanting to get out of car seat, holding baby while grabbing sandwiches AND a few other items while baby lunges for everything close by...you get the hectic picture.

Later once I got home, I realized I lost an earring which must have been when I knocked my head. They were really pretty earrings that Dav gave to me a week ago. I was just going to blog about how happy they made me since Dav had just surprised me out of the blue. [I drove by this morning to see if they might be on the street where I parked, but street cleaning *just* went by. Gagh!!!!]

Elida and I had a lovely picnic, thankfully. And although I didn't really help her much, I felt better to have got out and hang with her. Got home, finished up my chores, fed Tesla and the cats, and started on a soup that I needed to do in order to use a pile of veges that weren't going to last much longer. So I was feeling a little better but still very tired.

Then at dinner, Dav made my day by saying, "you kick-ass" meaning I was handling well the balance of house, baby, husband, and work. It was in the context of him encouraging me to go out on a girls' night since he felt he owed me. Like I said, I've been craving to stay home, and have not felt gypped at all when Dav has gone out. But it made me so happy that he noticed all the things I'm doing. I do them because I want to and I honestly enjoy taking care of Tes and being very domestic. I love it. It's just super duper cool that my husband notices and appreciates it. I guess that's why I got those earrings. Darn darn darn that I lost one already being so busy doing mom stuff!!

Hidden Villa Farm

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We had a wonderful Saturday, visiting our friend Niki at the Hidden Villa in Los Altos where she works and lives . Niki is the daughter of my good friend/mentor Belinda with whom I used to work with at the I.M.F. in Tokyo. Anyway, it's been super cool to hear about Niki's adventures and her choice in work. Since I've always worked in offices and live such an urban life, I deeply admire Niki's focus on learning how to make her own food and run a farm.

Our dream - for Tesla when she is a bit older and can remember things - is to cut out of urban society for a few years and live in another country where we can chill and totally hang as a family. Part of that dream is finding a place where Tesla can run around in nature, discovering bugs and seasons, get dirty, and build things with nature and her imagination. Dav and I both have good memories from playing in nature and we want that for Tesla. Visiting Niki underlined how precious big trees, open air, animals, and being in touch with the cycle of life are. It was also fun to watch Nike play and hold Tesla. I can tell Niki will be an awesome mommy one day!

Hidden Villa has a lot of history. It was established by the Duveneck family (who were quite the cool activists back in the day) in 1924, and since then serves to educate adults and kids about farming and the environment. They have activities (like a fun Halloween event) and tours and hikes. I definitely want to go back.

I've been wanting to pet a cow [read last paragraph] for many years and never succeeded. But at Hidden Villa, the 2 cows were so friendly. One was pregnant. We totally got to pet them. We saw newborn chickies, and big fat pigs. I loved it!

The best part was hanging with my brother, Izumi, Tyler, and Julia. We don't get to spend as much time together as I'd like but when we do it's so much fun to see them. I really feel like an auntie, and can see the different stages the kids are growing through. Tyler is waiting for an adult front tooth to move in. Julia hunted random items around the picnic ground and was delighted when Dav made a slingshot for her out of a rubber band she found. When Tesla is older, she is going look up to Julia and Tyler so much! I love this picture that captured Tyler's enthusiasm:

Dav's pics. Ian's pics.

Lucky Tesla

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I just have to share these lovely items that were handmade for Tesla. In this day and age, it's really special to receive handmade gifts. First is the cutest little poncho Elida's mother made. She made Dav and I scarves too which we have already worn out a bit! Second is a very tasteful knit hat from Harold's (my work colleague) wife which is perfect because her old hat (the white one with ears) is too small now. I love how it's not a gaudy hat that screams babiness. Nice and subtle.

People are so sweet to Tesla. I'm documenting this so she knows later when she can actually appreciate it.

Fluffiness & work

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For the most part, once I am at work I shift gears and although I think about Tesla, I don't necessarily miss her. I know she's happy and I'm focused on my projects. Admittedly, however, by 5pm I'm eager to get back and hold her in my arms.

But, this past Friday I felt a real twinge of, "I want my baby here" because I sit in a corner with my team and we had 2 dogs hang with us all day. From time to time, we'd take a break and enjoy the fluffy cuteness of the dogs (one is Keri's, the other is Ben and Mena's). Every time a dog would beg for a lap to sit on, or do a trick, I wanted my Tesla to hold (and have her show-off her tricks). Since she doesn't talk and walk, she would blend right in with the dogs, napping in the corner. Can't I bring Tesla too? Well, in reality I'd get no work done since I'd want to play with her all day : )