Mieko does it again...

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I've been meaning to post this forever but have to do things incrementally in baby steps.

Anyway, I received a package from my friend Mieko. We've been here in SF together, back in Tokyo together, then back in SF...now, however, she's living in Tokyo without me...my goodness, we've known each other for quite some time. I have to say I'm the lucky one - in addition to being a very loyal great friend, she has excellent taste. In fashion and also truly in music. So when I was in Tokyo, I got to piggyback on her taste and discover new stuff. In SF as well, whenever she called about some music thing, I'd definitely go as it was always spot on.

Anyhow this package...was full of the most amazing exquisite baby stuff, very fashionable, unique and just amazing...straight from Tokyo. I mean, look at those baby pants showing off a story on Tesla's butt. And the poncho is full of delicate details that the pictures don't show well.

The coolest were her shades. Tesla's first shades! I immediately thought of Wave Twisters...the girl in it wears cool purple shades, and DJTrip has orange ones, JUST like these. Tesla has no idea how hip she's going to be. For now, she just wanted to take them off...


miekonbu Author Profile Page said:

tesla looks good on yellow janai?
i got them all in kobe where i lived for work last month. once the rubber boots attracted my attention, i couldn't stop finding cute baby clothes. it's so fun!!

an artist from kagawa made those bibs one by one. but i forgot to bring her card! she's awesome.

miekonbu Author Profile Page said:

a eigo machigaeta. can't edit it :)
sorry i sent the package without any card...

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