After a year of blogging and many memorable posts, I realize what a wonderful diary TokyoTidbits (my weblog when I was in Tokyo) has become for me. Honestly, each post was created out of a desire to show and share Tokyo and my life at that time and day. I wasn't thinking about what it would mean to me later. But now, I treasure looking back and reminiscing.

Tokyo Movable Type Users Meetup
My first introduction to "blogging" and meeting "bloggers." Met Mike and Nadine who were Japan-based bloggers and great role models. I also met Ben and Mena for the first time (and a year later, I'm working for them!)

Sento 1
I wanted to show everything I loved about living in Tokyo, including my neighborhood bath.

Sento 2
Of course I wasn't out to show anything intimate and truthfully just wanted to show what a public bath was like. But I had to be real careful and not let anyone know I was taking pictures.

Rice isn't just for eating

Getting used to documenting everything I experienced, I got my mom to graciously allow me take these photos to show this rather unique but incredible experience. The cool thing was this entry got boingboing-ed. That was when I really realized the power of the Internet.

Unabashedly about my cats

I love this entry. It took a long time to get all these photos, especially the sequence of them going down the stairs for their daily stroll. But aren't they so cute? I thought my little phone cam did a great job.

Tokyo Blog Party
My first blogger party where I met up with many foreigner Japan-based bloggers. The thing that blew my mind was that a lot of people I never met knew me through my blog already...and I had no idea so many people had been following it! To have someone explain that people were discussing what I was doing (moblogging on a regular basis) was eerie. I met Stuart Woodward who had an email message on his phone from Dav to me (they met online) symbolizing to me the amazing interconnection the Internet could offer. And I met Adam Greenfield who explained that what I was doing as a hobby was "moblogging." He came up with the term and was happy to see me doing it. It was then that I realized that my fun hobby actually had implications to think about.

true moblog posting
This is a simple entry but one of the most memorable. After hearing the word moblog for the first time at the Tokyo Blog Party, the next day I took a picture as I left home, typed the text and uploaded it during the short ride on the train, and when I met my friend, I excitingly explained that I just moblogged. She was polite in listening, but clearly I was in my own little world thrilled with my new awareness of what I just did. I had been doing that but without really noticing what I was doing. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with posting immediately.

new kind of soccer?
I hadn't realized this, but the best way to get answers to questions is to post it online! I sure got an answer to my question here quickly!

My wish is...

Some days, my blog was an outlet I needed and I'd get the sympathy I needed to feel better too!

new cell post
I love this post. As explained in the next entry, I sent a post I meant for Dav and my 'private blog' that we used to communicate frequently during our long-distance relationship. But I sent it to TokyoTidbits and since I was out, I couldn't delete it. I'm sure new technology will allow cellphone posting and deleting as well, so this may be a mistake that will not happen in the future.

ha ha
May as well enjoy your own mistakes. I was so touched by everyone's comments.

A freaky realization of what moblogging could mean in emergencies.

First International Moblogging Conference
I had the honor to be on a panel in this exciting first conference. I loved it!

First International Love Hotel Moblogging Conference

To offer a playful alternative to the serious discussions of the conference, Dav and I came up with this night conference. I think more people would join if we did it now since back then, it was hard to get the word out, but still, we had a few other couples join us in the love!

My 1 second of fame! Still can't believe it. It helped because it helped legitimize my obsession and excitement about moblogging to my family and friends who used to look at me with curiosity.

I used my blog for all sorts of reasons, but this was by far the most resourceful. Also see the next two [1,2] posts to catch the story.