Tesla's loving grandmother Marie

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Tesla's grandma Marie takes care of her while I'm at work 3x/week. 1 day a week, we have a nanny share. Ruth (a truly great nanny) - look how chubby Tesla is!!) just moved, however, so Dav's cousin's wife Gaby started. Today was her first day. We've had several "test" days, and I knew Gaby and Tesla bonded. I knew Gaby was playful and loving...but still. She does not yet have a lot of experience, so I was a tad worried until I heard that today went super well. Tesla was a happy baby. ahhhhhh.

But what I really wanted to write about was the beautiful note that Marie wrote for Gaby. Gaby had already spent a full day "shadowing" Marie to see how Tesla is cared for, but Marie wrote it all down in detail the other day to ensure Gaby knew the details. I was deeply touched by this.

I have to say that Marie taking care of Tesla, her grand daugher, is what enables me to comfortably go to work. I swear, Tesla is thrilled when Marie walks in the door.Tesla is beginning to protest when I leave, but as I put my shoes on at the entrance [we are a no-shoe household], I hear Marie distract her with playful singing...and I then hear Tesla giggle.

Anyhow, I simply loved this note that Marie wrote. I will treasure it and show it to Tesla when she is older.


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