Tesla's tooth is coming!

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As you know, every time Tesla had inexplicable fits of crying, I thought it was teething...but the reality was a tooth never came. Maybe the process takes that long...a little discomfort then it subsides over and over. It's been months though, and younger babies already have multiple teeth. Tesla was sure taking her time, but we knew it would be any day.

Sure enough, I came home yesterday and Telsa's granny said, "guess what! There's a tooth!" I never imagined I would be as excited and proud, and even a tad sad about one tooth. Excited and proud that I'll be seeing my girl with teeth, imaging how that leads to eating different foods and talking. Wow, she did it! Sad because my baby is growing up. No more gummy smiles, and our bond with breast-feeding slowly changing. A mixture of emotions indeed, but I was so happy to hug and hold her as I tried unsuccessfully to open her mouth and get her tongue out of the way so I could see. You actually can't see the tooth yet, but there is a distinct breakage in her lower front left gum. And you can feel it.

I continue to be amazed at watching her grow, and the deep feelings of love I feel for her. A tooth! How am I going to contain myself when she starts walking and talking?

The milestones are arriving. At times with a sense of relief, at times with nostalgia. You see, Tesla is also reaching another new phase. We think she's ready to sleep in her own room. I didn't want to do this too early and expected to have her with us for a full year, but we've discovered she actually sleeps better on her own. We co-slept until after 6 months when she started sleeping in her crib that was right next to our bed. Then she came to bed only when I fed her during the night. Otherwise, she pretty much slept in her crib. However, she's aware that I'm right by her, which makes her wake up more to demand for me. It appears she sleeps better when I'm not that close, and it's a natural time to put her in her own room - for the first time. Boy, I'm gonna miss her!


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