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Barely noticed the giant dog

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Outside a cafe this morning. I thought Tesla would be mesmerized. Neither dog nor Tesla seemed to really care. Come on!

5 days in the woods is good

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Been out of contact as we went on a mini-family vacation from last Thursday ~ Monday to the Strawberry Music Festival near Yosemite. With Tesla, it takes so much time to prepare and even more time to unload/clean-up!

I loved it. It was relaxing, beautiful, and the most kid-friendly happy place I've been! The vibe - in terms of enjoying life, appreciating families, and being open to everyone, reminded me of Burning Man. It was just very hippie.

We took our Yaginuma Moving Castle RV, parked next to the coolest elderly couple who graciously accepted us with Tesla and our Regenbogen friends. We actually sandwiched this couple between our RV and the Regenbogen tent so we all were constantly running back and forth. We were touched when this couple said that of all the years they've been coming to the festival, they loved this year in particular because they got to enjoy our families. How sweet! And I was worried about bothering them.

Dav bought a cool handmade sculpture. We've bought paintings and other artwork before, but a sculpture is a first.

And - almost the best part for me - I finally started painting the RV. I've been dying to do this ever since we got that old brown box with wheels. It'll take time and will continue to evolve as we want friends to contribute to painting if they wish, but at least it's a start with colors and design both inside and out. My goal is to make it half of what I want by Burning Man. Seriously, any time I was in there, my mind was thinking of what I wanted to change. So as Dav and Tesla went off to hear blue grass music, I got out my paint!

Anyway, check out the pictures.

Then Genki's 1rst birthday

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Cathi and I were classmates at ASIJ, but she lives in San Diego now, and her 1 year younger sister lives here. I love them both. The whole Vajda family is incredibly welcoming and fun-loving to the extent that their old house in Tokyo was called "hotel vajda," and Dav and pregnant me causally showed up at their parents house on Christmas Eve to join the festivities. A very warm bunch.

Anyway, Patty gave birth to her 2nd baby Genki just a few months before me. Genki...that is an awesome name. Really. Tes and I showed up, and Tes promptly enjoyed loads of attention from Mrs. Vajda. She also went straight for the beer stash...even standing on a pack of beer to reach!! Sheesh. I don't like beer. This must be from daddy.

p.s. that pink dress she's wearing? Very cute. First time she's wearing it and she can barely fit into it. Last time, I think. Must be quick with baby clothes!

Nico's 3rd birthday

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Nico's b-day was this past Saturday. Dav was in Portland for an amazing Ruby on Rails Conference (I love the legs and pompoms!!), and Tes and I had 2 b-days to go to. I rather liked the whole kid-focused Saturday we had planned. And I enjoyed she and I gathering our presents to give with pleasure. My personal adventure was that in addition to a book for Nico, I decided to get him an inflated balloon. I don't like balloons. I texted Dav that I bought and had a big balloon in the car...he texted back, "Ha!!"

Nico's party was in Tilden Park. I had no idea how many beautiful tucked away picnic sites there are! It was lovely. Mama Lani woke up at 4am to cook gorgeous plates for us to munch on. Thomas-the-train themed, and when the pinata was broken...mayhem! Too bad Tesla is still too young to really participate. She was highly curious and observant. I can tell in due time, my hands will be full!

Serious eating

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For the 1st time today she refused to be spoon fed. Wanted finger food only. OK! And yes, she has bits on her forehead!


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I just discovered Pleix, a beautifully simple site where digital artists post their latest creations. Check out GROOVE ARMADA, but also E-BABY. Found via Eddie, whose design taste I love. Thanks, Eddie!

Singing lullabies

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An "OMG, I'm Tesla's mother" moment. She had a hard time falling asleep tonight. Rather needy. So after several attempts giving her space to put herself to sleep which did not work, I went in her room, got her out of the crib, held her and swayed as I sang a Japanese lullaby.

There is a huge closet mirror in her room. So as she slumped over me, sucking her thumb, and I sang to her, I caught a glimpse of myself (then walked to the living room to get my phone so I could capture the moment).

I saw myself as Tesla's mother. She needed me tonight. I held her and sang to her. Her eyes got droopy. She fell asleep in my arms. I am needed to provide comfort and love to her. I am her mother, and my desire to provide what she needs to be happy and secure is strong. I love it.

An experience

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Walking to the bus stop from work on Brannan street. A young dude passes me.
Then ahead I notice a man lying across the sidewalk. I notice a bicycle upright next to him. Was there an accident? Is he dead? Is this a situation I want to avoid because it might give me nightmares for a long time?

The young dude stops in front of the man...clearly wondering if this is serious too. Thank god he's there. I can follow his lead.

I catch up but stop from afar. I ask, "is he OK?" The young dude looks to me and says, "I was looking and he's breathing." I am relieved. I walk up finally. If the person was dead, I'd probably jump across the city out of a deep fear/aversion of dead beings (I have a few stories about this and realize that my aversion is not the common kind...ever since a kid when my pet birds died...'nother story)

We hesitate. The man is breathing, but what do we do? 911? The young dude has an English accent and asks me. I'm not sure because I'm also hesitant to call 911 if the guy is OK. [see 2nd bullet]. I see many people looking like they might need help on the street but have learned that it's not something I can worry about for every person.

We bend over and ask loudly, "sir, are you alright?" He opens his eyes, lifts his head, and nods. Then closes his eyes again. No idea what his real state of mind is, but he assures us. So we slowly, unconfidently, walk on.

We discuss what happened. We did stop to inquire. But with his nod, we essentially left a man lying on the sidewalk. Is that really OK? In many other countries, that would even be ignored. But in the richest country of the world? Yet there are so many like this...and like I said, I've learned to pass it by. Seriously, when I first came from Tokyo and lived with my brother in Berkeley for a summer before heading to college, it was a HUGE adjustment to not be worried about every street person who asked for help. I learned to not respond...

So sad and bizarre.

Finger food - a mess

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Oh my. We're giving Miss Trouble food that she can shove in her own mouth...or shove bits in while the majority falls to the floor (covered by a sheet I put down at each meal = more laundry...) or gets smashed on the table so it can only be scraped off. She enjoys it, but I really have to let go about the mess. I smile with her and act like it's just as exciting for mommy. Not!!

Yes, she tipped over the whole bowl. Luckily most of the stuff stuck to the bowl (avocado, baked corn squash, tofu)

p.s. I can't believe this is the baby who was inside me less than 11 months ago. SO weird!!

Been busy enjoying and doing what must be done in life. This is from Mother's Day. We had a gorgeous brunch here with the mommies of the Callaghan family. I "hosted" but they brought food, cards and flowers for me. Marie, Tesla's granny, made French Toast with coconut milk to die for. I offered some flowers on the table and eggs. I need more training...

Although I'm not a big "holiday" person, I've always sorta liked Mother's Day. It's a great occasion to make my mom know how much I love her. I sent earrings this year and called. Wish she were here.

For the first time being a mom, I still rather liked this day (I usually don't like days where the attention is supposed to be on me). It's low key in the sense that the "tradition" seems to be brunch with mimosas. Pretty easy to pull off. And I think a big key - for me - about motherhood is simple appreciation. I love caring for Tesla no matter how tired I am. It's a privilege I don't forget. But having my loved ones pat me on the back is necessary. Gigantic kudos to dear Dav...he was sweet as ever and my gosh, I got a hefty gift card for Osmosis. Dav treated me to this before, and it's amazing. I'm gonna relish this gift for a while before deciding when to go.

Thank you, bunny. You ROCK!!

Appropriately dressed

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Tesla actually has tons of dresses, but I rarely get her into them. Seriously, some mornings I try to dig out new stuff for her to wear, but end up combining the strangest sets so she sometimes looks like a mix-matched clown.

Today, though I found a very traditional baby dress...which I think granny and great-granny will appreciate. I try to dress her up when hanging with them. She does look cute, no?

Flora Grubb Gardens

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Later we stopped by the opening of a new Ritual Roasters coffee shop at the Flora Grubb Gardens. Beautiful and I'm glad we went as I wouldn't have discovered it otherwise. Gorgeous stuff...I particularly loved the large plant containers although they were pretty pricey.

I also loved their hats. Huge shade and perfect for the playa. I got the brown one (or rather Dav gave me his credit card and I signed the receipt; weird they didn't notice I'm not Dav). Yipee. Can't wait to wear it.

Today is Sunday. My first mama's day "on the other side of the fence" so to speak. Called my mom, but wish she were here. However, Tesla's granny, great granny, Dav's sister and brother, Shauna (cousin?) will all be over for french toast and mimosas. That'll be 5 mommies in the house!

Baby Loves Disco

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Yesterday Dav, Tesla, and I finally got to go to Baby Loves Disco. When we first heard about it, Tesla was still too young, then things got too busy. But Patrick, who takes kids pictures there, got us on the guest list. Wohoo! Starting at 2pm, it's Ruby Skye turned into a kid-friendly giant party with a DJ, healthy snacks, lots of pillows and sofas, hoola hoops, face painting...and a bar (I didn't expect that). Everyone - kids and parents - all seemed to enjoy themselves (apart from parents having to run after their totally excited kids), and I loved seeing all these young families dancing together. It was hilarious to walk into Ruby Skye and see a whole line of strollers.

Tesla was still too young in my opinion since we had to hold her or let her crawl around among the children. I definitely want to go back when she can walk and dance...and wear cute skirts : )

Sunday with the Regenbogens

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These photos are actually all from Michelle. Dav in turn took quite a few of them : )

They are the cutest family...and we love having them as neighbors, buddies, and babysitting-sharing parents!

These are from last Sunday. We did Thai Brunch in Berkeley, then the steam choo choo trains in Tilden Park. Total fun for ALL of us!

Naked Baby!

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I'm definitely behind in documenting cute Miss Tesla. The weather has been so beautiful that we're out all day enjoying it, meeting up with friends, eating out as much as possible. Hopefully I'll backtrack, but this is for my mom who loves Tesla's chubbiness.

On Sunday, the boys of the house went to the Bayside UCSF area to play bocce ball. Tesla was sleeping so I joined after her nap. The grass was so lush (a bit scratchy, but still beautiful). I couldn't help but let Miss T get butt naked and crawl around. Clearly, she loved being naked. She got scratched up a bit by the grass but didn't seem to mind. Several times she crawled quite far away on her own, looking back to make sure I was still there, but still on her own adventure. I'm sure it felt like pure freedom: naked and no limits to where she could go.

p.s. my goodness. I think her new nickname-of-the-moment will be Miss Eyebrows.


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We knew about a party tonight...but let it go. Then last minute, we decided, "You know what? It'd be total fun to go." However, since it's a late party, we'd really need someone to spend the night here. And what parent calls around late afternoon of the party night...Friday no less?

Amazing...she is my sis. Lovely Rachel is coming over to watch over Tesla who I hope will just sleep the whole time through. It will be a special night indeed not just cuz it's another date night out with Dav, but because I know someone very special is helping us have it.

Thank you, sis.

About that date night...

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Details, including an incredible close-up shot of Kinky's lead singer Gilberto singing into my phone cam!!, are over at Kokochiino.

It was a fantastic night out, and I danced, laughed, and got Dav all to myself! Date nights are so important, and although it was a Wed. night and I also would have been happy hanging with Tesla at home, I was incredibly refreshed after our date. It's like I forgot how special it is to go out like we used to, just the two of us.

Usually we are so tired by the end of the day, we just cuddle up on the sofa and watch the Daily Show once Tes is asleep ... and I usually fall asleep within 15 minutes. But after being out and about with Dav, I just could not take for granted how fun and hot my husband is [grin]

Waiting for Kinky

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Date night!

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Going to see Kinky.

Safety from daddy

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Papa made some needed "fences" for our mobile monkey. We've been needing to block in Tes in the living room and cover the hard fireplace front.Papa made cute and fuzzy ones. Nice!