Cuteness galore!

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I don't care. I should restrain myself, I think, but today was CUTE! So this post is total gushing about how darn cute Tesla and her cousin are!

I drove to north bay where granny Marie was watching Tesla's cousin Maria-Rose. For a short time - until we discovered it was too hard to nanny 2 active babies at the same time - Maria-Rose came to our house to be watched with Tesla once a week. Now we've separated them so granny can keep her sanity. Instead, Gaby (family too; Dav's cousin's wife from Brazil) comes over to watch Tesla on Tuesday. But since I worked 5 days a week last week because it was busy, I am taking Tuesday and my normal Thursday off from work this week.

I do have mixed emotions about this. I am dedicated to my work and there is a ton of stuff to do. But I am fiercely protective of my "off" time for my sanity and quality of life.

Anyway, I spent most of the day with Marie and Maria-Rose. Sooooooooooooo cute to see the cousins together. There was a little of, "this is mine" but also "want this? here..." I am really looking forward to them growing up together. Maria-Rose is somewhat quiet and gentle. Tesla talks and laughs her head off. I have a feeling that soon, Tesla will be bossing Maria-Rose around.

We met up at a great kid park in Corte Madera. Maria-Rose loved walking around and trying stuff. Tesla doesn't walk yet. So apart from the swings and a few slide rides, she didn't get to explore much. I think it'll be fun once she walks. I know it'll be more work to keep an eye on her, but it'll be neat to see her go where she wants to go vs. me plopping her down where I think she might have fun.


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