since the 2004 days...

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Last time I met Mike Popovic was at SXSW in 2004. That was back in the day when moblogging was still new enough that I got to speak at conferences about this hobby of mine! Dav and I knew Mike from even before that when Dav bought his first HipTop so that he and I could maintain a private moblog together to keep in touch while I lived in Tokyo and he in SF. Mike was brilliant and set up hiptop Nation which Dav used too. That was the beginning of such social sharing...Yay for Mike!!

Back then, the moblogging technology definitely helped us bear our year apart, and even playfully get to know each other over that year.

Anyway, Mike was in town for some work he's doing with Danger. He's been following our Tesla tales so it was great to meet up, show off Tesla, and talk baby talk (he has a cutie 6 year old so talking kid stuff was ok (I hope!)). We went to see the St. Stupid's Parade (why I'm wearing ears ... to be in spirit a bit)

Mike, thanks for pinging us. It was short, but I totally enjoyed seeing you. Next time, a meal at our house for sure!


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