our favorite Doctor Yap

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Tesla had her 9 month check-up today. We look forward to seeing Dr. Yap, whom we met when Tesla was just days old. Dr. Yap came in on her rounds for all the newborn check-ups, and Dav and I decided we wanted her for Tesla's regular doctor. Dr. Yap just started her career, so I think Telsa is one of her first regular babies she is in charge of. We get to marvel over Tesla's growth each time, and I get a sense that Dr. Yap looks forward to Tesla visits. She even checks Kokochi!

Tesla was born more or less average, then zoomed up to the 90 percentile in weight. Now I'm rather happy to say she's averaged out in all aspects. This sort of growth is typical for breastfed babies. At this point in Tesla's life, average sounds great to me.

I do have to say the personal touch from people like Dr. Yap make the gigantic Kaiser machine seem rather normal. Without such personal care, I would not enjoy and trust Kaiser.

Next appointment will be after Tesla' first birthday...wow, already?


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