double duty

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I am babysitting Charlotte tonight. These pics are from early in the evening. Now both Charlotte and Tes are sleeping, thank god. I have no idea how Ruth was a nanny for both babies all day. I'm wiped out! At first the babies played together and it was adorable to watch. However, bed time was tough. One baby's crying would lead to the other's. Tes dozed off, but I ended up carrying Charlotte on my back for over 2 hours. She just wasn't ready to sleep, and wanted to be held.

I can't imagine having twins and caring for 2 babies 24/7

Luckily, Elida came over for dinner. I envisioned we could share dinner and catch up after the babies went to sleep. She ended up helping me by looking after Tesla while I comforted Charlotte. Thank you, Elida!


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