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Lately, Dav and I have been getting into TED talks. This is an invite-only, quite expensive conference, but the talks are online too! And they're just brilliant. Such a variety, but all so good in an informative, educational, and inspiring way. I just love the fact that this exists, and that it is so popular. People want to know and want to change the world for the better. Yes!

Tonight we saw Larry Lessig's talk. It was actually one of the best thus far (we haven't seen all). Very well given, and with a touch of humor. He mentioned several examples why protecting the ReadWrite culture is necessary.

It's a good talk. : )

p.s. The diaper scene from the example reminded me of this...a neighbor in the Potrero Hill area. We went to a neighborhood house that showed Gabriel's various learnings, and it was simply hilarious.

cheesebikini Author Profile Page said:

Yeah I've been a huge fan of TED, lots of the videos are online at their site in a format that's great to watch on video ipods, etc...

Also, there's a TED DVD available on netflix that I highly recommend if you're a TED fan.

TED is very inspiring stuff in times when hope for the future often seems scarce.


Ian Kennedy Author Profile Page said:

I'm a big fan on this guy's video of his kinetic sculptures.


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