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My mom's calligraphy

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My mom has been practicing calligraphy for years now, and she's reached the stage where she can express her style (vs. having to strictly follow the classics), and I just love her work. I have a piece of her's in our living room.

Recently, one of her works was chosen to be shown at the Mainichi Shodoten at Kokuritsu Shinbijutukan (the National Art Center in Tokyo). I am so proud of her piece. My mom!!

It is "fuchiya" (不知也 ふちや) which means that it's sometimes better not to know everything...from a Buddhist saying that there are things in life that are OK not to fully understand, and that can bring happiness.

Especially since I know how hard it is, I'm in awe, and very happy that she is Tesla's grandmother - so elegant and artful. Such a great role model for me and Tesla. And for this piece, my mom is using such a giant brush that when she practices at home, she needs the full living room and uses her full body. It's not a regular thing at all.


From NHK. The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century. Wish I could have watched it live. Must be absolutely magical...At 5:23, there's a neat shot of what is called Prominence which is a giant cloud of incandescent ionized solar gas that forms for hours or days, is colder than the sun at about 10,000 degrees celcius vs a million degrees and floats above instead of falling into the sun. It's not known why. Sure is fantastic to see, especially when it's apparently 2~3 times the size of planet earth!

Tesla swimming

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Last Sunday we hung around a pool. And although in the past, Tesla has been fine with jumping in water and even the ocean with waves, suddenly she was spooked. It didn't help that initially there was a giant pool cleaner that shot out squirts of water, so she really didn't want to be anywhere near that even after it was turned off.

Dav was patient though, and with a noodle and torso floater, Tesla gradually got into it, and really, for the first time, swam. She got the kicking and paddling, and could get herself back to the pool edge by herself. She's been talking about the pool ever since.

Having her learn to swim for safety reasons is on my list that we haven't done yet, so I'm pleased she got a taste.

Gran Marie's dinner party

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Goodness, this is from a while ago, but I wanted to share a cute dinner party Gran Marie hosted for her old friends visiting from Scotland. A group of the Callaghans joined, and we ate at Piqueo's in Bernal Heights. The cutest was how happy Tesla was. She proudly wore her wings, and found her way to Gran Marie's lap during the meal. It's quite special to see how T and Gran Marie just love each other, and Tesla is a part of this large family.

Gran Marie had the restaurant bring out a cake just for T's b-day too, even though she'd already had a few celebrations. T basked in the attention : )

My high school 20th reunion was this past weekend. Initially, I couldn't believe the 20th part, but after the matter, that age issue is far from my mind. Pics will be uploaded to a shared group on flickr, but for now, I'm in such a fuzzy lovey state that I want to mark it here. I've always had issues with the Japan-U.S. divide, never knowing reallly where I belong. My heart is in Japan, but the openness of S.F. where people don't really care where I come from or what I look like is such a special place too. And after 30, SF has been ideal in maturing and growing into my true self. I've established my life with Dav and T in SF. So in the past 5 years or so, I've begun to identify that the US is part of me...although this was probably enabled because my work led me back to my Tokyo home a few times a year so I could feel my connection with Japan. Without that, I think I may have been a ton more homesick, and not have appreciated what SF offered.

With our Burning Man and tech community here, Dav and I have found an incredible place to live.

Yet when I do meet a few of my friends from high school, either here or in Tokyo, I am reminded how comfortable I feel; a breathing out of, "oh yeah, this is really really comfortable." I can make jokes, be goofy in the way they get. I get their jokes! We speak in mixed Japanese & English (chanpon). All the tiny references make sense. It's like putting glasses on when your eyes go slightly bad. Friends who experienced that weird dual culture divide understand that tiny space that is there, but not in the forefront of everyday life. This reunion made me realize I miss that.

I've been focused on my SF life for quite some time. Now, I want to put more attention to my friends where I come from. I want to make the effort to travel and spend more time with friends. This past weekend was 3 glorious days of all of us, coming together and celebrating our connection. Sure we were happy to hear about lovely families, incredible achievements, & new adventures, but the most important was we were happy to be back together.

It was awesome. Amazing. I'm really in such a bliss state internally, it's kinda fun : )

July 5th, 2009

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Tesla's 3rd birthday. Without really planning it, we've been celebrating her birthday since last Sunday's Tea Party. She's been getting cards and gifts in the mail all week. And yesterday, her real July 5th birthday, we spent at the most awesomest county fair I could have imagined - the Marin Country Fair. I fully focused on Tesla, and let Dav and dear Patrick take all the pictures. Links to come. The pics are so cute. Tesla rode her first mini-roller coaster, a car, a train, ate icecream, shook hands with a frog, and crashed in her stroller.

I did get this picture. Won by Patrick, chosen by Ms. T, carried by Daddy.

The night before, Dav and I went to Mighty. We rarely go out dancing nowadays, but this was special with close friends. While we were dancing, we all noted that 3 years ago, instead of dancing, I had been moaning while my mom rubbed my back, and both my mom and Dav watched fireworks from the window! Seems so close, yet long ago. Love having our little Tesla!

A book by Sofia

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For Tesla's birthday, Sofia created an entire storybook! It's fabulous, and very precious. It was Sofia's idea. One page even refers to our Santa train ride up in Willits last Christmas: " Then we goed in a santa train in pajamas. Santa plane train bus"

You can click on the pictures below to read some of the pages, but here are a few quotes:

  • When they waked up they said, "ke-ke-ke-keee-keee, na na na bee beee!" (to their mamas)
  • When we growed up we have super long hair and super long dresses.
  • Tesla, dav and mie turned into hearts and they flied up in the air.

Tesla's birthday tea party

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We did it! We had a fun, rather successful tea party last Sunday. July 5th is T's real birthday, but we initially planned to be out of town, so we had her tea party last week. I had no idea whether our little guests would actually sit at the table, but they did! And they asked for more tea, milk, food, and waited patiently for the cupcakes.

It took a lot of preparation in buying all the mini table deco, plan cute little food bits, lay out an art project (decorating their own take-home goodie bag) to keep the kids occupied until everyone was ready to be seated, and create snacks for the adults. But I loved every minute! It was so much fun for me to create all the details, and as the table got set up, to see how delighted Tesla was.

I melted into bliss when during the party Tesla had to pee (we are pretty much potty-trained now!!), and I took her to the bathroom. As she sat on the potty, me sitting facing her, I asked whether she was having fun and liked her party. She gave me a big smile, and reached out to hug me. The best gift to mama!!

I am so glad the party went as I envisioned and hoped. I feel I got to make her birthday special indeed : )