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Off to Santa Cruz

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About to leave for the Raindance festival. Looking forward to fresh air, trees, music, and hanging with friends.

I wanted to say that I got a new phone (yay!) so my old cell # works now.

Have a great weekend!


Exciting news!!

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Tesla is signing to us the "more" sign now!

She has been on and off for a few days. Dav and I would sit at the table with her like silly eager parents, signing "more" to her before giving her another bite of food. Then we'd purposely look away, waiting to see what she'd do. For the most part she would pound the table and reach as far as she could for the food, then every once in a while, she'd do the "more" sign that actually looked like clapping hands. But who cared; we'd jump for joy and give her an extra big bite.

This morning, she's doing it a lot at breakfast. And much clearer "more" vs. clapping. So fun to respond to her and see her eyes light up.

We already get a lot of Tesla's communication efforts, and boy, she's expressive. But we're super excited with signs so we can really start talking to her. Yay!

It's been chaotic...

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Lots going on. Work has been fine, but tons of social stuff - which is fun and good - but it makes the pace of life almost too fast for me. So much packed in every weekend. And without my phone cam to just throw up pictures for a blog post, I've taken a break.

Thankfully, at Jason's housewarming party last weekend, his friend Asra took phenomenal pictures. Check em out.

Other news:
My nice Cannondale bike was stolen from the office over the weekend. There's even a video of it, but I don't want to see it. 3 guys, less than 40 seconds (broke office window and all). I'm small so finding a right-sized bike of that quality isn’t easy. Darn. People who steal suck!

Between losing my keys, my phone, and now my bike, I give up. I'm not gonna fret about nothing.

We're heading to Raindance this weekend. We actually have 2 extra tickets if anyone is interested. Coming back early on Sunday to go to 77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno, which I'm quite excited about. Tesla will join too!

Daddy and Tes time

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Granny Marie was sick today, so Dav played nanny while I went to work. I think he thought he'd work too from home, but I'm pretty sure that didn't happen. The one time I tried "working" from home, I got maybe a total of 2.5 hours worth of work done in short bursts.

I love thinking of just Dav and Tes spending the whole day together - without mommy fussing over how this and that should be done. They figure out their own way. And I get to see pics that make me smile.


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Um... I guess I should post that I seem to have lost my cell phone. I already suspended my number so email me or call daddy-o Dav.

I have no idea. I clearly remember putting my phone in the baby Ergo when leaving the car to shop for cat food (yes, for them!) at the local store. Nothing dropped. Not in the car. Nothing at the store. NOwhere. I can't imagine where it is. I'm frankly too tired to bother. I lose keys and such ALL the time. I started hanging keys around my neck so I wouldn't have to fish it out when running errands with T. Hopefully it'll show up. If not, oh well. I've got other things to fret about.


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Happiness - the kind that melts your heart and makes you feel totally content - is special.

Tonight, after Ms. Queen T sacked out, we watched the Daily Show. And Dav and I played footsies on the foot rest. [the one that replaced the fab coffee table that Anil gave us but had dangerous corners so we stored...sigh].

Our footsies made me quite happy :)

Happy Friday

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We've been super busy lately. Life flows on whether I can blog or not. I tend to favor life.

If I can't share (or document for myself...which lately is the real motivation), well, so be it. However, our latest busy time has been sharing fun with Ele and Will. Ele has taken up blogging, so admittedly, knowing she was documenting helped me relax. So much that I'm just gonna link to fab Ele about our past x amount of days.

I do want to give a warm shout-out to Ele. She is one of the warmest people I know. I don't open up to people easily, and don't mind taking my time. But Ele - and her husband too who is the PERFECT match for Ele - is genuine. I really appreciate genuine people. I don't care where one comes from, what they do, what their dreams are...as long as they are genuine.

I'm letting Ele document their short stay. I already miss having them around. Telsa loved their attention.

p.s. I do worry about gas. We have tons of out-of-state and out-of-country friends. Seriously, the way we jet around these days will be difficult in the future. I have parents in Tokyo, and wonder. Perhaps Dav and I should finally buy the land we dream of, build a big-ass house to welcome many guests who can stay with us as long as an airplane ticket would make sense. It's a thought I do have these days.

HUGE stinker bomb!

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Whew....just as I was finishing the post below, Dav brought Tesla out from her bed after her nap. As soon as he handed her over to me, we both realized her butt was, um, heavy, wet, and stinky.

We ran back to the bedroom. I got the bath going, as Dav undid her, yelling, "this is a 2 person job!" Sure enough, we discovered the BIGGEST dirty diaper we've experienced yet. Granted, poor little sick Tesla hasn't been regular, so this was a relief so to speak. It was also runny (ew!!!) but according to the doctor, that means she's getting better. Her tummy is working through that bug I gave her. Poor baby.

She's seems better.

Tokyo Daddy came to visit

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My dad has been hopping around the US (NY, NJ, DC, TN, CA), first for his college 50th reunion, then to visit various family and friends. His last stop was Berkeley to hang in bookstores, and see Ian & fam, and us.

Thursday night everyone came over for dinner. I was very excited to have the opportunity to cook for all. I had just bought a new baking dish, and decided to make a quiche from scratch. However, when we have dinner parties, it's usually on the weekend, so as I cook, Dav takes care of Tesla. OMG...cooking with Tesla was next to impossible. Every second counted, and when she napped, it felt like I worked at the speed of lightening. Plus, since I had been sick on Tue/Wed, I needed to tidy up the house. I was just amazed when I more or less had stuff ready when everyone walked in. It was like a race all day long. But...I loved it!

Once settled in, my dad brought out a bag of goodies like a Tokyo Santa. A little something for everyone. Dav got a mini flute that mesmerized Tesla. There was a bowl of tiny items my dad had found/picked up from the streets of Tokyo (watch parts, pachinko ball, and other unrecognizable things). Tesla got a wooden elephant. She also got a bib that is actually an entire shirt in raincoat material, and hasan attached food-catching shelf at the bottom. Perfect for our messy eater.

The kids loved playing Wii, and we got my dad to join in the fun, albeit from the sofa : )
Julia performed a ballet dance that was the cutest ever.

Here are Ian's pics.

hard night for all of us...

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Well, for the first time, Tesla really got sick. It must be a bug that I had on Wednesday (I left work early that day). Last night, my dad from Tokyo was over, and Ian and family. So with all the excitement, Tesla hung in there well, but threw up a few times. At the time, we thought it was just lots of spit-up. We did notice a running nose.

After everyone left though...all is a blur. No one slept well, and I think Dav and I got maybe 2 hours each. Finally at some ungodly early hour in the morning, after trying to coax exhausted Tesla to sleep again, I gave up. I had an hour before I needed to get up for work anyway, so I asked Dav to take over. I needed at least one more hour!

Dav obliged, but 5 minutes later came and told me Tesla threw up again, but with deeper tummy stuff. We both were worried enough I called Kaiser. Got good advice. Don't have to take her in, but we know what to look for now (ie. if she gets diarrhea, that's good) and we're giving her Pedialyte.

I'm awake now, and she's snoozing finally. Can't believe - or even remember clearly - how bumpy last night was. Wow. Tesla's looking better this morning; now mommy and daddy have to recover.

Breast milk

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At some point, I got to have a blog entry titled breast milk, right? I used to be a bit shy, but after almost a year of feeding Ms. T, it's just way too normal to be bashful about. It's been her food!

Anyway, this is my ode to my boobies [gosh, can't believe people at work will be reading this!]. You see, before Tesla, I had rather small boobies. I was astounded (even fearful) at how gigantic they became once Tesla arrived. Getting bigger during pregnancy is nothing compared to when the milk comes in. I looked ridiculous.

After Tesla and I settled into the feeding rhythm, things got better. Then when I went back to work, there was another adjustment, and that turned out fine too. Lately, I've drastically reduced the number of times I pump. I feel a natural decline in what Tesla needs (although nights are still a whole other ball game). But still...even after being irregular in pumping, I just whipped out 3 oz. after coming home from work.

I couldn't help it. I showed off my accomplishment to Dav. And I want to remember this for when I'm an old granny. : )

Harmony made me busy!

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Harmony...as in this kind of Harmony

I shut off my phone so Dav has all pics. However, the pics of Kinky and Dennis Kucinich were from me : )

Since we're more limited to where we can go with Tesla, we're totally hitting outdoor festivals this summer. Pack up the RV, head out for a long weekend, dance outdoors, and watch Tesla have just as much fun (she loves the attention she gets).

Only thing is...packing up the RV, going, coming back (at 11:30 Sunday night!), and unpacking is actually a significant additional load to the daily rhythm of maintaining a household with a baby. I have to be super efficient with my time...as in starting laundry when I wake up, unpack while I dress for work, water plants while I brush my teeth, etc. Since the normal rhythm is pretty packed as it is, anything additional reverberates.

I'm still not used to that. We want to enjoy all that's out there...but yes, you need stamina. Fortunately, Dav and I love going out enough that we both are into making the effort...and now, Tuesday night, after 2 nights of sleeping in our home bed and busting my ass getting things back in order, I know it was totally worth it. But I do have to take a deep breath and think, "here we go..." when I think of the upcoming Raindance festival we have...and then Burning Man.

Don't get me wrong. It's SO wonderful when outdoors...walking around with our baby Tesla, meeting cool folks, hanging out in the sun, letting Telsa feel free in the grass, and enjoying 'camping' in our RV (which I continue to paint and have bigger and bigger ideas for as it becomes a giant canvas that I am really excited about; I already have a Sunday date with Michelle to just spend painting together).

For Burning Man, we're gonna be Rangers which will be a whole new - and deeper - chapter to our experience.

It's just quite a physical effort now.

However, this is what we want Tesla to know. The beauty, sharing, and learning that these events bring is such a rejuvenation.

One note about Harmony. We went cuz it's outdoors, so we could hang with Tesla on the periphery enjoying the music with her. But all the night stuff - which my goodness was a total party scene! - was indoors. So Dav and I (with our friends who were there too) took turns hanging outside with Tesla snoozing in the stroller, going inside for like 10 minutes at a time. I went in...got into the music, but then missed Dav so came right back out. Harmony should have made it clear that the night stuff was indoors. Sheesh. Think about parents, k??

The unexpected part was that there was A LOT of vending. It was organic foods and hand-made clothing & jewelry so not offensive, but weird. I'm not usually into vending. Yet since the stuff was so amazing, we spent ...well, a lot... on some really original nice clothing. Especially for Dav since it's really hard to find original men's stuff in stores. He got amazing pants and a really neat vest. I got pants too and an absolutely fantastic vest (ignore my hat head and no make-up please).


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Post bath snuggle

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I mean...after seeing Tesla naked with her cutie butt...reaching for her "blankie" (which for now appears to be a white pillow case that is old and very soft...she's even crawled down the hallway dragging it with her), I love rolling around in the bed with her, helping her welcome the feeling of sleepiness. She sucks her thumb, moans softly, and cuddles. I love it.
Yes...those last 2 pics are of her inspecting her diaper. She is so interested in her diaper. I have to let her play with it a bit before getting her into it. I don't blame her. I'd hate to wear diapers!

Speaking of diapers...still working on the EC thing...nothing more or new other than I bought her a baby toilet seat so I don't have to hold her. She's easing into that.

videos of Tes on Kokochiino

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I was lucky enough to get several gifts this weekend. I visited Rachel and went to the Oakland Farmer's Market with her on Sunday. Discovered the most delicious Afghan bread and spread. [Rachel, I should have bought double what I got]

Before we headed over, she gave Tesla a cute doll aptly named Pookie...and for me a tokidoki LeSportSac that wraps around my wrist. Perfect for putting money and such inside as I run around with Tesla (or run around dancing). And...omg...inside was a small ring that Rachel had made for me for Mother's Day. I was floored. It says, "Tesla Rhea 7.5.06" I LOVE it. I LOVE that I can have a bit of Tesla on me when I go to work.

We also laughed that I can use this as a wedding ring. Dav and I were going to get tattoos, but found out that it fades and gets blurry, so isn't ideal on the finger. We have some ideas for rings, but haven't got around to designing and making it (we aren't the type to buy a ring from a store and I certainly am not into rocks). Anyway, I do have a problem when I go out without Dav, and have complained that I'd like something, anything, that would indicate to others that I'm taken/not interested/ married-so-leave-me-alone. Thoughtful Rachel suggested that I can now put this ring on "the finger" so I can go out in peace. Thank you, sis. I love you!

And now for the gift from Dav. (I'm glad I can combine this into a post about Rachel too since a post just about this gift would make me too embarrassed.) I *am* touched by the gift. To me, it's such a compliment. So I want to blog about it, but you know....it's not your typical bouquet of flowers (which Dav does also give).

Just read the t-shirt; 'nuf said. I love it. Seriously...that's why our marriage works for us. We have fun.

Reminds me of this other gift t-shirt he gave me which I turned into a dare. I may wear this newer shirt to work. Those who read Kokoch at 6A, you gotta support me, k?

"Lost Vegas" was the main event we went to on Saturday. Tons of fun. It was quite chilly so folks showed up in fur costumes; with the fog and the strangely attractive weirdness of the event, it reminded me of some random camp you'd come across when wandering around the playa.

I'm not so into watching cockroaches race, or willing to bet on which hole a rat will run into (worried about the rat being cold), but I loved the atmosphere. It was so done up! Granted it was cockroaches and rats, but it all looked so fancy with the crowd dressed up (I saw top hats, some ladies had a total 20s glamour look) and each table attendee was into their role making you believe you just showed up in another world.

Lilia got some nice shots.

Our neighbor Jeremy joined us with his friend. They were decked out in sweet-looking suits...but when they saw the bicycle swing contraption, they rolled up their pants and cycled away! I loved watching them have fun.

Dav and I got married again...by Dr. Hal in the makeshift chapel no less. Dav and I have decided that whenever we get the chance, we're gonna get married as many times as we can. : )

We got loads of pennies to gamble with upon arrival, but I'm just not a gambler.

At Chilln Anniversary

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Saturday was our huge date night out. We had a plethora of events to attend to (well, I over estimated, and Dav luckily focused on just one which made our night saner), but I really wanted to stop by very briefly at the Chillin 9th Anniversary Party to see Garth (from work) and Eme. It was basically a giant space with a DJ and bar with tons of local fashion designers and artists selling their stuff.

Never found Garth, but found Eme, and Dav bought a shirt. The shirt had a design on it created by a local artist (left of Dav), and Eme incorporated it into the shirt. I'm having Eme make me an eco-green costume for this year's BM.

We also were pleasantly surprised to find Patrick there. He had great pics beautifully printed and framed. Dav and I think we'd like to get one...

Sorry we missed ya, Garth!

Ranger Training

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I spent all Saturday in a training session to become a Ranger at Burning Man. Dav and I have wanted to do this for quite some time, and are finally doing it (about time as this year will be my 6th and Dav's 7th)! A big push was our friend Sean who is a Ranger. He let me know that BM badly needs Japanese-speaking Rangers as there was only 1 last year who worked all the time due to demand. With Tesla, I may not be able to do the full expected shifts, but will most likely be on-call a bunch for any situations where Japanese is needed. Beau, my co-worker, was there too.

I still have to do 2 shifts with a mentor before officially becoming a Ranger. But I liked what I saw & heard during training, and feel I will dig being a Ranger. The training went over the roles and philosophy behind Rangers, how they fit into the highly organized system that supports the BM community, and communication skills. We did role-playing and practiced non-confrontational ways to approach a situation. There was emphasis on letting the people themselves find solutions instead of the Rangers directing or telling folks what to do. I'm inspired to be part of this dedicated & giving group.

I was amazed at how detailed and well conceptualized the system is. It has to be with 40,000 folks running around. I look forward to learning more about the behind-the-scenes of BM.