Tesla enjoying cousin time!

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We went to my bro's place this Sunday since they live in the cutest family-friendly neighborhood EVER, and there was a street-wide traditional egg hunt going on. Oh boy, did the kids love it! It was quite the egg-hunt scene! I kinda forgot about Easter as an adult. I do have fond memories of painting eggs, hunting eggs, and treasuring my basket of chocolate as a kid in Connecticut. Then we moved to Japan and Easter never happened again. Last year I got a tiny bit excited and bought cute bunny chocolates for the dining table and paint to paint eggs. I never got around to that.

But I think having babies/kids inspires you to want to give similar fun memories to your kid too. Note: I'm not religious and have memories of just the fun part; never really learned about the religious meaning. In all honesty, I just want the fun part for Tesla...and seriously, of all the holidays, Easter seems the cutest. Not too obligatory or stressful, it's outdoors and celebrates spring, and geez, how can you beat bunnies??

Anyway, we went over to Alemada to enjoy the festivities. Obviously Tesla didn't care for the egg part. But she sure enjoyed the attention she got from cousin Tyler (who kept checking in with her and mocking how she sucked her thumb all the time), cousin Julia (who played with her and made sure she wore a hat in the sun), and the neighborhood kids. There really is something about kids loving babies, and babies loving kids. Several times when Dav held Tesla, he would soon be surrounded by the boy kids (I swear, the boys were more interested in Tesla than the girls - except Julia).

p.s. that Mickey Mouse hat? Julia brought that out because Tesla kept taking off her regular sun hat. That is toooo sweet!!

p.p.s. Ian has cute pics too!


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