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logo.gifCheck this out. This is a new service that provides brain games. Yes, since mommy-hood, my memory has been shot so this is good. But the real reason I'm blogging this is that Lumos Labs was launched recently (in beta now, but they are serious and already have funding) by my dear 2 housemates. I've watched them gather a team, work to get funding, quit their regular jobs, find an office, and then launch. I am very VERY proud as I know how hard they work. And they are brilliant, truly smart, hard-working, so I have a good feeling about this. Kunal is the most sincere (and cool) finance & business guy. Mike is the brain dude...Stanford neuro-scientist. Oh, and Dav assisted with his programming fu.

What is cool is that their games are original and fun. I confess that I haven't played enough to personally document my progress yet, but geez...I have so little time - give Tesla a dinner and bath, or play a brain game? For now, I choose the former. But in due time, I will very much need to give my brain some exercise., and I will indeed look to Lumos Labs.

So, please try em out. I lo(i)ve these guys. More importantly, they are getting recognized. They initially thought this would be for the baby-boomers, but they are also getting a lot of interest from child psychologists who work with children with developmental delays. Their games WORK.

lumos_1.jpgArea of Cognition: Memory

Memory Match trains your working memory, an important factor in many cognitive processes. This memory task is very challenging initially but becomes easier as your memory improves with training.

lumos_2.jpgArea of Cognition: Attention

Birdwatching improves attention and the ability to process visual information. These abilities are important in many everyday activities including driving. The task gets progressively more challenging to accommodate your improvements in visual attention and processing speed.

lumos2.jpgArea of Cognition: Processing Speed

Raindrops is designed to improve processing speed through a numerical reasoning task. It emphasizes both speed and accuracy. Processing speed is important in a wide variety of cognitive functions.

lumos_3.jpgArea of Cognition: Memory

Monster Garden improves your memory and attention with a spatial memory task. As your spatial and working memory improves, you will be able to navigate through progressively harder levels.


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